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Episode Overview

Abdulhamid tells the pashas that Zuluflu Ismail Pasha is not a traitor and has worked for him from the beginning. Gustav Efendi is angry with Zuluflu’s abduction and cannot understand what is going on. Abdulhamid and the Pashas are determined to pursue the plan and look for a reason for Zuluflu Pasha’s amnesty and plan to remove the embargo for this reason. Halil Halid, who was with the prince, raises his weapon and fires at his former soldiers, but the weapon is empty. Dilruba, Gulcemal, Madame, and Anna meet secretly in the forest. The whole plan is to get the mansion in Cemberlitas because they want to dig a tunnel under the tunnel and get the Ark of the Covenant. Zalman receives a letter from Baron Rothschild. In this letter, it says that he has worked very well so far and that he should continue his work. Ahmed Celaleddin Pasha brings Zuluflu Pasha to the dungeon and Umber will see him and talk to him. Mehmet and Gulcemal meet in the garden of the palace, but Mehmet is worried. Gulcemal talks about the mansion in Cemberlitas and tries to convince Mehmet, but Mehmet’s mind is confused with blood and pagan rituals.

Abdulhamid and Pashas talk about what is happening. Tahsin Pasha will struggle with the false news in the newspaper. Ahmed Celaleddin Pasha will investigate the gang that killed the Christians. Together with Zuluflu Ismail Pasha, Mahmud Pasha will try to lift the arms embargo and buy arms to the army. Prince Ferdinand talks with Halil Halid about Abdulhamid and IMRO. Meanwhile, Abdulhamid receives a telegram, which states that if the Christian officers of the state are not dismissed, they will be killed one by one and this telegram will be distributed in the streets of the Payitaht. In the dungeon, Zuluflu tells Umber that he needs a reason to get back into the game. He explains that lifting the arms embargo will cause his forgiveness, but Umber says he cannot make that decision himself. But Zuluflu tells Umber to sell weapons to the Ottoman Empire to enter the game. Esther comes to visit Madame and asks her for the administration of the Payitaht, but Madame says that her power is insufficient. Mehmet comes to see his mother and talks about his marriage. He even offers to go back to the mansion. Cemile Sultan gets angry and says her decision is final. Ziya Sami is ordered to kill Turkish soldiers via wireless. Ahmed Pasha finds out where the telegram came from and asks Hakan for fire permission.

Cemile Sultan comes to the palace garden and talks with Gulcemal. She says Gulcemal is a liar and blames her. Zuluflu Pasha comes to see Abdulhamid and says that he is talking to Umber and Umber will sell weapons. Abdulhamid warns Zuluflu Ismail Pasha and warns him not to believe the enemy. Gustav Efendi comes to the palace to talk to Abdulhamid and sees Zuluflu’s release. Gulmecal cries and goes to see Bidar Sultan and tells her that she wants to leave the palace and even Payitaht. As a reason, she tells CemileSultan’s talk, but Bidar Sultan does not allow her and advises her to be patient. Ahmed Celaleddin Pasha took his soldiers and went to raid the house. The people of the house respond with fire and the fight begins. People in the house die. Agents find dead Turkish soldiers while wandering in the forest. In the meantime, Abdulhamid tells Gustav Efendi that he wants to open a weapons factory and that he wants him to work there. Gustav Efendi approaches positively and says that the customer needs to be found for the weapons to be built. He also tells his concerns about the arms embargo. Abdulhamid tells that Zuluflu Ismail Pasha will help to buy weapons from Umber. Journalists come to the scene and take pictures. The wives of the dead ones come. A fight occurs on the mountain and Nadir Bey kills gang members. Zuluflu Pasha talks with the kidnappers and asks them to prove the documents.

Ahmed Celaleddin Pasha tells Abdulhamid what happened and in the meantime, Tahsin Pasha comes and tells that the dead are sergeants in the army. Bidar Sultan talks to Cemile Sultan about Gulcemal and the marriage issue. Gustav Efendi is angry about Umber selling weapons. The wives of the murdered men come to meet with Hunkar and tell him that their husbands are innocent and that they shot because their children were abducted. Later, they say that Abdulhamid had the blood of the innocent on his hands and that her children were orphaned because of Abdulhamid. Vladimir takes photos of the crime scene and brings it to Gustav Efendi. Gustav tells him the news to write in the newspaper. Halil Halid places a cable on the wireless for more information. Cemile Sultan goes to the house of her husband’s cellmate, but the man who stayed at the house moved the night before. Sultan enters the house and looks around. She finds her husband’s ring on the floor. Ahmed Celaleddin Pasha comes to Abdulhamid and tells them that the children have been kidnapped. Abdulhamid is angry at himself and sad because of what happened.

Halil Halid listens to information from the radio. Abdulhamid prays to Allah, but he cannot forget that innocent people are dead. Cemile Sultan comes to the Society and wants to talk to Madame immediately. She shows her husband’s ring to Madame and tells her that her husband may be alive. Madame says that she will secretly look for her husband in Payitaht. Esther is jealous of Gulcemal and they talk in the kitchen. Gulcemal tells Esther not to do anything on her own. Vladimir brings the new newspaper to Gustav Efendi. Tahsin Pasha comes to other pashas and wants to talk about the purchase of weapons. Umber has to be released for the weapons to come to the Payitaht, but Mahmud Pasha opposes it and says that Hunkar should make a decision on this issue. Ahmed Pasha comes with the new newspaper and the other pashas understand the situation. Ismail Hakkı Bey comes to the masjid to see Hunkar, but he does not have words to comfort Hunkar. Cemile Sultan comes to Gulcemal after talking to Madame and permits the marriage. Hunkar retires to his room and does not want anyone to disturb him.

The Pashas talk about the release of Umber and the purchase of weapons, but they cannot make a joint decision. Tahsin Pasha comes to see Hunkar but he cannot enter. Hunkar writes that he left the throne on a piece of paper and prints his seal. Gustav Efendi comes to the palace and wants to talk to Hunkar, but this is not possible. Tahsin Pasha and other pashas have to make a decision. Zuluflu Pasha takes all responsibility and decides. Dilruba comes to see Madame and tells the news of marriage. Madame gets excited about the Ark of the Covenant. Bidar Sultan comes to see Hunkar, but Hunkar turns her down. Gustav rejoices in this state of Abdulhamid, and he likes Abdulhamid’s remorse. It is time for Gustav Efendi to talk to Zuluflu. Umber Efendi comes to sign the agreement. Mehmet receives a letter about Gulcemal and shows this letter to Gulcemal. Gulcemal denies the letter. Mehmet tears the letter.

Eventually, Bidar Sultan enters Hunkar’s room and talks to him about what has happened and tries to change his thoughts. Halil Halid gives weapons training to gang members. On his way to the throne, Hunkar drops the paper he wrote that he retired and Zuluflu Pasha took it. The Pashas tell him their decision. Zuluflu reads the paper after leaving Hunkar’s room. Gulcemal squeezes Esther’s throat because she thinks she wrote it. Ottoman agents enter the place where weapons training was given. Halil Halid secretly helps them, but only Nadir Bey understands this. Later, Nadir Bey lied to his friends to get them out of there. Karasu and Sabahaddin come to the house of Zuluflu Pasha and they have evidence. They say that Abdulhamid killed Zuluflu’s child during birth. Madame comes to the palace to see Cemile Sultan and brings her a letter. She says this letter came from her husband. In Rumelia, Ziya Sami and his men disguised as Turkish soldiers and killed the villagers and Halil Halid helped his ex men. Gustav summons his wife Esther and kills him in front of Madame.

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