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In Barbaroslar Episode 28, A great war begins in the port. While Oruj tries to protect Isabel, Khizir tries to catch Sahbaz. Sahbaz shoots Gabriel in the arm and continues to attack Oruj’s soldiers. Meryem says she will treat Isabel’s wound. Sahbaz then attacks Hamza and severely injures him. Piri and Khizir try to stop Sahbaz’s soldiers before they go to the castle. Meanwhile, Kemal Reis and his sailors arrive on the island. Piri is very happy to see his uncle and continues to fight. Sahbaz realizes that he cannot win this war and starts to flee toward the northern bay. Pasha’s assistant tells them that Sahbaz fled towards the west. Kemal gets angry with Oruj for not being able to secure the island and asks him what is going on. Kemal’s soldiers arrest Gabriel.

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Gabriel says he is innocent and came to this island for peace. The doctor tries to treat Sahin’s wound and says that his condition is not good at all. Sahin says he will die soon and wants to talk to Oruj. Sahin asks Oruj to catch Sahbaz and he dies shortly after. Kemal learns that Hamza died and immediately begins to investigate how the slaves got to the island. Dervish says he will hold a funeral for Sahin and asks Oruj to catch Sahbaz as soon as possible. Kemal orders Sahbaz to be caught as soon as possible. Khizir claims that Gabriel is also guilty. Gabriel says once again that he is innocent and asks Pasha to bring proof. Oruj’s sailors try to capture Sahbaz but fail. Kemal’s assistant says that Ilyas brought the slaves to the island.

Oruj says his brother is innocent, but Gabriel demands that he be executed. Kemal orders Ilyas to stay in the dungeon until Sahbaz is caught. Oruj and Khizir ask Kemal for some time to catch Sahbaz. Esma yells at Kemal because of the arrest of Ilyas, but Huma asks her to be respectful. Doge gets angry with Gabriel for not being able to capture Kelmez and thinks that the Turks will attack soon. Gabriel calms the Doge and tells him that Ilyas will be executed soon. Doge asks Gabriel to eliminate Sahbaz. Sahbaz sails to Modon with Pierro and begins to celebrate Ilyas’s execution early. Oruj tells Kemal that Sahbaz is going to Modon and asks him for time again. Isabel slowly opens her eyes. The doctor tells her that Isabel can no longer have a child because of her injury.

Isabel gets very upset and goes to the port. Huma gets very worried about Isabel and asks Oruj to talk to her. Oruj asks Isabel to rest. Isabel says she can’t have a child anymore and starts to cry. Oruj calms Isabel down and says everything will be alright. Khizir goes to the dungeon and starts asking Ilyas questions. Ilyas repeatedly says he is innocent and says that he bought the slaves on the island from a pirate named Daniel. Murat says they can find Daniel in Santorini. Khizir asks Ilyas to be patient and immediately sets out to find this pirate. Sahbaz and Pierro arrive in Modon, but Venetian soldiers arrest them. Gabriel says he must execute them. Sahbaz stops Gabriel and tells him about Daniel. Gabriel asks Sahabaz to kill Daniel and then go to Don Diego for protection against Turks.

Ilyas remembers what Oruj said before and regrets it very much. Oruj goes to the dungeon to visit Ilyas. Ilyas apologizes to his brother and says he is very sorry. Oruj asks Ilyas to calm down and says he will fix everything soon. Khizir arrives in Santorini with his friends and begins to think about how to find Daniel. Murat talks to a merchant and gets permission to enter an inn. Sahbaz and Pierro see Khizir enter the inn. When Murat is about to catch Daniel, the murderers hired by Sahbaz attack. Daniel flees into the forest to save his life. Khizir catches Daniel and asks him to confess everything. Daniel says that Sahbaz is guilty of what happened on the island, but one of the killers kills him. Sahbaz and Pierro set off for Jijel to save their lives.

Oruj’s sailors capture Pasha’s assistant and begin to question him. Khizir learns that Sahbaz is going to talk to Don Diego and sets off for northern Algeria. While Oruj is questioning this man, Pasha comes. Kemal asks Oruj to calm down and says he will not question this man. Esma goes to the dungeon and gives Ilyas a key to escape. Ilyas says he will not run away and trusts Oruj. Oruj learns that Daniel is dead, but wants to wait a little longer. Murat says Don Diego is a very dangerous man. Ilyas learns that Daniel has died and is very worried. Dervish talks to Kemal and asks him what he is trying to do. Kemal says he knows that Ilyas is innocent, but he has nothing else to do about it. Ilyas escapes from the dungeon that night and starts looking for Pasha’s assistant.

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Kemal learns that Ilyas escaped from the dungeon and asks the soldiers to catch him immediately. Mesih says that Ilyas is now definitely guilty. Meanwhile, Ilyas catches Pasha’s assistant and tries to make him talk. Sahbaz and Pierro reach Jijel. Khizir says he has to catch Sahbaz before he reaches Don Diego. Mesih learns what Ilyas has done and says that he will catch him immediately. Huma gets angry with Esma for provoking Ilyas and asks her to stay away for a while. Oruj’s sailors find Ilyas in the forest and ask him to surrender immediately. Ilyas says he will reveal all the truth, and when he sees Mesih approaching, he runs away. Khizir attacks Don Diego’s soldiers and captures Sahbaz with the help of Kemal’s sailors. Oruj starts looking for Ilyas on the island. While Ilyas is talking to the soldiers, Mesih comes and shoots at him. Oruj finds Ilyas injured and tries to save him.

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