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Barbaros Hayreddin Episode Summary

In Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 15, Hayreddin and his friends bury Aydin on the shore of the island. Dervish prays for Aydin. Hayreddin says he is sorry for losing his friend, but he will avenge him no matter what. Doria goes to talk to Pargali and says that Barbarossa will never accept the offer. Pargali says he knows that Hayreddin will not accept this offer. Doria says he killed Aydin and asks what his new mission is. Pargali asks Doria to kill Hayreddin. Kandiyeli says that he has sent a message to Salih. After checking the situation of Murat, Hayreddin learns that Seyyare has been kidnapped and immediately goes home. The palace doctor says that the Pope’s condition is very bad and that if the antidote does not come in time, he will die. Batista says there are still spies in the palace, but the Emperor denies this.

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Batista claims that Lomelino made this plan before he died. Charles wants to tell all the cardinals that the Pope is dead and they must make a new election. Hayreddin begins to investigate how his sister was kidnapped. Nazife says that Seyyare spoke to Luna last. Hayreddin asks all his family to stay at home and goes to talk to Luna. Luna talks to Pargali and says Barbarossa should not die. Pargali says he doesn’t need Hayreddin and that he can find the secret island without him. Doria says that Luna has a special friendship with Barbarossa. Isabelle feels guilty about what happened to the Pope. Charles says that the Pope betrayed God and all Christians. Isabella asks Charles to give the antidote to the doctor, but cannot persuade her husband. Chiev says the letters are ready to send to the Cardinals.

Luna says no banker will work for Pargali. Pargali prepares an order and asks the soldiers to bring Hayreddin to the palace. Batista learns that Doria has sent the document about the Pope to the King and changes his plan. Chiev begins to suspect Batista. Hayreddin talks to Marcella and asks her questions. Marcella denies everything and lies because she is afraid of Luzatto. A short time later, Luna arrives and says she doesn’t know anything about Seyyare. Batista starts talking to the Queen and says he is very sorry for the Pope. Batista says God will punish everyone. Isabella is terrified and tells that there is an antidote in the King’s closet. Nazife thinks that Sahsuvar has kidnapped Seyyare and immediately goes to Ayaz’s mansion. Batista sneaks out of the palace and attacks the carriage carrying the letters. One of the soldiers injures Batista in the shoulder but is unable to stop him.

Hayreddin receives the message from Pargali but says that he will never meet with Doria. Dervish warns Hayreddin and asks him to be very careful. Hayreddin asks Dervish to talk to Hunkar. Marcella is very sad about Aydin’s death and says she wants to go back home. Luna calms your friend down and tells her that she is not going anywhere. Nazife goes to the mansion and starts asking Sukufe questions. Sukufe denies everything and says she is innocent. Nazife goes out with Sukufe using her knife. Doria says he needs more men to fight Hayreddin. Luzatto asks Doria to bring his other ships. Doria says he can’t bring his ships from outside and sets off with Christopher to find the hired soldiers in Payitaht. Hayreddin guesses Doria’s plan and goes to talk to the mercenaries in the forest.

Dervish goes to talk to Yahya and tells him what Pargali did. Dervish says that Pargali is doing dangerous things and wants to talk to the Sultan about it. Yahya says he will not let anything bad happen to Hayreddin and takes action to talk to the Sultan. Sukufe realizes that something is wrong and wants to leave the carriage, but Nazife forcibly stops her. Chiev tells that a bandit stole the letters. Pargali learns that Hayreddin will not come to talk and asks Kemankes to catch him immediately. Doria and Christopher give a lot of money to the men in the forest. Hayreddin sees what Doria is doing from afar and goes to talk to the soldiers. Doria warns Hayreddin once again. Hayreddin cuts Christopher’s throat and takes off his jacket. Batista finds the antidote in the King’s chamber and secretly goes to talk to the doctor.

Nazife asks Sukufe where Seyyare is and then goes to talk to Sahsuvar. When the mercenaries see Hayreddin’s shirt, they give up working for Doria. When Hayreddin is about to kill Doria, Pargali’s envoy comes. Hayreddin agrees to go to the palace and says that he will punish Doria later. Dervish starts talking to Sahsuvar and asks her with whom she spoke secretly before. Sahsuvar confesses that she talked to Duke Pasi to save Sukufe. Dervish immediately goes to the Venetian embassy and starts asking questions. The new envoy offers a deal to inform Dervish. Dervish agrees that the Ottomans do not attack Venice and learns of the Duke’s connection to the Himera castle. The king asks Chiev to write a new letter. Meanwhile, Batista arrives and says that the Pope has opened his eyes.

Pargali holds a meeting with the Pashas and says Hayreddin should be executed. Hayreddin comes to the palace and says something to Ayaz. During the meeting, Ayaz objects to Pargali but cannot stop him. Pargali orders Hayreddin to be executed in the courtyard, but the Sultan stops everyone. Sultan says he trusts Hayreddin and tells them a plan to test Doria. Pargali agrees that Doria and Hayreddin attack Himera at the same time. Chiev sees the wound on Batista’s shoulder and realizes that he is a traitor. Hayreddin then goes home and asks his whole family to return to Algeria. Hayreddin says that a ship with long-range guns guards the castle and sets out to sea with his friends. Doria changes the range of the guns on Hayreddin’s ship. Hayreddin secretly sends a message to Murat. Luna tells Barbarossa about Doria’s plan. Hayreddin learns everything and sinks the enemy ship using the cannons on his deck.

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