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Kudus Fateh Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 18 Summary

Salahuddin Ayubi Episode 18 starts with a very heart-wrenching scene where Jews Abraham and Greygor follow Sultan Nuruddin and Salahuddin along the riverbank, where they reach them and shoot Salahuddin with an arrow, injuring him and capturing him. They shoot an arrow at Sultan Nuruddin, causing him to fall into the river before Salahuddin’s eyes. After that, they try to advance towards Salahuddin to kill him, but Salahuddin had already prepared his companion Ghazi, a spy in Jerusalem who was disguised in Crusader attire and had infiltrated the soldiers so that he could assist in times of danger. When they advance towards Salahuddin, Ghazi joins forces with him and both jump into the river, evading the pursuers. Then Abraham and Greygor send their soldiers into the river to search for them and make considerable efforts to find them, thinking that their deaths must be confirmed. However, Salahuddin had already reached the riverbank with his companion, and upon reaching there, he becomes very worried and sad for Sultan Nuruddin.

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On the other hand, Sultan Nuruddin’s brother Mevdud, who was in critical condition, is taken to a palace and treated. When he regains consciousness, Salahuddin’s uncle Sher Koh and Sultan Nuruddin’s wife Queen, both hold him responsible for everything and tell him that it’s all because of him. If you hadn’t given them this box, we wouldn’t have to see all this, and nothing bad would have happened with Sultan Nuruddin. He says that whatever he did, he did it for his Sultan brother and he has no regrets about it. However, he won’t spare that Jew who betrayed him, and he will take revenge. Then Sultan Nuruddin’s wife says that if anything happens to my Sultan, I will never forgive you.

Then we see Salahuddin, who is very worried for Sultan Nuruddin. At that moment, three arrows are found near the river, which are broken. When he looks closely at those three arrows, he realizes that these are the same arrows that were shot into Sultan Nuruddin’s chest. And he becomes sure that Sultan Nuruddin did not drown in the river but is injured, so he heads towards the jungle in search of him. But Greygor also follows him with his soldiers to capture Salahuddin dead or alive, and they both head into the jungle in search of Salahuddin. Salahuddin continues his search for Sultan with his companion, and on the way, Crusader soldiers try to capture and stop him, but Salahuddin continues ahead, killing them all. Their encounter is interrupted by Karatay Tegin, who sets out for Sultan Nuruddin’s search upon Prince Mevdud’s request. Then there is some tension between them, and they both start searching for Sultan Nuruddin together.

On the other hand, Prince Mevdud also reaches the riverbank with his soldiers in search of Sultan. He instructs his soldiers to search in the river, but they find Sultan Nuruddin’s cloak covered in blood, and seeing this, Prince Mevdud is convinced that Sultan Nuruddin has drowned in the river and is no longer in this world. At the same time, Ismat Khatoon arrives there and asks about Sultan Nuruddin, but he tells her that Sultan is no longer in this world, and now it is his duty to become the heir to the throne and protect the trust given by his brother, and take revenge from the wrongdoers. Everyone is surprised and worried, and they tell him that without confirmation of Sultan’s death, you cannot even think of doing such a thing. He says that Sultan is no longer in this world, and if you have any evidence, tell me. At that moment, Salahuddin also arrives there and shows them those three arrows as evidence, saying that Sultan is alive, but they don’t believe him and ask him to leave. Salahuddin then sends everyone away, including Ismat Khatoon, in a carriage.

There they learn that Sultan Nuruddin has been seen in the territory of Prince Ammarlik, who is a very dangerous man. When Salahuddin hears this news, he starts following the soldiers of Prince Ammarlik to save Sultan Nuruddin. Prince Ammarlik’s soldiers also realize this plan, and they send their soldiers after Salahuddin to capture him along with Sultan Nuruddin. As they try to kill Sultan Nuruddin’s soldiers, Salahuddin also arrives there, and together with Sultan Nuruddin, they kill the Crusader soldiers and escape through the back gate of the palace.

On the other hand, Sultan Nuruddin’s wife gathers soldiers against Sultan’s brother and plans an attack on Ismat Khatoon’s tribe. Upon hearing about this plan, Prince Mevdud also decides to leave everything behind and launches an attack on Ismat Khatoon’s tribe with his soldiers, leaving from Damascus. But when Salahuddin and Sultan Nuruddin hear about this plan, they first go out to stop Princess Victoria’s army and manage to stop it. Alone, they prepare to face such a large army, and this is where Episode 18 ends.”

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Kudus Fateh Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 19 release date is 01 April 2024.

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