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Kurulus Osman Episode 143 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 144, we will tell you about the trailer. In today’s video, you will be informed about what will happen in Kurulus Osman’s upcoming episode number 144 and the difficulties Osman Bey will face. So, make sure to watch the video till the end to know everything about the trailer. But before I tell you about the trailer, let me give you a short review of episode number 143. So, before starting the video, I request you to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven’t already, so that you can be the first to receive every new video related to Kurulus Osman and other historical Turkish series. Now, let’s get started.

In episode number 143 of Kurulus Osman, the episode begins with Osman Bey riding on a horse with his soldiers towards his elder Turk commanders. On the other hand, Nikola Bey and Princess Maria are in Constantinople to abduct Princess Maria on Osman Bey’s orders. Princess Maria is a Byzantine princess who is going to Tabriz to marry the son of a Mongol commander, Amir Choban, for the sake of unity. But this peace treaty is not at all suitable for the Turks, so Osman Bey is preparing to abduct the princess. On the other hand, Osman Bey has reached the Turk commanders and they inform him about some good news. The good news is that the Turk commanders tell Osman Bey that they have seen his capability and now they have decided that it is time to establish a separate empire and this is the time to establish the Ottoman state. Osman Bey is very happy about this and says that he will take care of this responsibility and show the whole world by making the Turks’ homeland. Then, when Osman Bey arrives at his palace, Boran Bey and the people of the Kayi tribe are very happy to hear the news. After that, we see that Osman Bey sends an invitation to all his commanders and orders them to prepare the feast. Then, he meets with the commanders and assigns them new responsibilities as the Sultan. Meanwhile, the news of building a new castle by Jacob Bey reaches Sim. Upon hearing this, Jacob Bey gets angry and gathers all his commanders and asks them how can Osman do such a thing as a Sultan and how can he establish his own separate castle.

Kurulus Osman 144 Review | Watch Video

Then, there is a clash and we see that Koc Batur is keeping an eye on the Seljuk soldiers in a camp along with Nikola Bey. So that they can gather more information about the caravan. Meanwhile, they spot Vasilius there. They come to know that he is the leader of the caravan and he changes the route taking Princess Maria first so that they can avoid the attacks of the Turks. But Koc Batur somehow finds out about this route and informs Osman Bey. Then, Osman Bey orders his soldiers to go with him on the mentioned route but before leaving, he orders his son and Han Bey to go to the castle and take care of it. But before reaching the castle, he stops Princess Holofira’s route and kidnaps her along with her soldiers and takes her to the castle. It is believed that he will obtain Holofira in this way and she will convert to Islam. On the other hand, Osman Bey attacks the caravan and kills the Crusader soldiers along with their leader Vasilius.

He also abducts Princess Maria and takes her with him. Meanwhile, the Mongol commander, Amir Choban, returns to Amir Choban and informs him about Osman Bey. This makes Amir Choban very angry and he decides to take revenge on Osman Bey. Then, the scene changes and we see Osman Bey walking in the market as a Sultan with his soldiers. They reach there and Jacob Bey and his family arrive with their family. Jacob Bey asks Osman Bey why he didn’t accept his invitation to become a Sultan. On this, Osman Bey says why are you suddenly here, I invited you to become a Sultan. Then, there is a little argument between them. Meanwhile, Osman Bey comes to know that Amir Choban has attacked the Sogut. So, Osman Bey leaves everything and goes towards Sogut with his soldiers. And here, episode number 143 ends.

What will happen in Kurulus Osman Episode 144

Now, viewers, we will tell you what will happen in the upcoming episode and what difficulties Osman Bey will face. In episode number 144, we will see Osman Bey heading towards Sogut with his army to rescue them from the Mongols’ attack. On the other hand, it will be revealed that Saadet Hatun has learned about the love between Alauddin Bey and Gunja Hatun. And here, Saadet Hatun reaches the castle in the absence of Han Bey and takes Gunja Hatun with her. Meanwhile, Osman Bey comes to know about the attack on Sogut and he leaves with his soldiers to find them in the jungle. On the other hand, Saadet Hatun and Gunja Hatun are captured by the Mongols. Then, Osman Bey will face a tough battle with the Mongols to save his loved ones. And here, episode number 144 will come to an end.

So, viewers, this is what will happen in the upcoming episode. Stay tuned to watch the full episode and find out how Osman Bey will overcome these challenges.

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Watch or Download Kurulus Osman Episode 138 English Subtitles (Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 8), Kurulus Osman Episode 136 Urdu Subtitles. Kurulus Osman Episode 143 release date is 18th January 2024.

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