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Kudus Fateh Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 21 Summary

Salahuddin Eyyubi Episode 20 begins with Quds, where Salahuddin, along with his companions, falls into a trap laid by Bloody Bernard and is injured by a punch. When the crusaders start hanging Salahuddin’s companions, at the same time Sultan Nur-ud-Din along with some of his soldiers reaches the city with the help of tunnels and rescues Salahuddin’s companions and in the meantime Salahuddin also escapes from the dispensary and reaches Sultan Nur-ud-Din and they all escape from Quds .
On the other hand, the bloody Bernard, along with Princess Victoria, invades Syria, and after entering the city, he takes the soldiers and women present in the city captive, but the first wife of Sultan Nur-ud-Din, the queen, resists and prevents the bloody Bernard from occupying the throne, but he injures him and the rest of the rest. He takes women as his prisoners for use against Sultan Nur-ud-Din. The cruel man behaves so harshly after capturing that he martyrs the muezzin on the wall of the city during the azaan and says that there will be no azaan here and no Muslim is allowed to pray or worship any other. While they are very happy after capturing Syria, they get the news that Salahuddin has escaped with his companions and has escaped, so hearing this, he gets very angry with him and he immediately orders precautionary measures because he knows that Sultan Nuruddin and Salahuddin will never sit quietly.
Then the scene changes and we see that Sultan Nur-ud-Din and Salahuddin are very sad after hearing about the occupation of Syria and when they see that there is no call to prayer, they immediately arrive to attack Syria. Hui shows the women, which hinders Sultan Nur-ud-Din from attacking and he tells Sultan Nur-ud-Din that you have time till tomorrow, if you pledge allegiance to me, I will leave the women and let you rule too.
There is a change again and Sultan Nur-ud-Din goes to his brother Meyudud and treats him very angrily and for disobeying the order of the Sultan, he joins his soldiers and isolates him. Al-Din’s brother Turan joins the Shah and thus he turns against Sultan Nur-ud-Din and Salahuddin, and on the other hand, when Salahuddin, together with the Sultan, formulates a lot of plans to liberate the women, the Shah, together with prince Meyudud, follows exactly the same plan separately and thus before invading Syria. He alerts the soldiers and the bloody Bernard and thus destroys the plan made by Saladin and once again forces Saladin to return empty-handed.
When Salahuddin is returning, he meets Prince Mevdood on the way with his soldiers, where he finds out that all this has happened because of him, on which Salahuddin is very angry and angrily tells them that if anything happens to any of my loved ones because of you people, Then I do not care about any prince or my brother. And because of this act of the bloody Bernard Salahuddin, he takes the body of the living soldier present in the palace to Salahuddin and says that if you do not obey my orders and try to make a plan again, I will send the body of one of your loved ones next time.
Then the scene changes and Sultan Noor-ud-Din Sher koh is sent to arrest Prince Mevdud, but he resists and says that I do not know any Sultan nor will I obey anyone. You are my enemies, how can I befriend you and what will I get in return, he tells the prince that if you stop Sultan Nur-ud-Din from attacking Syria tomorrow, I will hand over Syria to you and in this way you will get the kingdom of your choice and our unity will also be maintained. And does it only in its own interest.
Then the next day Sultan Nur-ud-Din, according to the plan, pledges allegiance to the bloody Bernard and makes an agreement that he goes to Syria on the pretext that he goes to Syria, Salahuddin orders the army to wait for the signal outside Syria, and when the Sultan and Al-Din go to the palace to rescue the women, Salahuddin also enters Syria with his companions in syllabi clothes. As soon as the opportunity arises, he explodes inside the city, due to which all the crusader soldiers even get entangled in the bloody Bernard explosion, and Sultan Nur-ud-Din and Salahuddin try to escape from there with the women. And at the end of the episode, we are shown that Sultan Nur-ud-Din and Salahuddin fail to get out of the city due to the absence of the Zangi army and thus they once again fall into the trap of the crusaders due to the treachery and low intelligence of Prince Mevdud. Episode 20 comes to an end .

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Kudus Fateh Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 22 Release Date

Kudus Fateh Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 22 release date is 30 April 2024.

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