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In Great Seljuks Alp Arslan Episode 4, While Akca is thinking about who has sneaked into her room, Hassan comes to her tent. Hassan says that he knows that Akca has been alone for a long time and that she should not be upset. Akca remembers her childhood. Alpagut tells how Akca was kidnapped by Kekaumenos years ago and how her family was killed. Alpagut tries to be close to Akca for years and reminds her that she is a Turk. When Akca hears Hassan’s words, she calls him father, but later says that she sees him as her father. Alparslan examines the corpses of the Turks killed on the way and orders a funeral for them. Sehver begins to implement Alparslan’s plan and dismisses Bozan from his post. Caghri learns that the Turks were killed by someone. Kekaumenos goes to Vaspurakan and starts talking to his son. Everyone in the tribe is very sad about this massacre.

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Alparslan immediately takes his horse and goes to the castle. The lord allows him to enter the castle. Alparslan says that the Byzantines were murderers and that they did not abide by the peace treaty. The lord cannot understand what Alparslan is talking about. Yannis asks Alparslan to leave the castle. Although Alparslan found Yannis’ medal at the massacre site, he did not show it to the Byzantines and returned to the tribe. Lord orders this event to be investigated to see if what Alparslan said is true. After the funeral, Alparslan says he will avenge all the Turks killed and goes to his father’s tent. A priest blesses Yannis and his new mission. Alparslan asks Akca about the cars going to Vaspurakan and makes a plan. Alparslan shows Yannis’ medal to his father and says that he is the murderer they are looking for. Suleiman tries to calm everyone down, but Caghri says they have to take revenge on the Byzantines. The lord tries to understand how the freed Turks and the Byzantine soldiers guarding them died.

The Lord then asks Yannis to investigate this incident and decides to send Evdokya as an ambassador to the Sultan. Dukas says he wants to go with Evdokya and sets out. Hassan talks to Akca once again and tells her how he lost his family years ago. Dukas enters the territory of Seljuk with Evdokya and Turkish soldiers stop them. The general says they came as ambassadors and wanted to talk to the Sultan. Tughrul learns that Alparslan went to the Byzantine castle alone and gets very angry about this. Meanwhile, Alparslan comes to the palace and gives the medal he found to the Sultan. A short time later, Byzantine ambassadors also come to the palace and begin to talk to the Sultan. The Sultan says that Byzantium did not fulfill the terms of the treaty, but Evdokya defends the state. Sultan says that Yannis’ medal is at the scene. Evdokya says that this medal alone is not enough proof. Alparslan then asks the Sultan’s permission to bring Yannis to the palace. Tughrul asks Alparslan to be careful and accepts his plan.

Lord asks Evdokya what she was talking about with the Sultan and asks Yannis to find the real killers as soon as possible. Evdokya goes to another room with Yannis and says that she will hide this massacre from everyone. Alparslan plans how to get to the castle with some Alps and says that he will leave early the next morning. Diogenes realizes that Evdokya and Dukas are hiding the truth. Diogenes tells that he will tell all the truth about Yannis to the emperor and takes action. The next morning, Alparslan and his soldiers seize a car full of slaves. Alparslan releases the captives and uses this car to enter the castle. Inal goes to the tribe and apologizes to Caghri for what he did years ago. Inal then starts talking to Suleiman. Meanwhile, a car full of slaves enters the castle, albeit with difficulty. Bozan learns that Alparslan will enter the castle and sends a secret message to the Lord. Inal asks Suleiman for troops and support.

Suleiman accepts this offer and goes to a place near the castle with Inal. The message sent by Bozan arrives at the castle. Lord learns that Alparslan has secretly entered the city and orders all his soldiers to capture him. Alparslan and Hassan dress up as priests and start walking around the city. Diogenes and Yannis find this car and capture the remaining Turks. Alparslan realizes that something is wrong and returns to the car. Yannis begins to torture the men he caught, but he cannot learn anything about Alparslan from them. Lord asks Yannis to stop the torture and tells him he has another plan. Alparslan sees that the car is empty, but some Byzantine soldiers catch him. Meanwhile, Alpagut comes and saves them. Hassan and Alpagut talk about things that happened years ago. Suleiman’s soldiers say that it is impossible to enter the castle and return to the tribe. Alpagut takes Alparslan to the dungeon of the castle and opens the door for him.

Receiving the Lord’s message, Akca secretly comes to the castle. Alparslan sneaks around the dungeon and starts looking for his friends. Lord asks Akca to tell him whether the prisoners in the dungeon are Alparslan’s men. At the Lord’s orders, Yannis and the other soldiers in the dungeon come out. Alparslan takes advantage of this situation and frees his friends. When Lord and Akca go to the dungeon to see the prisoners, Alpagut secretly locks them in a room. Alparslan starts to look for a way to escape from the castle with his soldiers. Yannis goes to the dungeon and frees his father. The general asks all the soldiers to call Alparslan. Alparslan realizes that he cannot use the gates of the castle and tries to climb a wall. After struggling for a long time, everyone but Hassan climbs the castle wall. While Hassan is climbing, Dukas comes and starts shooting arrows at him. The arrow shot by Dukas hits the rope, and Hassan falls to the ground. Lord sees Hassan is captured.

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