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Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 24 Summary

In Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 24, Alparslan enters the castle with a few of his friends and starts looking for the priest. Alparslan sees the soldiers in the castle sleeping and starts walking alone towards the dungeon. Alparslan enters a cell to see if Kamar is alive, but Diogenes locks him inside. Diogenes asks Alparslan to deliver Evdokya. Alparslan says he knows nothing about this, but the captain does not believe him. When Rati is about to kill Akca, Ivan stops him. Ivan says that one of these women knows where Evdokya is. Alparslan remembers a memory and starts looking for the secret compartment in the cell. Rati says that Alparslan is dead and starts to ask the women where Evdokya is. Diogenes’ soldiers capture the Alps. Turkish women say that they do not know Evdokya.

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Akca takes the sword of one of the Byzantine soldiers and captures Ivan. Rati asks Akca to calm down. Akca asks Rati to release the women. Rati tells Akca that he will leave the women and asks her to surrender. Diogenes says that he has captured Alparslan and that Kekaumenos will die soon. The lord says that the soldiers in the castle will never believe in Diogenes. Diogenes then questions Alparslan’s friends, but he can’t learn anything about Evdokya from them either. The women of the tribe immediately return to treat Akinay’s wound. Akca gets on the horse carriage with Ivan. Alparslan kills the guards in the dungeon and dresses like a Byzantine soldier. The Sultan examines the siege preparations and says that he will launch the attack soon. Rati wonders who Akca is and goes towards the castle with her. Alparslan talks to other Byzantine soldiers and deceives them.

The guards tell Diogenes that Alparslan has escaped. While Diogenes goes to the dungeon, Alparslan tries to save his friends. Diogenes realizes that this is a game and immediately goes back to his room. Alparslan saves a friend and starts escaping from the castle. Yinal says he does not trust Ferzat and orders Dukas to be watched secretly. Meanwhile, Alparslan comes to the headquarters and asks Yinal for support. Alparslan attacks Rati to save Akca. Rati flees to the castle with Ivan. Biruni says that Akinay’s wound is very deep, but he will do what he can. Alparslan says that Akca’s plan was wrong and Kekaumenos was caught. Alparslan says that he has to enter the castle to save the Alps. Yinal stops Alparslan and tells him that he knows where Evdokya is. While Alparslan is trying to understand what is going on, Yinal says that Dukas is alive.

Diogenes tells all his soldiers that Alparslan escaped from the castle after wounding the Lord. Alpagut frees the Lord from his chains. As Kekaumenos is about to talk to his soldiers, Nestor stops him. Sultan starts to wander around like a merchant to examine the attack plan. Sultan speaks to Hassan to get the support of the people in the region. Meanwhile, a group of Byzantine soldiers comes and asks them why they came. Tughrul says he is a merchant and shows him the permit paper in his hand. Byzantine soldiers start asking questions to Tughrul and a war breaks out. The Sultan kills Byzantine soldiers. Yinal says he wants to hide this situation from everyone until Dukas gets better. Alparslan thinks that Yinal’s purpose is actually something else, but he goes with him to get Dukas to save his Alps. Dukas thanks Ferzat for everything he has done and says he will reward him for it.

Rati says he is tired of waiting and wants to kill Kekaumenos. Diogenes accepts Ivan’s request, but just as he is about to kill the Lord, a soldier arrives. This soldier says that an important man from Constantinople has come to see the Lord. Diogenes immediately gives up killing the Lord and tries to persuade Rati. Diogenes says that Kekaumenos cannot do anything because he has his agreement with the Turks. Kekaumenos says that if the captain makes another mistake, he will tell Kaiser that he killed Dukas. The lord then talks to the inspector from the capital and tries to convince him that everything is okay. Alparslan asks Dukas where Evdokya is. Dukas says that his wife has already reached Constantinople. Alparslan sends a message to Diogenes and calls him to the place of exchange.

Alparslan tells his father his plan and then visits Akinay. Akca says that Akinay’s real medicine is in the forest. Alparslan takes Alpagut from the forest and brings him to the tribe. Akinay talks to his son for a short time. Akca is very disturbed by Karaca’s situation and tells Akinay that Sehver died because of what she said to Bozan. Akinay asks Akca to tell all the secrets she carries. Diogenes learns that the Turks are preparing for an attack. The inspector tells Diogenes that he must stall the Seljuks until the Kaiser sends help. Diogenes tells him that there will be an assassination for Tughrul. Selcan hears what Akca is saying about Karaca. Ivan likes Diogenes’ plan very much. Caghri says that Karaca will leave the tribe and will stay in a castle until the birth. Caghri later gets angry with his son Suleiman for hiding the truth.

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Selcan is very sad and cries because of what Karaca has done. The Sultan says he wants to meet with his people on Friday, but the vizier tells him that he has to hold this meeting in the palace. Tughrul says he will hold this meeting no matter what. Suleiman tries to talk to Alparslan but fails. Suleiman goes to Sehver’s grave the next morning and tells her how sorry he is. Selcan hears Suleiman’s words and hugs him. Diogenes goes to the exchange place with Alparslan’s Alps and asks him to bring Evdokya. Karaca talks to Suleiman for the last time and then yells at Akca. On the orders of Alparslan, a carriage comes and Dukas comes out. Dukas asks the Byzantine soldiers to arrest Diogenes. Dukas releases Alparslan’s Alps and thanks him. While the Sultan is putting a bunch of flowers on his mother’s grave, Ivan attacks him. Akca starts talking to Alparslan and tells him that her father is Hassan.

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