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Kurulus Osman Episode 104 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 105, Osman checks his wounded soldiers inside the mine and starts looking for a way out. Olof thinks that Osman died in the explosion and is very happy. Olof asks some of his soldiers to wait at the entrance of the mine to take precautions. Osman wakes up the wounded soldiers one by one. Osman then tries to remove the rocks at the entrance of the mine but fails. Osman remembers the difficulties he faced before and says that this situation will pass. Malhun realizes that Osman is still not back and asks Bala to search for him. Aladdin is very worried about his father. Malhun then invites all the Beys to a meeting and says that Orhan is now in control. Bala and Aladdin accept Malhun’s offer. Marta brings fabrics to the mansion.

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Malhun asks Marta to wait and says she will talk to her later. Kantakuzenos meets with Olof. Olof says that Osman died in the mine. Kantakuzenos is overjoyed and learns that Sarkis is a spy. Kantakuzenos warns Olof and says it’s time to attack Yenisehir. Malhun talks to her son before the meeting and asks him to be very careful. Orhan says he can control everything, but Malhun warns her son again. Kumral goes to the mine and helps remove the rocks at the entrance. Bala follows the blood trails in the forest with the soldiers and soon reaches the mine. Kumral immediately helps the wounded soldiers coming out of the mine. Bala finds Osman. Osman asks what is going on in the city. Bala says that Orhan is the new Bey and will hold a meeting soon.

Osman tells that he will send a secret message to Malhun and that he will prepare to attack Marmaracik. Bala cannot understand her husband’s plan. Osman says that Olof will attack the city with the whole army and that they will use this opportunity to capture the castle. Frigg says Malhun is starting to get scared and what is happening in the mansion. Olof asks Frigg to bring more information. Osman says he will go to the tribe and take soldiers from there to attack. Some Beys who come to the meeting are very uncomfortable with a small child being the chief. Orhan comes to the meeting after a short time and asks Beys to give information. Bayindir asks where Osman is. Orhan says that Osman’s work is a secret. Bayindir understands the situation and calms the restless Beys. After the meeting is over, Marta goes to talk to Bayindir and says that she wants to sell goods to Marmaracik with him.

Bayindir is a little surprised by this offer, but accepts it. Marta tries to learn something about Osman. Osman stops on the way to the tribe and talks to his spies. The spies say that Olof has driven the soldiers out of the castle to launch a massive attack. Osman makes an attack plan and continues to advance towards the tribe. Bayindir gets permission from Malhun to trade with Marmaracik. Aktemur says he wants to talk to Alcicek and takes her to a street. Aktemur says he loves Alcicek, but she objects to this. Alcicek says she doesn’t love Aktemur. Bayindir hears everything spoken on the street. Osman thinks about the decisions he made earlier that night in the tent and is filled with hope. Abdal tries to help the wounded soldiers. Cerkutay says that his ears still do not hear and starts to eat the food that Ulgen makes.

Frigg tells Kantakuzenos and Olof how to attack the city. Olof says Frigg needs more soldiers and says he will sneak soldiers into the city. Kantakuzenos likes this attack plan and says he will enter the city before the attack. Osman shows his soldiers the map he got from the spies and tells them how to attack the castle. Malhun talks to Aktemur and listens to his defense preparations. Aktemur says that he will put a lot of soldiers both inside and outside the city. Bayindir says that Osman is doing secret business and starts to provoke Bengi. Oktem calms Bayindir down. While Aktemur is thinking about Alcicek, his mother comes. Aktemur says his mother should not worry anymore. Bengi realizes that Alcicek loves Aktemur and gets very angry with her.

Osman secretly sets out the next morning with the soldiers of the tribe. Aktemur says the city is completely safe. Malhun tries to find out what Marta has been up to. Before Olof attacks the city, he gives a speech to his soldiers and asks them to kill the Turks. Kantakuzenos then goes to the mansion to talk to Malhun. While Bayindir is going to Marmaracik to do business, Osman stops him. Bayindir is surprised to see Osman still alive. Osman tells Bayindir that they will enter the castle with horse-drawn carriages. Bengi says she will go to the city and learn about Osman’s secret affairs. While the guards in the castle are about to steal Bayindir’s goods, Osman and the Turks begin to attack. Turgut goes to the dungeon of the castle to save his friend. Osman fights the Byzantine commander and captures him soon after. Olof sees the pigeon coming from the castle and learns of Osman’s attack.

Olof immediately changes his plan and sets out for the castle to kill Osman. Turgut and Konur save Turahan. Bayindir begins to brag about taking over the castle. Bengi comes to the mansion and says she is looking for Oktem. Malhun says she doesn’t know anything about him. Bengi continues to talk and starts talking about Oktem’s first wife. Malhun says everything will be alright soon. Frigg brings the spies to her shop and tells them about the attack plan. Kanzakuzenos comes to the mansion and says he wants to talk to Malhun. Aisha comes to Marta’s shop but can’t see anyone there. Kantakuzenos asks where Osman is. Malhun says that Osman has captured Marmaracik and will stay there from now on. Kantakuzenos is shocked. Osman asks the captured Viking to tell everything to the commander. Olof tries to attack the castle with his soldiers, but Osman manages to send them back.

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