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Season 1 (All 17 Episodes ) Full Overview

This season is about the story of the Battle of Kut. Suleyman Askeri Bey who has established the Osmancik Battalion is shaken with the bad news from the Iraq front. There is one way to expose and stop the British’s dark plans… Immediately reach to the front. But will this trip happen as Suleyman Askeri Bey planned? What is the great danger that waits for Suleyman Askeri Bey on the way and what is the unbelievable news that he will get on the road? P. Cox’s new target is Cilicia because he couldn’t reach success in Istanbul. But who will be Cox’s new alliance in the Cilicia area? What kinda plans will he make to stop the Osmancik Battalion which is coming from Baghdad? The new soldiers who just finished their training and earned the right to join the Osmancik Battalion are shaken with an unexpected attack. But what is the result of the Osmancik Battalion’s first test?

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Mehmet who doesn’t want to fall behind the Osmancik Batallion achieves to get on the train secretly. In the wagon that he is in, there is Victoria too who caused him to get hurt. Mehmet learns Cox wounded his foot by questioning Victoria. Suleyman Askeri is in a hurry to reach Baghdad with the Osmancik Battalion. On the other hand, Cox is dealing with the resistance movement and trying to stop the Osmancik Battalion to reach Baghdad. While all these happening, the questioning between Mehmet and Victoria is continuing. Victoria hears the soldiers and asks Mehmet’s gun if he doesn’t give it, she threatens him by saying she’ll report him. Victoria gets the gun, they bring Victoria to Suleyman Askeri’s wagon. Victoria pulls the gun to Suleyman Askeri when she gets the change but her gun was empty. This reveals Mehmet was on the train all the time.

The Osmancik Battalion gets rid of the attack on their way to Baghdad. One more time,  Suleyman Askeri beat Cox, he continues his way with the battalion. Mehmet shows great heroism in his battalion’s fight. Even though his foot is wounded, he shows how much he wants to be part of the Osmancik Battalion with his effort. On the other hand, Husraw meets with Cox on his way to Baghdad in a caravanserai. But they don’t know each other. Cox’s new goal is to arrive in Baghdad as soon as possible and continue his plans there. While Mehmet rejoices that everything is going well, he gets his brother Said’s harsh reactions once again. Said tells to Suleyman Askeri that Mehmet is with the battalion. Osmancik Battalion comes to Baghdad after surviving big events on the way. Suleyman Askeri begins his duty by sending letters to the tribes as the first job in Baghdad. He made the necessary plans to go to the front and made meetings with the people from the area. In this meeting, Husraw and Omar said they wouldn’t support the Ottoman Empire. Suleyman Askeri aimed to reveal which tribes support the British in that meeting.

While Mehmet was planning to leave the chest in Baghdad he faces an unexpected situation. Mehmet hides in a chest that supposed to go to the tribes. The troop that takes the letters sets out. Cox learns that letters will be taken to the tribes and Cox makes a move to seize them. The troop that Mehmet is in is also gets attacked on the road. All the soldiers die other than Mehmet and Said. However, Mehmet manages to escape. He takes the letters and goes away from there. Suleyman Askeri, who receives the news of the raid, starts to think about Mehmet and the fate of the letters. Mehmet passes out in the desert with the letters because of his wound. He comes across Zeynep who he sees in his dreams. And Suleyman Askeri learns where Mehmet is and goes to Zeynep’s tent in the desert. Mehmet joins the organizatiın by swearing an oath. Mehmet, who managed to save the letter even though he was wounded but passed out in the desert, is shocked by seeing Zeynep in front of his face. Mehmet, who got better thanks to Efsa Grandma’s ointments and built a strong bond with Zeynep, will he tell his emotions to her?

Suleyman Askeri faces with Mehmet after a long period of watching him in the Zeynep and her grandma’s tent who work for the secret organization. Askeri before he gives an important duty to Mehmet, he makes him swear to enter the organization. Mehmet who has achieved all his dreams in a moment, the challenging process has now begun for him. Askeri, who exposed all the traitors and took Casım’s life, loses Cox in his hands. But now, he has a more important duty. He will go to the Rota area and stop the British Army’s movement to Baghdad according to a telegram which came from Enver Pasha. Osmancik battalion, who faced the British army in Rota, became successful after violent clashes but martyred a lot of soldiers. Suleyman Askeri got wounded in his leg, Captain Cemil was martyred while he has been fighting fearlessly.  Despite a large number of enemy soldiers, the Osmancik Battalion, who did not leave Rota to the British army, won the battle. Mehmet, Mawlid, and Niyazi were taken to the camp as captives at the end of the fight. Mehmet meets with Skopje, who Suleyman Askeri’s friend, and gives him a secret note from Askeri.

kutulamareCox played a game to Elizabeth who has come to make news about the prisoners. Cox, who put a few prisoners in his game, did not take into account is the fact that Mehmet from Istanbul was among the prisoners. Elizabeth is surprised when she sees Mehmet from Istanbul and she wants to get information about the camp from him. However, Skopje Mehmet gave an answer that no one expected, everyone including Captain Robert and Cox surprised. But why did Skopje do that? What is his real plan?

“Zeynep doesn’t give up.”

Zeynep, who did not give up on Mehmet and tried every way to save him, was impressed by the words of Musab who sent by Cox’s plan, talked to Husrav Bey so he could convince Suleyman Askeri Bey about the exchange. Despite the efforts of Husraw Bey, the exchange issue was closed and Zeynep was once again disappointed. Zeynep, who is trying to find a way in pain, once again surprised by the soldiers came to the bakery.Everything starts to fit together. Skopje Mehmet figures the Indian doctor’s message who is a member of the secret organization, he learns the prisoners will be transported to India three days later. But he is desperate behind the wire fences…

“Said doubts on Musab.”

Said, who is bored of working in the bakery and goes to headquarters to ask for another duty, meets with Musab. Musab came to drug Victoria’s food. However, because he did not expect to meet Said, he tells the lie that he will meet with Commander Shefik and he is forced to enter the commander’s room. Said, on the other hand, was jealous and even suspicious that Musab was taking secret duties. He starts to follow Musab from the headquarters. With a razor blade and a rebellion at the right time, Skopje manages to escape from the camp and finds himself on a difficult journey. Skopje, who hides in Captain Robert’s vehicle, manages to stop the vehicle and kill the soldiers and wounds the captain. He should reach Kut now and do what is necessary before the transfer takes place. So, will he get to the city on time? The British commander Alfred realized that the rebellion was planned. However what he does not know is that not someone outside has entered the camp, someone from the camp has escaped. Intervals starting after Skopje’s escape do not yield results. Skopje has already reached the city of Kut.

After Victoria’s escape, Captain Sefik, who was very disappointed, ordered to search all over the city. Runaway spy Victoria must be found. Although Shamil Sergeant and the soldiers accompanying him search all over the city, they cannot find a trace. Until they enter Sheriff Neccar’s house. Neccar planned something with his man Mahdum. Shamil comes face to face with Victoria, but the flash news that a woman escaped changes plans. Victoria survived at the last moment. And how long will Victoria survive this fugitive life? Neccar’s interest in her makes Victoria risk everything. Skopje manages to reach the city. When he reaches the district governor’s office, he experiences moments full of emotion. A long-time prisoner Skopje understands the value of freedom when he sees the freely floating Turkish flag. After the arrival of the encrypted message Shefik, who understands that Skopje Ali has become free, experiences great happiness. Two old friends reunite. But the real struggle has now begun. Skopje survived. And the others? The prisoner Turkish soldiers did not have much time left.

mehmetic with englishCox, who learned Skopje Ali’s attack plan, told General Barrett the situation but failed to stop the transfer of prisoners to India. Instead of that, he set up a trap for the Turkish soldiers who came to the rescue, but this trap unexpectedly turned against him. The Osmancik Battalion led by Skopje manages to rescue the prisoners. The question is how Skopje survived this trap. Rescued prisoners should reach Kut city. However, Cox arrives at the raid area and sees his trap was broken and he wants to stop them before the prisoners reach the city.

“The seed of doubt planted in Victoria’s mind is growing.”

Cox promised that Sheriff Neccar would marry Victoria to avoid losing his loyalty. But he is confident that Victoria will not look warm to this marriage. And he plays a game. When he reports Victoria to the hands of Skopje, Sheriff Neccar goes crazy. His enmity to the Turks and his loyalty to Cox have been multiplied. However, Skopje Ali realized that there was a game under this tip. Victoria shocked when Skopje shares his suspicion, will she believe Cox has reported her?

“Enemy troops crumble.” Skopje, who questioned the order that he has given and went to Ahvaz instead of Shuayb, destroyed the British patrol and had to make a statement to Captain Shefik. Will the plan of Skopje, whose aim is to destroy enemy troops in pieces, go as he wishes? “Captain Shefik and Lieutenant Ali fall out.” What kind of result is awaiting for Skopje who didn’t follow Captain Shefik’s orders? What will be the reflection of this move on the British headquarters? Will the enemy fortification unit who is gathering information for the operation plan achieve its goal? What’s the big surprise awaits Cox about Victoria? “Say goodbye to the flag or goodbye to your life for the flag.”Skopje and his soldiers attacked to destroy the British pioneer unit and seize important information. This attack will be more bloody than they expected. However, Skopje who takes the changes regardlessly to take the bag and destroy the troop, he will be shaken because of the martyrdom of one of his soldier… Which soldier will be the martyred?“Cox is cornered.”Cox, who was shocked by the return of Victoria, sees Victoria as a time bomb. He knows that if she meets Neccar, she will ruin everything. Cox will need to find a permanent solution for Victoria. What will be the solution?

“Shefik is on the verge of a big mistake.”

While Cox seeks a permanent solution for Victoria, he pursues Skopje, who has caused him great harm. The plan which he made for him could turn into a disaster in the hands of Shefik. Will Sefik fall into Cox’s net? “Can Zeynep and Mehmet come together?” As the war continues at full speed, a burgeoning love story is about to end. Mehmet asked to marry Zeynep from her grandmother but he could not find the answer he had hoped for. So, why did Efsa grandma say no to Mehmet? “Cox shares the same fate with Skopje.” His disagreements with General Barrett led Cox to prison. Will Cox wait tied up in the most important moments of the war?“Shefik goes after Skopje Ali.” Ali, who was arrested for not obeying the order and seizing State-owned weapons, managed to escape from prison with the help of Mehmet and Said. But this makes Shefik even angrier. Things are out of hand. Skopje Ali is a fugitive now. Skopje, who has to leave as soon as possible, someone he does not know reaches him to help. But who is this stranger who helps Skopje when he never expects it? “Two enemies face to face.” The disagreement that he had with Captain Shefik reached the treachery level has made Skopje’s job more difficult. With the help of Sheriff Neccar, Cox succeeds in capturing Skopje. So, what’s the point of Cox? How will Skopje escape from the Cox as a result of this great encounter?

“Will my brother bloodshed?”

Shamil sergeants and soldiers come to the tent to capture Commander Ali and the soldiers who escaped with him with information from Husraw Bey. However, Skopje wasn’t in the tent. Mehmet and his companions do not intend to surrender. Will this encounter conclude without bloodshed? “What is Skopje’s big plan?”Suleyman Askeri will set out with his army. The great war is very close now. Skopje and his companions must fulfill a very important task. So what is this task?“Husraw Bey’s exam.” Husraw Bey, whose sons are declared traitors, is facing with great pain. Husraw Bey, who confronted Commander Shefik, will he be able to handle this discussion? “Skopje creeps in British headquarters.” Skopje, who did not give up despite being declared a traitor, will gather information for Suleyman Askeri’s battle of Shaybe. The information needed is in the scorpion’s nest. Skopje manages to creep in the British headquarters by using the vehicles he seized. But how will the Skopje, who came to face to face with Cox in General Barrett’s room, get out of there? “Will Shefik lead the army into a trap?” Seeing photographs of Skopje and Cox together, Shefik declared Skopje and his companions as traitors. The main test for Shefik will be the battle of Shaybe. Skopje learned the operational plan at the British headquarters. If Shefik does not change his decision, the army will be drawn into a big trap. Will Skopje be able to pass this vital information to Shefik?

“Will Cox catch Skopje?”

General Barrett’s poisoning leads to tension between Robert and Cox. Robert thinks Cox poisoned the General. Cox tries to find out who did it because he’s sure he didn’t do it. More importantly, why did these people creep in here? Is the action plan in danger? Can Cox prevent valuable information from leaking out? “Shaybe’s secrets are coming to light.” Reaching the British army’s operational plan by creeping in the British headquarters, Skopje conveyed this valuable information to Captain Shefik. However, what is happening between them continues the tension between the two. Will Shefik put aside his problems with Skopje and rely on him? “Will Cox stop Skopje?” Cox, who could not prevent Skopje’s learning of the operation plan, could he prevent this information from reaching Shefik? Otherwise, for Cox, whose plans will be wasted, this can lead to irreversible disasters. He should take a precaution and prevent this plan from being implemented. So, what’s Cox’s plan? “A turning point for Mehmet and Zeynep.” Despite the difficulties, Mehmet, who didn’t give up on Zeynep, is on the verge of making an important decision. This decision will bring him a burden for a lifetime. What is Mehmet’s important decision?

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