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Kurulus Osman Episode 142 Summary

In Episode 140 of Kurulus Osman, Gonca Hatun engages in a conversation with her mother Saadet Hatun. During their talk, she shares details about Osman Bey and the Mongol leader, mentioning Alaeddin Bey’s arrival at the border market, where he appeared quite surprised. Before she can finish the discussion, Alaeddin Bey interrupts, revealing that, based on intelligence and evidence, Faisal is still present at the border market. Gonca is taken aback by this revelation, and her focus shifts to Faisal, who, feigning fear, seeks refuge with Alaeddin Bey, claiming to bring important information. They take Faisal inside the tent, where he narrates the entire story about Osman Bey and the Mongol leader, learned from his teacher, the merchant Ayaz. Jacob Bey further explains the information, uncovering Osman Bey’s plan to confront the Mongol leader with a few soldiers. Faisal recounts the events involving Osman Bey, his daughter, and others in this critical situation.

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The subsequent scenes depict Osman Bey heading towards the Mongol leader with the intention of killing him. He directs his son and soldiers to follow the path revealed by Alaeddin Bey into the jungle while instructing his son to execute the mission without sacrificing any soldiers’ lives, including his own. Despite recognizing the youth’s fervor, Osman emphasizes the importance of maintaining control during the mission.

What will happen in Kurulus Osman Episode 143

In the preview for Kurulus Osman Episode 140, Alauddin Bey is seen outside Jacob Bey’s tent alongside a few soldiers. Faisal deceives Alauddin Bey regarding Osman Bey, initially expressing concern but eventually convincing Alauddin with his fabricated story. Concurrently, the Mongol leader and merchant Ayaz express satisfaction with their devised plan, anticipating the impending war between Osman Bey and Jacob Bey. They eagerly anticipate the bloodshed, foreseeing substantial benefits and an opportunity for revenge.

Subsequently, Jacob Bey fully believes Faisal’s narrative and instructs Alauddin Bey and his soldiers to apprehend him, directing them to lock Faisal up in prison. Towards the episode’s conclusion, Yavlak Arslan, having reached the pass ahead of Osman Bey’s orders, clears the way for him. Alongside his soldiers, they fulfill their task by eliminating the Mongols stationed in the pass. Upon reaching the Mongol leader, who is casually dining, a skirmish ensues. Simultaneously, Osman Bey and Jacob Bey make their entrance. They question the authenticity of the alliance, with Osman Bey querying Jacob Bey, “What kind of alliance are you referring to, Jacob Bey?”

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