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Kurulus Osman Episode 103 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 104, Two days pass since Aktemur’s injury. Osman performs sword training with his sons in the courtyard of the mansion. Osman says he will reveal the truth and asks his sons for help. Olof says he will go to the court in Yenisehir soon and then he will burn the city. Bengi says the court day has come and asks the soldiers of her tribe to be ready for an attack. Meanwhile, Turgut comes to the tribe and asks Bengi to be calm. Bengi does not listen to what Turgut says and sets out to go to Yenisehir. Bayindir realizes that the chest full of gold is about to leave the city and sends a soldier to follow the chariot. Dursun goes to the mansion and says he is worried about the court. Osman will accept the decision of the court no matter what and asks Dursun to be impartial.

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Bengi comes to the city and sees the soldiers taking her husband to the courtroom. Oktem asks his wife to stay calm and not do anything bad. Aisha asks Bengi to apologize and starts arguing with her. Bengi says she didn’t do anything wrong. Malhun calms both women. Aktemur says he wants to attend the court, but his mother asks him to rest. Aladdin arrives in the courtroom before anyone else and starts taking notes on everything. Olof comes to the city with his soldiers and asks where Osman is. The Turkish soldiers say that Olof cannot enter the mansion without leaving their swords. After leaving his swords, Olof goes to the courtroom. Oktem sees Olof and says he is a liar. As Kantakuzenos prepares to go to the courtroom, Osman arrives.

Osman says Kantakuzenos’ life is in danger and asks him to hide. Kantakuzenos gets very nervous because of what Osman said and agrees to wait in his room. Aktemur talks to Alcicek and asks her to trust Osman’s justice. Osman comes to the courtroom and calms everyone down. A short time later, Dursun comes and says he will manage the court fairly. Dursun asks Olof to speak first. Olof tells that Oktem ordered the attack and later stole the Byzantine gold. Dursun then asks Oktem questions about these issues. Oktem says that he did not order the attack on the village and that he does not know anything about Byzantine gold. Olof’s soldiers secretly follow the chariot carrying the chest of gold and wait for the opportune moment to strike.

Vikings attack as Byzantine soldiers advance through the jungle. Bayindir’s spy watches the war from afar and waits to steal the gold. After Oktem, Dursun starts talking to Aktemur. Aktemur first tells what happened in the dungeon and then what he saw in the forest. Aktemur says Alcicek is innocent. Aisha gets angry when she hears what her son said. Dursun fires Aisha from the courtroom. After listening to everyone, Dursun asks Osman if he wants to say something. Dursun says that Alcicek’s sentence is ten years of exile. Dursun continues to speak and says that Oktem’s punishment is death. Bengi says that Osman’s justice is wrong and sends a message to call the soldiers in her tribe. The Vikings steal the chest full of gold and kill everyone there. A Turkish soldier comes to the mansion and says that some bandit has stolen the chest full of gold.

Osman says he will help Olof and sets out with him immediately. When the soldiers in the tribe learn of the court decision, they immediately arrest Turgut and set out for a rebellion. Viking spies see Turgut arrested. Olof and Cerkutay start to follow the tracks in the forest. Bayindir learns that the chest full of gold has been stolen and takes action immediately. Osman says he knows the trap set by Olof. Olof says he appreciates Osman’s intelligence. Olof confesses everything and tells about all the crimes he has committed, one by one. While Olof says he will kill Osman, Turkish soldiers come to the battlefield one by one. A great war begins between the two armies. Frigg realizes that she will lose the war and asks Olof to flee. Olof says he will kill Osman later and flees to Marmaracik.

Malhun takes Bengi to the dungeon. Oktem begins to tell Osman’s plan to his wife. Bengi is very surprised and realizes that the real criminals will come to the city soon. Oktem realizes that his wife is about to start a rebellion and gets very angry with her. Bengi says she will take her revenge on everyone. While the Vikings are taking the chest full of gold to the castle, Bayindir attacks. Bayindir steals the gold in a short time and runs away. Osman brings the criminals he caught to the city and executes them in front of everyone. Oktem thanks to Osman. Osman tells that Olof set a trap in the border area to kill Kantakuzenos. Kantakuzenos says he will talk to the Emperor about this and sets out immediately. While Sarkis is going to Osman’s mansion with the Princess, spies attack them. The princess is injured in the shoulder and Sarkis takes her to the iron mine. Osman slaps Aktemur and gets angry with him for his mistake.

Aktemur apologizes to Osman. Kantakuzenos tells the Emperor that Osman stole the gold and that the court made wrong decisions. The Emperor gives an army to Kantakuzenos and asks him to attack the Turks. Viking spies tell Olof that Sarkis is hiding in the iron mine. After Osman has dinner with his whole family, he receives the secret message from Konur and immediately sets out. Olof goes to the mine before Osman and catches the Princess. Bayindir’s spy goes to Frigg’s shop and says he wants to buy fabric from her. Frigg examines the gold coin the man gave her and realizes where the Byzantine gold is. Aisha and Bengi argue once again. Malhun calms everyone down. Olof repeatedly stabs Sarkis and puts explosives in the mine. When Osman comes to the mine, he sees that his friend is injured and tries to help him. Olof blows up the mine shortly after.

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