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Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 22 Summary

In Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 22, Rati sees that the villagers have caught Alparslan and goes to the village to kill him. Turkish soldiers suddenly surround Rati’s men. Alparslan saves his life because he learned Rati’s plan thanks to Alpagut. Rati attacks Alparslan. Kekaumenos finds a message hidden in the saddle of his horse and tries to read it. Alpagut says that he will clean the blood on this paper. Evdokya sees her uncle returning to the castle and is happy. Diogenes begins to think that the Lord wasn’t hunting. Karaca thinks that Akca will die soon and continues to wait insidiously. Alparslan wounds Ivan in battle, but Rati cuts his wrist. Rati immediately retreats to save his brother’s life. Ferzat continues to treat Dukas’ wounds and thinks about who he is.

Alpagut learns that the message written on the paper is about Akca, but does not tell this to the Lord. While Diogenes asks the Lord to calm down, Rati brings Ivan to the castle. Ivan calls the doctors and tells them that there is a traitor in the castle. Lord asks Rati to calm down and says he will help him. Afsin is badly wounded in the war. Alparslan returns to the tribe to save his friend. Sultan learns of Caghri’s agreement with the Lord and congratulates him. Tughrul says that thanks to this agreement, they can easily enter Anatolia. Akinay tells Akca that she is angry and asks her to bring Alpagut to the tribe. Akca says she will do this and asks Akinay for some time. Akca sees that Alparslan’s wrist is injured and asks him to talk to the doctor. Alparslan asks Akca to calm down and goes to talk to his father.

Nestor finds a dead Byzantine soldier and brings him to the castle. Alpagut says that this soldier died while hunting, but Diogenes realizes that he was lying. Akinay says that the wound on Alparslan’s wrist is very bad and that he should be treated by a good doctor as soon as possible. Alparslan says he will learn the location of the secret tunnels near Vaspurakan from the Lord. While Tughrul and Caghri are talking about Alparslan’s wedding, Akca comes and says that it is very difficult for him to use a sword anymore. Alparslan hears what Akca is saying and leaves the tribe. Karaca thinks that Suleiman has told all the truth to his father and begins to feel worse and worse. Alparslan tries to shoot arrows in the forest for a while but fails. Alparslan asks Allah for help. Akca asks Alparslan to be calm and says she will always help him.

Ferzat secretly sends a message to Yinal and asks him to come to the forest. Sultan talks to Alparslan and says that he will command the whole army in the future. Alpagut tells Akca about the paper someone gave to the Lord. Akca realizes that Karaca wrote this message. Afsin sees an old man in his dream and drinks the water given by him. Afsin learns that this man is one of the first Turkish poets. Alparslan goes out before sunrise the next morning and watches the tribe. Hassan talks to Alparslan to improve his morale and reminds him of some verses. Yinal goes to the forest and finds the secret place where Ferzat is staying. Ferzat asks Yinal for a sword, money, and a safer place to keep the secret. Diogenes asks the Lord many questions but gets no answer. Kekaumenos asks Diogenes not to ask questions anymore and just to trust.

Alparslan goes to the headquarters and sends a message to Diogenes. Akca goes to Karaca’s tent and tells her that she knows everything. Karaca first denies everything, but then starts begging Akca. Sultan talks to Biruni and gets information about his recent scientific studies. Kekaumenos exits the castle using a secret tunnel, but Rati begins to follow him secretly. Alparslan says he wants to know the location of the secret tunnels, but the Lord tells him that it is a legend. When Kekaumenos leaves the headquarters, Rati attacks him, but Alparslan saves his life. Kekaumenos says he can no longer go to the castle and goes to the tribe with Alparslan. When Karaca returns to her tent, she notices the blood on her dress and realizes that she has lost her baby.

Diogenes asks Rati to calm down and starts looking for the paper of the agreement to prove the Lord’s treachery. Diogenes first asks Evdokya about the Lord, but he says he knows nothing. Diogenes sees the piece of paper under the throne and takes it after Evdokya leaves the room. Yinal goes to Ferzat’s hiding place and sees that Dukas is still alive. Ferzat says that they will get the support of the emperor by using Dukas. Akinay sees her son coming to the tribe and begins to wait for an appropriate time to talk to him. Lord talks to Caghri and says he will show him the tunnel. Biruni tries to treat Alparslan’s wound and gives him a chemical to use in the tunnel. Diogenes calms Rati and tells him that the Lord will soon go to Ani with Alparslan.

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Rati agrees to set a trap in Ani. When the lord begins to sleep, Alpagut comes out of his tent and begins to talk to his mother years later. Alpagut apologizes to Akinay many times and tells her why he did not come to the tribe. Kekaumenos wakes up and starts looking for Alpagut. Lord learns that Akca will marry Alparslan soon and starts to think that she is a traitor. Akca says she did everything to get more information. The next day, Alparslan goes to the secret tunnels with Kekaumenos and begins to hide war materials there. Diogenes realizes that the Lord is helping the Turks and he brings explosives to blow up the tunnels. Kekaumenos enters the tunnel to warn Alparslan, but the chemical prepared by Biruni affects him so much that he cannot speak. A short time later, the explosives set by Diogenes explode, and the Turks are trapped in the tunnels.

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Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 22 English Subtitles HD 1080

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 22 Urdu Subtitles HD 1080


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