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In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 152, Hunkar goes to Hussein to see how he is doing. Hussein does not shoot Hunkar and invites him to his house. Hunkar asks how Hussein’s mother was. Tahsin says the palace doctors will treat Hussein’s mother. Tahir and Shehzade come home and say that someone will assassinate Hunkar. Shehzade shoots the assassin in the arm and catches him. Tahir tells Hunkar how they caught Esat. After learning that Hussein was brought to the palace, Abdulhamid goes to question Esat. Hunkar asks Esat who he is working for. Abdulhamid then learns what happened to Saliha and asks Tahir to continue questioning. Palmer calls Karasu into his office and says he will give him the good news, but in the meantime, news comes that the assassin has been caught. Nadir and Soghutlu see Karasu leaving Palmer’s house. Saliha returns to the palace and says that Mary saved her.

Abdulhamid goes to Harem and asks Saliha what happened. Hunkar then goes back to the dungeon and begins to question the assassin. Necip asks where Selim is. When the assassin does not confess, Hunkar announces that he will be executed. Palmer realizes Nadir is following him and asks his men to stop him. Karasu goes to a house and Soghutlu watches him from afar. Necip speaks secretly with the assassin and tells him that if he tells him where Selim is, he will be released. Karasu meets with Mahmud’s son, Rifat, and tells him that he should sell his mansion. Rifat first rejects this offer but changes his decision when he learns that he will make a lot of money from this job. Hunkar arrives while Hussein is sitting in the garden of the palace. Abdulhamid tells that Hussein’s father planted the trees in the garden of the palace and how he passed away.

Palmer finds Hussein’s doctor and gives him a bottle. Palmer asks the doctor to give Hussein this drug. Mahmud and Karasu talk about Palmer. Mahmud asks Karasu to do some things. Mary finds out that Saliha is sick and wants to give her a different medicine. Soghutlu returns to the palace and tells Hunkar what Karasu has done. Hunkar realizes that Mahmud has no money anymore, so he is trying to sell a mansion using Rifat. Hunkar asks Ahmed Nuri to bring Karasu to the palace. Meanwhile, one of the women who set a trap for Saliha is caught. Abdulhamid then calls Mary and talks to her. Mary says he wants to talk to Hunkar more. Saliha starts to feel bad due to the medications she takes. Hussein’s doctor goes to the palace and asks Tahsin for permission to see the boy. The doctor then goes to Hussein’s room and gives him the medicine he got from Palmer.

Mary learns that the kidnappers of Saliha are dead and gets angry with Victor. Victor says he sacrificed some insignificant people to win the war, and Mary is furious. Tahsin tells Hunkar that Hussein died suddenly and they found a gun there. Palmer goes to an inn and tells him that Hunkar will come here for a holiday visit. Hunkar says that Mahmud wants to flee abroad by selling the mansion and asks Karasu to find the lawyer who will make this sale. Palmer sets out to buy one of the shops at the inn. Karasu tells Sabahaddin that Mahmud will sell the mansion. Sabahaddin says that his father acted selfishly. Karasu asks Talat to find a ship that will go to France for Mahmud. Although Saliha has not recovered yet, she wants to do things in the palace. Karasu tells Mahmud that Hunkar knows everything. Using this situation, Mahmud wants to set a trap for Hunkar.

Talat and Frida check the ships in the harbor and negotiate with a man. Necip goes to a house with the assassin man and sees Selim there. The assassin tells Necip that he made a big mistake and ties his hands. Mary goes to his room to talk to Hunkar. Necip cuts the ropes and saves both himself and Selim. Hunkar learns that the woman who helped to kidnap Saliha was healed and goes to talk to her. The woman says she regretted it and that a man named Victor offered the job. Palmer’s men go to the merchant’s house and kill him. Kani says Talat found a ship, but Sabahaddin will not go to Marseille with his father due to the Rifat issue. Hunkar tells about his plan to catch Karasu in the act and sets off. While Nadir Aga is talking with Karasu to buy the mansion, Hunkar comes and says that he is a traitor.

Then Necip and Selim come  to the mansion with Riza. Selim says that Karasu is a mason too. Kani says that the sale of the mansion was canceled because Hunkar caught Karasu. Mahmud begins to wonder where he can escape with his remaining money. Mahmud meets with the owner of the ship and learns that his only option is to go to Thessaloniki. The next morning, Hunkar congratulates the holiday of all Pashas in the palace and says that with them they will set out to listen to the problems of the people. Hunkar first sets out to go to an inn in Fatih. Saliha congratulates everyone in the Harem. Fatma says that a man named Victor made a plan to kidnap Saliha and that he is currently in the dungeon. Mahmud says he can no longer even walk the streets of Istanbul comfortably, but he will be back soon. The soldiers check the identities of everyone who comes into the inn, but Palmer manages to get inside. Palmar enters a shop and tells his men about the assassination plot. Hunkar and Pashas arrive shortly thereafter. While Hunkar is talking to Palmer, Shehzade realizes something is wrong and shoots the man next to Palmer. Palmer shoots Shehzade and runs away. Tahsin and soldiers try to catch Palmer but Shehzade passes away right there.

Watch Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 152 English Subtitles

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 152 English Subtitles

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