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Kurulus Osman Episode 154 Summary

In the upcoming episode of “Kurulus Osman Season 5,” Osman Sahib leaves for a tribe, where he encounters the real Tajuddin Nowyan. Nowyan tells Osman that he was waiting for him and that he will come to his village. Osman Sahib is astonished by this revelation and begins the episode with scenes that reveal his true nature.

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Tajuddin Nowyan tells Osman Sahib that Kara Jelsoon was arrested on his orders, and now he is trapped in his trap. He allows Osman to let his companions go because he wants to show his good intentions. Elçin Hatun sees her father and aunt alive, but Alpo stops her and says they must wait for his release.

Tajuddin Nowyan wants to use Osman Bey’s soldiers in war instead of gold, but Osman Sahib does not give him any answer and leaves. They leave behind their spy disguised as a Mongol soldier, who keeps an eye on them at every step. Alauddin Bey and Bala Hatun recognize the fake Tajuddin Nowyan and ask him who he is. Alauddin Bey imprisons him with his soldiers and threatens to slit his throats if his father is killed.

Osman Sahib returns to his palace and asks where the fake Tajuddin Nowyan is, to which Melik Khan informs him he is imprisoned. He gathers everyone at his court and tells them that Gandoz Bey is from the Kayi tribe and that if anyone takes him away, no one will believe them. Osman Sahib also reveals that Tajuddin Nowyan is a cunning and clever person hiding behind his iron hand.
In Kurulus Osman Episode 149, a dangerous Byzantine executioner appears and stops Tajuddin Nowyan’s path. He claims to be from Constantinople and will bring his head. Tajuddin Nowyan and his soldiers form an alliance, eliminating corrupt governors in Princess Olivia and joining forces with her.


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What will happen in Kurulus Osman Episode 155

In the absence of Jacob Bey, Tajuddin Nowyan meets Mehmet on the border market, surprising both Gonca Hatun and Mehmet. They discuss forming an alliance against Osman Bey and asking for more soldiers. Mehmet initially refuses, but tries to convince him with various reasons. The jailer Kutahi monitors their actions and informs Osman Bey.

Gonca Hatun dreams of going for Hajj, but Osman Bey tells her to gather chiefs from other tribes and prepare them for war. Koh-i-Noor is with her in all these tasks. Instead, Osman Bey sends Princess Maria on the Hajj path, with their plan being to capture her and inform the Mongols about their actions. After capturing Princess Maria, Osman Bey releases Gandoz Bey and Elçin Hatun’s aunt.

Gonca Hatun, upset upon arriving at the border market, informs Alauddin Bey about the situation and claims to have come hiding from her brother. A spy shoots Alauddin Bey with an arrow, but Gonca Hatun sees him and presents herself in front of him, resulting in an arrow hitting her instead.

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