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Mehmed Fetihler Sultani Episode 9 Synopsis

Mehmed Fetihler Sultani Episode No. 7 begins with the palace of the Ottoman state, where the great Sultan Murad has passed away and there is mourning in the whole palace. After the death of the Sultan, the Ottoman state is without a Sultan and that is why the Prime Minister of the Empire, Wazir Janali, to take over the throne, sultan Murad’s two elder sons Prince Mehmet and Prince and Han to take over the throne. The one who takes refuge with the Christians as a traitor and sits as their ally, the minister sends envoys to both of them.
Then we are shown Prince Mehmet in Manisa who is unaware of the death of the Sultan and is very angry because of Gul Shah Khatun and her father Sultan Ibrahim, the Gulsha Woman who is very angry with her father for planning against him and Gul Shah Khatun also admits her mistake and at the same time She supports her husband, so he is in a dilemma about how to treat Gulshah Khatun, although his first wife Bahar Khatun advises him to divorce, he is just about to decide that minister Jind Li’s envoy reaches him and he is very sad to hear about his father’s death. But at the same time he leaves to receive the throne.
Then the scene changes and we are set up by the Byzantine emperor Constantinos, and in it all the officials of the state are gathered together with his mother, his mother, who plans against her son, kills all the officials in front of her mother for negligence in the empire and imprisons her mother in prison. The news of Murad’s death is received and he sends Prince Orhan to take the throne as a strong ally
Viewers then we are shown the Ottoman Palace where Kurtcho Dughan and many others are afraid that if Prince Mehmet takes over the throne, he will be the first to take action against those who did not treat him well and they all know that the prince dislikes them all and that prince Mehmed is the palace before the prince and the khan. They make a plan on their own to prevent me from arriving, but Minister Jind Lee refuses them and says that we will defend ourselves by making Shahzad Ahmed, who is still young, entitled to the throne .
Viewers then we see that the two princes are trying to reach before each other to get the throne and to stop the prince and khan, Prince Mehmet secretly sends some rebel soldiers who stop the prince and khan on the way and there is a fierce fight between them, but the prince and khan escape from there. and returns to the Byzantine state

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Mehmed: Fetihler Sultani Episode 10 Trailer English & Urdu Subtitles

But before that, the Byzantine emperor had sent a very powerful warrior Flix to stop Prince Mehmet, who at night when the prince stays on the way with his soldiers and stays for Aram, kills some brothers and wears their clothes and gets close to the prince and when they rest the prince. When Hoy tries to kill him, suddenly the prince wakes up and eliminates him along with his soldiers.
Viewers then show us Halima, wife of Sultan Murad, who after the death of sultan considers Shahzad Ahmed and herself very insecure and for this reason she tries her best to make her son Prince Ahmed sultan and when the mara woman has monitored him, she somehow manages to get out of this surveillance and immediately goes to Wazir Janali. She arrives and asks him to help her and says that help my son Ahmed become sultan. This is the wish of a mother, on which he says that the prince is still young, so he will not be able to secure his right in front of the big princes. Halima returns and tries to escape from prince Ahmed, then the mara woman catches him and imprisons him in jail, thus spoiling his entire plan .
The audience then reaches the Prince Mehmet Palace, where everyone, including Wazir Janali, is stunned to see him and the prince also looks at him with great anger. Then he welcomes the prince as a Sultan and after the burial of Sultan Murad, Prince Mehmet is appointed sultan and his wife Bahar Khatun is appointed head women. is.
After the prince became sultan, the case of Halima Khatun and Shahzad Ahmed is presented to him, after understanding which he first meets his brother Prince Ahmed, who is very scared and talks to him and tells him that I am your brother and we are both of the same blood, so you need to fear me. Then the little prince appeals to be kind to his mother Halima Khatun. Then prince Halimah calls the woman to him and asks her about the owner of the whole project. And at the end of the episode we are shown that Shahabuddin comes to the minister at night on the order of Prince Mehmet and arrests him. Presented to the prince and there Halimah Khatun is also brought again asking him more about treason and this is where episode 7 ends .

What Will Happen in Mehmed Fetihler Sultani Episode 9

Mehmed Fetihler Sultani Episode 9 begins with Edirna, where we see That Karaman Sultan Ibrahim, fed up with all the agendas and agrees with the opinion of Minister Jinal Lee and declares war and preparations begin for the Karaman campaign in the palace. He goes to the hakim of the palace and there he goes and convinces him that all of them tell him that minister Animal Lee’s health is very sensitive and he is suffering from high fever and fatigue, so he cannot travel. And the hakim also becomes ready to save his life .
Viewers then we see that when the Sultan gets ready for the campaign, he comes to know about the health of Minister Jind Li and therefore he asks the minister to stay in the seal .
But on this occasion, Sultan Mehmed suspects that he will definitely try to create chaos and use Shahzad Ahmed for some dirty purpose. And for this reason he invites the chief of an ancient Akanji tribe of his father Sultan Murad’s reign to the palace and he has all his doubts about all his doubts. I tell you and along with the princess, after handing over the palace and the harem to Sardar O Ghulu Ali, they leave for the campaign, but this is displeasing to the minister, and at the same time he comes to know that the soldier of Yenichari and the closest Mustafa Agha of Sultan Mehmed and the kind lady of Aunt Sultan are walking in you. He takes advantage of Mustafa and imprisons Mustafa and in return he convinces Mustafa’s beloved gracious lady that she will bring Shahzad Ahmed to her along with Halima Khatun and she agrees to do this dangerous work for the sake of her beloved Mustafa .
Viewers then we see that after the departure of the Sultan, Sardar Ali is doing his job very well and he is protecting the prince as well as the metal factory for the campaign of Sultan Mehmed to Constantinople, where the tops are being made by the order of Sultan Mehmed. So he makes a plan in which he makes his soldiers attack the metal factory, which creates chaos in the whole palace, and taking advantage of this chaos, he enters the palace and the harem and eliminates the soldiers in the palace one by one. But Sardar Ali is still protecting the factory and palace with his soldiers and on the other hand Halima Khatun cleverly goes to her son Prince Ahmed’s room where Gul Shah is protecting the female prince. Halima Khatun stops her and says let the prince stay with me, but Gul Shah Khatun says that this is the order of the Sultan, so I can not trust you, Halimah Khatun takes out the dagger and when Gul Shah starts hitting the woman, suddenly Aunt Sultan reaches there and Haleema catches the woman and Prince Ahmed Sardar Ali closes the door with some of his soldiers in sultan Mehmed’s throne room with the prince, and the soldiers of Yeni Chiri hand over our Sultan Ahmed to us. Before the audience breaks their doors, Sardar Ali realizes the danger and understands that they and the minister want to spread anarchy in the state for their own benefit by making Prince Ahmed the new Sultan. The young Prince Ahmed gets ready to sacrifice himself for his elder brother and before the door opens, Sardar Ali martyrs the little Prince Ahmed. Very angry and they try to kill Sardar Ali and his soldiers in anger .
While at the end of the episode, we see that even before the start of the campaign, the chief of the Janissaries, Ratchu Dugan, along with his soldiers, puts him in chaos against the Sultan in Sultan Ahmed’s army and tells Sultan Ahmed that we should be given gold. Seeing this, Sultan gets very angry and this is where Mehmed Fetihler sultan episode 9 ends.

Mehmed Fetihler Sultani Episode 10 Release Date

Mehmed Fetihler Sultani Episode 10 release date is 24th April 2024.

Mehmed Fetihler Sultani Episode 10 English Subtitles

Mehmed Fetihler Sultani Episode 10 Urdu Subtitles

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