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In Barbaroslar Episode 24, When Pablo is about to kill Khizir’s soldiers, Ottoman spies come and save them. Despite being injured, Pablo manages to escape. Gabriel tricks Ilyas and starts killing Ottoman soldiers. Ilyas realizes that he has made a big mistake and attacks Gabriel. Khizir realizes the mistake of Ilyas and sets off to Kelemez to talk to him. As the Venetian soldiers are about to take Ilyas to the ship, Meryem and the women begin to attack. Gabriel tells Oruj what he did in Kelemez. Oruj says that Khizir and Ilyas will be saved. Gabriel says that he has taken back his fleet and will now attack Levitha. Gabriel shows Oruj the sacred items on his ship and says that thanks to them, he will make Levitha Christian land. Oruj says that Gabriel will start a great war in the Mediterranean.

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Meryem finds Sahin and sees that he is injured. Sahin tells her where the attackers went. Meryem begins to follow the attackers and attacks one of them. Sahsenem is injured in her arm, but she manages to escape Meryem’s attack. Meryem and Isabel are very angry with Ilyas. Gabriel learns that Khizir escaped from the island and the soldiers were unable to catch Ilyas. Pasha gets angry with Ilyas for not getting Oruj. Pasha gives orders to Ilyas and tells him that he has to obey these orders. Pasha learns that Gabriel will attack Levitha and sends some soldiers there. After Meryem treated Sahin’s wound, she said that there was a traitor among them. A short time later, Khizir returns to Kelemez and immediately goes to the castle. Khizir gets angry with Ilyas for his actions and asks him to leave his post. Ilyas says that he did everything to save his brothers and that he cannot leave his duty.

When Khizir hears what Ilyas is saying, he gets even angrier and slaps him. Khizir says he will not talk to Ilyas anymore and leaves the castle with his family. Soldiers sent by Pasha go to Levitha, but Gabriel kills them in a short time. Khizir says that what Pasha did was very wrong and that the Ottoman State should do something now. Pasha learns that the soldiers he sent to Levitha have been killed and tells that he will bring ships for a big attack as soon as possible. Khizir asks Pasha not to attack Levitha and says they have to save Oruj first. Meryem says that the traitor who attacked Sahin is Sahsenem, but no one believes her. Khizir attacks the island to take back both Levitha and Oruj. Gabriel stops the Turks and says he will kill Oruj if anything happens on this island.

Khizir does not attack Gabriel so that Oruj does not die. Pasha says he will get Levitha back and doesn’t care about Oruj’s life. Sahbaz checks the money he earns from the casinos on the island and says that if Khizir plans something, he will inform Gabriel immediately. Khizir goes back to Kelemez and says they have to save Oruj first. Pasha says they have to get Levitha back immediately and objects to Khizir. Khizir once again argues with Ilyas and asks him to just obey Pasha’s orders. Oruj cuts their rope using a stone and tries to escape from the dungeon with Antuan. Gabriel learns that Oruj has fled towards the beach and sends all his soldiers to catch him. While Oruj is running towards the beach, an explosion occurs and Antuan is injured in his leg.

A short time later, Gabriel captures Antuan. Antuan asks Oruj to run away, but he does not leave his friend. Gabriel says he will punish the captives because of his dead soldiers. Isabel goes to the port and begins to watch the sea. Dervish asks Isabel to keep her hope and tells her that Oruj will return. Ilyas goes to the port and tries to talk to his friends. Gabriel orders Antuan to be crucified and asks Oruj to watch it. Gabriel then brings his holy goods and tells him that Levitha is now Christian land. Dervish then goes to talk to Khizir and asks him to keep working towards achieving the goal. Pasha learns that the ships he called for the attack will soon reach Kelemez. Khizir makes a plan that night and says he will save Oruj before Pasha’s attack.

Ilyas argues with Esma after the recent events. Oruj talks to Antuan and says they will get out of this dungeon together. Meryem goes to talk to Khizir and says that it was Sahsenem who attacked Sahin in the forest. Khizir says he will reveal all the truth soon. Meryem then argues with Sahsenem. Khizir calms everyone down and sends Sahsenem. Sahbaz talks to Sahsenem and realizes that she has not learned Khizir’s plan yet. Khizir has dinner with his family that night and says that Ilyas cannot enter this house without making up for his mistake. Piri says that they will go to the island before Pasha to save Oruj and that this plan is very dangerous. Pasha learns that the fleet he called for the attack has arrived in Kelemez and wants to launch an attack immediately, but Devish stops him. Dervish says Oruj will die if Pasha attacks the island. Pasha says he doesn’t care about Oruj’s life and will save the island no matter what.

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Khizir and his friends attack a Venetian ship. Khizir secretly goes to the island using this ship. Pasha sets out with his new ships. Sahbaz takes action to tell Gabriel about Khizir’s plan, but Sahin arrests him. Khizir kills the soldiers on the beach and starts searching the dungeon on the island. Pasha orders the cannons on all ships to be ready for firing. Gabriel sends an envoy to Pasha’s ship and tells him that Oruj will die. Pasha gets angry with the ambassador and starts the attack on the island. When Pierro realizes that the attack has begun, he takes Oruj to a hill. Pasha realizes that Oruj will be executed, but continues to attack. Gabriel returns to the castle to retrieve his father’s sword, but Khizir puts his sword around his neck.

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