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Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 33 Summary

In Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 33, Suleiman says he wants to check the gifts brought for the wedding. Alparslan learns that the prisoner is awake and immediately goes to question him. Arslan talks to this assassin beforehand and convinces him to lie. The assassin says that he came to the castle to kill Seferiye and that he got this order from Yinal. Yinal tells that the assassin lied and he is innocent. The prisoner dies shortly after. Alparslan says he will do detailed research and sends Yinal to his room. Arslan wants Yinal to be guilty and to be punished as soon as possible. Arslan then goes to the courtyard and makes a new plan. Gulce tries to enter her sister’s room, but the guards do not allow her. Alparslan comes to Seferiye’s room while she is trying to calm her sister.

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Alparslan lets Gulce into the room and tells Seferiye what the assassin said. Oke goes to her husband’s room and says she will save him no matter what. Yinal blames his wife but accepts her help. Although Gevher knows that Yinal is innocent, she does not tell the truth to anyone because she is angry with Oke. Grigor says that Razen is working for Alparslan. Razen tries to deny all the accusations but the Lord stops him. Grigor says that Razen will now work for Byzantine. Alparslan tells Seferiye that he will go to Bukara to find the man who made the bow. Hassan says he still does not understand why the Lord gave valuable books to the Turks. Seferiye tells she will go to Bukhara with Alparslan. Alparslan first asks his wife to stay in the castle, but then he lets her come.

Before leaving, Alparslan talks to Yinal and says that he will reveal all the truth soon. Yinal gets angry with Alparslan but cannot change his decision. Tughrul wanders the streets of Baghdad and talks to some beggars. Meanwhile, some bandits come and ask the merchants for money. The Sultan hides who he is and punishes the bandits. Oke goes to Bukhara before Alparslan and starts looking for the blacksmith who made the bow. Grigor learns that the assassin blamed Yinal and is very surprised. Grigor hears that Alparslan has arrested Yinal and is even happier. Oke finds the blacksmith Husrev and immediately sets out to take him to Vaspurakan. Some Karakhanid soldiers attack Oke. Alparslan comes at the last moment and saves Oke. Yusuf goes to Bukhara before everyone else and talks to the blacksmith.

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The blacksmith does what Yusuf wants and says that Yinal gave the order for the assassination. Oke gets very angry and kills the blacksmith. The leaders of the bandits in Baghdad go to talk to Tughrul. Tughrul asks these men why they are persecuting the people. The bandits do not recognize Tughrul and start saying bad things about the Seljuk Sultan. Tughrul says he is the leader of the Turks and executes the bandits in his tent. Caghri learns what the blacksmith said and starts looking for a way to reveal the truth. Alparslan says that Yinal will now stay in the dungeon and the real culprit will be revealed after a short while. Yusuf wants Yinal to be executed after the blacksmith’s death. Alparslan calms Yusuf down and says that the Sultan’s order will come to the castle soon. Gevher can’t take it anymore and tells Alparslan the truth about Yinal. Yinal thinks that Yusuf has made this plan and gets angry with Oke.

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Alparslan goes to Yinal’s room that night and says he wants to talk to him alone. Alparslan asks Yinal to go to the dungeon and tells him his secret plan. Batur returns to the castle and begins to tell Caghri what he learned during his mission. Yusuf hears that Grigor’s daughter is going to Ani soon. Oke sees Yinal going to the dungeon and says she will help him escape. Alparslan goes to his room and talks to Seferiye. Batur then talks to Akinay to make up for the small wound on his hand. Alpagut begins to eavesdrop on the rooms in Ani and learns that Grigor is responsible for the assassination. Yusuf realizes that Yinal will run away and gives an order to his men to kill him in the forest. Yusuf goes to the dungeon and thinks that Oke has kidnapped Yinal. After leaving the castle, Yinal sees the attackers in the forest.

Alparslan notices the attackers in the forest and immediately takes action to stop them. While Alparslan is fighting the attackers, Yinal escapes from there and goes to Ani. Yinal says he has nowhere to go and asks Grigor for help to seize the throne. Oke says her husband is innocent and it is perfectly normal for him to run away to Ani. Yusuf says he has nothing to do with the attackers in the forest. Oke then goes to Zeren’s room and asks her to get more information about Yusuf. Alpagut begins to secretly watch the throne room. Grigor thinks for a while about Yinal’s offer and accepts it. Yusuf makes a plan to seize Yinal and immediately changes his clothes. Zeren realizes that Yusuf will kidnap Grigor’s daughter and immediately tells Oke about it. Oke realizes that her husband’s life is in danger and immediately tells Suleiman about this information.

While Alparslan is moving towards Ani, Suleiman comes and stops him. Suleiman tells Alparslan about Yusuf’s treacherous plan. As Grigor’s daughter Flora is on her way to the castle, a beggar stops the carriage. Flora gives money to the beggar and begins to listen to him. This beggar is Yusuf and he takes Flora hostage. Byzantine soldiers begin to follow Yusuf. Alparslan finds the carriage and learns that Flora has been kidnapped. Flora manages to escape from Yusuf shortly after. Suleiman sees Flora but does not realize that she is the Lord’s daughter. Grigor learns that Yusuf kidnapped Flora and agrees to deliver Yinal to save his daughter’s life. Yusuf catches Flora again and begins to wait for the Lord with her. Alexander meets Alparslan but does not believe what he says. Yusuf asks Grigor to kill Yinal. Alparslan shouts to the Lord to stop.

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