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Kudus Fateh Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 19 Summary

Salahuddin Eyyubi Episode 19 begins with Salahuddin and Sultan Nur-ud-Din, where they both come alone to stop a huge crusader from attacking Syria, and Princess Victoria is very surprised to see both of them alone and says that you both will face such a large army. Do not care, it is a matter of honor for us to be martyred in the war, on which the slab soldiers attack them and finally the army becomes heavy on both of them, and princess Victoria’s soldiers capture both of them. Princess Victoria says that I do not care about it, but Abram tells her that all the power and army you have is because of me and if anything happens to me, your power will also be lost. Then Sultan Noor-ud-Din thanks Salahuddin and Omar Mullah Afandi and tell Salahuddin that now our target is Gaza. I will go to the palace and first punish the traitors inside me and you return to your tribe and prepare for war .
On the other hand, Sultan Nur-ud-Din’s brother Mewdud goes to salahuddin’s tribe and goes there and arrests the special men of Sultan Noor-ud-Din, including Ismat Khatun and Sultan Noor-ud-Din’s wife, and takes them to the palace. At the same time, Sultan Nur-ud-Din comes there, seeing which everyone loses consciousness, and how is his brother that Agha is alive, on which he says to the Sultan that I had you in my absence as a state of trust and you brought me to the news of my death and took the throne. On this, he says that I have done all this for you, Sultan Nuruddin slaps him the face and says that do not come in front of me again.
Then the scene changes and we are shown Quds where Princess Victoria is a fire on the Jewish Abram and says that all this happened because of you, I was about to kill Sultan Nur-ud-Din, to which he tells him that I want to win and I will definitely avenge all this and I will also show you who is in Syria. After his departure, Princess Victoria tells Commander Gregor that I find this entrepreneur suspicious, he hides things from us .
Then the scene changes and we are shown that Sultan Nur-ud-Din announces his marriage to Ismat Khatun and spreads the news loudly, and Salahuddin gets the news that a group of Jewish soldiers has been seen, after hearing which Salahuddin realizes that these Jewish soldiers are from Abram and they are definitely Syria. He is thinking of attacking, he says that This plan of Abram can hinder our food campaign and says that to stop him, this precious box of his will have to be destroyed. The news is received and he also takes possession of the box first and when Salahuddin’s soldiers are waiting for the box to come out of his palace, Giri gor comes there and suddenly catches them and kills both salahuddin’s special soldiers before Salahuddin’s arrival .
After he left, when Salahuddin came there and saw his two companions and his soldiers martyred, he decides to take revenge on Greygor and subdues him in the forest and eliminates him along with his companions. Abram then goes mad and turns against Gregor and calls a very dangerous commander, Bloody Bernard, to use it as a weapon against the Muslims and for himself.

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And when he comes to Commander Quds, Sultan Nur-ud-Din Zangi is about to attack food, and for this reason the Crusaders need a man who can help them at that time and that is why Commander Bloody Bernard tells Princess Victoria that I will help you when you obey me. And he says that you have to marry me for this, which she is shocked to hear, but in the end she has to obey him and she says yes.
Then this commander comes to know that Sultan Durdin is getting married this evening and he suddenly goes to the wedding and goes there and tells Sultan Nooruddin about friendship, but Sultan Nooruddin declares war and says that go and prepare yourself .
Now that everyone knows that Sultan Nur-ud-Din is busy in marriage, but Sultan Nur-ud-Din does so deliberately and quietly plans to attack food, but he understands this plan of commander Sultan Nooruddin.

When attacked, he sets a trap for Salahuddin when Salahuddin enters the diet through secret routes. And When Sultan Nur-ud-Din is standing outside waiting for the news from him, in the same way, the commander bloody Northern sets a trap for Salahuddin in the city and goes out to attack Syria through another secret route and when Salahuddin and Sultan Nur-ud-Din are busy capturing food, on the other hand, the commander quietly attacks Syria. And in the absence of Salahuddin and Sultan Nur-ud-Din, he injures all the women present in Syria and captures the palace of Sultan Nur-ud-Din. While at the end we are shown that Salahuddin is struggling to get out of the city so that he can inform Sultan Nur-ud-Din about the commander’s plan, but he falls into his trap and gets caught in the trap of an explosion near the entrance of the city. Is

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Kudus Fateh Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 20 release date is 16 April 2024.

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