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Barbaros Hayreddin Episode Summary

In Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 5, Charles says he will kill Henry to stop Hayreddin. Francois gives up killing Charles to save his son’s life and asks Hayreddin to stop. Dervish arrives when Hayreddin is about to kill Charles. Charles asks Francois to leave the League of Cognac and pay two million gold so that Henry can be freed. Charles then leaves Sardinia with his ship. Doria goes to the tavern and drinks before going to the palace. Francois tells Barbarossa why Henry is a prisoner and asks him for help. Hayreddin asks Francois not to end his alliance with the Ottomans and says that he will get Henry back soon. Hayreddin goes to Edirne in a short time and begins to tell the Sultan what happened in Sardinia.

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Sultan says that Francois should not unite with Charles. Hayreddin asks permission from the Sultan to kidnap Henry from the palace and sails toward Venice. Hayreddin asks Luna for a map of the palace. Luna says she will help Hayreddin. Juan notices that someone is using the pigeons on the roof and tells the matter to a lieutenant. Juan says that Batista secretly sent a letter somewhere. The Lieutenant thinks that what Juan said may be true and says that he should write an official report about it. Kandiyeli kills Juan and the lieutenant on the roof so that his identity is not revealed. As soon as Charles returns to the palace, he orders Henry to be sent to the north locker and questions Batista about his report. Batista says he will write in his report that Francois cheated in the duel. Charles likes what Batista has said and says that they will soon become good friends.

Dervish says it is very difficult to get inside after examining the plans of the castle. Hayreddin says he has to kidnap the child no matter what. Dervish notices a tunnel under the castle. Luna says there are poisonous mushrooms in this tunnel and that’s why no one uses it. Dervish sets out with Hayreddin to check this tunnel. Kandiyeli says that the corpses on the roof have been moved so that no one will understand anything. Salih immediately goes to the roof to retrieve Kandiyeli’s dagger. The lord begins to examine the bodies on the roof. The Major says Juan and the lieutenant killed each other. Batista says that these men killed each other, and Kandiyeli secretly takes his dagger, which he dropped on the ground. Lord asks Pedro to find another pigeon keeper. Dervish realizes that the tunnel inside the palace is very long that night and wants to go back.

Hayreddin says he has to go inside no matter what, but when he sees the guards coming, he starts to run away to the forest. The sentries begin to wander through the forest. Dervish kills one of the soldiers and then returns to Venice with Hayreddin. Salih says that thanks to the man Pedro will send, he can now send a letter more easily. Marcella tells that Doria has come to the tavern. Hayreddin says Doria will go to talk to Charles. Dervish says he will make a mask to enter the tunnel. Charles goes to the dungeon that night and tells Henry what happened to Francois. Dervish says that he will make a hose using animal intestines and that this will supply air to the mask that Hayreddin will use. Luna tells that Pedro’s cousin Simon will go to the palace soon. As Batista delivers a message to the King, he hears the Lord’s words.

The Lord says that forty barrels of gunpowder will soon come to the palace and then go to the border area. Salih immediately takes action to convey this information to Hayreddin. After talking to the butchers, Aydin starts walking with Hayreddin. The friends of the Rhodes knights begin to attack Hayreddin. Kemankes calls an astrologer to his mansion and asks him the best time to propose to Seyyare. Halime lies to the astrologer about Seyyare so that her son does not get married. Murat goes to the warehouse and says he wants to take lessons from Nazife. Yahya asks Nazife to be very careful and sends a spy to follow Murat. Dervish shows Hayreddin the mask and hose he produced. Hayreddin gets very excited and says this mask will work. Pedro brings the message written by Salih. Hayreddin says he will use barrels full of gunpowder and writes an answer to Salih.

Charles says that the Pope and a man from the Medici family will soon arrive at the palace. Aydin catches the gunpowder carriages on their way to the palace. Salih reads Hayreddin’s message and begins to wait for the explosion. Aydin says he came from the castle and manages to enter the palace. Hayreddin enters the tunnel full of poison gas using his mask. Aydin explodes the powder kegs and escapes from the palace. Charles wakes up and tries to figure out what’s going on. Salih hears the explosion and immediately takes action to save Henry. The Lord says that French bandits are responsible for this attack. Charles asks Doria to go to the courtyard and goes to check on the boy. Salih saves Henry from the cellar and delivers him to Hayreddin. Charles realizes that Henry has been kidnapped and sends his soldiers into the forest.

After Doria investigates the explosion, he says that there are spies in the palace. Francois goes to Luna’s house and begins to wait for Hayreddin’s return. The next day Charles invites Batista to write down what the Pope and Medici will say. Hayreddin gives Henry to Francois. Luna tells Barbarossa that the council of ten will hold a meeting soon and they will talk about Charles’ letter. Hayreddin makes a plan to enter this meeting and takes action that night. The Doge begins to read Charles’ letter and says that Alessandro Medici is the Duke of Florence. Charles also says that he is the Holy Roman Emperor with the permission of the Pope. Finally, Charles announces that Doria is about to attack Livorno. Hayreddin immediately leaves the meeting to inform Sultan, but Doge’s soldiers attack him. Kemankes proposes to Seyyare, but she does not accept it. After what Lorenzo says, Doge goes to Luna’s house and tries to arrest her.

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