Payitaht abdulhamid season 4 episode 99 with english subtitles

Payitaht Abdulhamid Season 4 Episode 99 (99 Bolum) with English Subtitles free

Episode 99 Overview

Bidar Sultan, Naime, Cemile Sultan, Bahar, and Gulcemal go to the Society to watch the play and Madame welcomes them. Madame starts the play and she talks about a killer in Payitaht. According to the game, Anna dies and Madame asks the guests who is the killer and what is the murder weapon. Bidar Sultan says Madame is the killer and she used the candlestick.

Tahsin Pasha brings bad news from Rumelia and says that Tatar Bey killed Bulgarian villagers. Gustav goes to see Zuluflu Pasha. Ahmed Pasha comes and says that the sergeants who died were not married and had no children. He also says that the same midwife gave birth to both of them and Hunkar wants to see this midwife. Mehmet follows  Gulcemal. Gustav learns that Karasu and Sabahaddin are talking to Zuluflu and they go to the midwife’s house. Zuluflu shows them the letter that Hunkar wrote. Gulcemal enters a church to talk to Madame, and Mehmet sees her entering. Abdulhamid and Ahmed Pasha talk to the midwife woman. The midwife says that a Jewish man came and took the babies. Zuluflu gets out of the car and walks home but he sees Abdulhamid arrived before him. Abdulhamid asks the midwife woman to recognize the Jew man later, but at that moment the midwife gets shot. Who did kill the midwife? What will Zuluflu Pasha do next? What is Gustav Efendi’s next move? Did Mehmet understand Gulcemal’s real face?

Zuluflu Pasha and Ismail Hakki come to the palace and tell Hunkar about the assassination plan. Hunkar does not give up going to the factory because he does not want Zuluflu to be exposed. Meanwhile, everything in the association becomes dark for a moment and Madame’s plan begins. Tahsin Pasha tells Hunkar that two soldiers have seen someone who resembles Selim Pasha. Cemile Sultan finds a flower in the park and thinks it’s from her husband. Hunkar reaches the factory. The man which Gustav sends to the factory pulls his gun and shoots at Hunkar, but Makhtar throws himself in front of the gun and saves Hunkar. Halil Halid is stopped on the way as he takes the ambassador and the nun, but he gets rid of the Prince’s men. Hunkar returns to the palace and Ahmed Pasha says that Selim Pasha threw himself in front of the gun.

Meanwhile, Karasu started making money again. Ahmed Pasha and Tahsin Pasha go to the hospital and ask about Selim Pasha’s condition. Zuluflu Pasha sends a message saying that he wants to have a meeting and Gustav tells him that the plan is not over yet. One of the staff in the hospital puts a weapon under Selim Pasha’s pillow. Anna and Madame talk about the blue diamond, but Madame got suspicious because it was too easy. Then she realizes that the jewels that come to the exhibition were fake. Hunkar wants to go to the hospital and visit Selim Pasha. Selim Pasha wakes up and finds a pistol under his pillow. When Ziya Sami and the consul negotiated, the ambassador comes and says that the bargain is invalid. Hunkar comes to the hospital and enters Selim Pasha’s room. Selim Pasha slowly pulls out his gun and shoots Hunkar. What did happen to Hunkar? Is he dead? What will Gustav do next?

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