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Kurulus Osman Episode 105 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 106, Cerkutay and the soldiers bring the loot from the castle to the courtyard. Bayindir is very happy when he sees the loot and begins to share the gold. Turgut is very angry with Bayindir and asks him to return to the market. Bayindir leaves the castle in order not to argue with Turgut. Malhun sends her sons to another castle and starts to think about Osman. Osman goes to a place in the forest alone and meets a spy there. Gurbuz shows Osman the map he prepared. As Bayindir returns to the city, the Vikings attack him. Frigg says Olof wants to talk to Bayindir and takes him to a secret place in the forest. While Osman is examining the map, some Byzantine soldiers come and attack them. After Osman kills the soldiers, he sets off for the castle with Gurbuz.

Bengi says that Osman is doing secret business and tries to provoke Oktem. Meanwhile, Aktemur comes and says that Osman invited Oktem to the castle. Oktem realizes that Osman has secretly captured the castle and sets out with his family to talk to him. Olof offers Bayindir to form an alliance. Bayindir says that he has earned a lot of gold because of what Osman has done and that he is not thinking of leaving him. Olof gives Bayindir a sack of gold and asks him to consider this alliance offer. Turgut looks at the throne in the castle and wants to own it. Oktem sees Bayindir on the way to the castle. Bayindir realizes that Osman is going to celebrate and gets very angry because he is not invited. Bayindir says he will take revenge on Osman and goes to the market.

Osman comes to the castle while Turgut is talking to Kantakuzenos. Osman likes the flags in the castle and asks where Bayindir is. Turgut says he sent Bayindir to the city because he was talking about the loot. Bayindir sends a letter to Konya to take revenge on Osman and plans to accept Olof’s offer. The people in the castle come to talk to Osman. Osman says that everyone in the castle will live freely and that he will announce the new ruler of the castle soon. Valide Sultan reads Bayindir’s letter and believes Osman is a rebel. Osman starts to eat with everyone who comes to the castle that night and says that he will announce the new manager soon. Sheikh prays. Olof performs a ritual that night with his soldiers. Bayindir goes to talk to Olof and says he will accept his offer. Olof is very happy about this and asks Bayindir to gather information about Osman.

Alcicek secretly talks to Aktemur during the meal and asks him to come to the tree near the tribe. The Turks dance that night and begin to celebrate the conquest of the castle. Osman goes to the throne room after dinner and starts talking to himself. Osman thinks about the future and is very afraid. Sheikh comes and starts talking to Osman. Sheikh gives advice to Osman and asks him to stay calm. The next day, Bayindir looks at the gold he got from Olof and is very happy. Bengi says Osman has a secret plan and tries to provoke Oktem again. Oktem tries to understand why Osman did not invite Bayindir to celebrate. Osman looks at his new map and starts explaining his plan to his friends. Osman says that he will secretly prepare for an attack and that they will attack Kopruhisar soon. Osman says he will hold a meeting later and will announce the new ruler of the castle.

Osman talks to Remus before the meeting and asks him to tell all the facts to the Emperor. Bayindir secretly listens to the conversation of the employees in the mansion and learns that Osman will attack Kopruhisar soon. Osman then starts the meeting. Osman first calls Bayindir and gives him some of the loot they won from the castle. While Bayindir is trying to thank him, Osman gives him his sword. Osman continues to speak and says that the new ruler of the castle is Oktem. Turgut objects to this decision and says that he deserves the castle. Osman tells what Oktem did and says that he deserves the castle. Bayindir’s spy tells Olof about Osman’s plan. Olof says he has to catch Remus before stopping Osman and takes action immediately. Osman ends the meeting shortly after.

Turgut gets very angry after the meeting and argues with Bayindir. Turgut then quickly leaves the mansion and goes to his tribe. Oktem goes to the market after the meeting and tells his wife about his new mission. Bengi is very happy about this and starts to think that Osman finally made the right decision. Bengi later says that Aktemur is trying to get close to Alcicek, but Oktem is very happy about this and says that he is a very good boy. Aktemur goes to talk to Alcicek. Alcicek first asks questions and then confesses that she loves Aktemur. Aktemur is very happy and says that he will not give up on his decision no matter what. Osman wants to make an expedition and goes to a place close to Kopruhisar with his soldiers. Osman asks why Turgut did not come. Boran says he doesn’t know where Turgut is.

Osman says Turgut’s decision was wrong but does not do anything about it. Turgut says that he will not support Osman from now on and that he will continue to attack the infidels alone if necessary. Olof attacks while Remus is on his way to Constantinople. Olof soon catches up with the commander and takes him to his secret base. Ismihan Sultan comes to the city after a while and asks where Osman is. Malhun says she doesn’t know where her husband is. Sultan says that she does not like what Osman is doing and calls Kantakuzenos. After speaking with the prince for a short time, the Sultan releases him. While Osman is scouting around the castle, the Vikings attack him. Osman returns to the city after stopping these attackers. Osman learns that Sultan released Kantakuzenos and gets very angry. Sultan says that Osman has been acting like a rebel lately. Osman says he is the only power on the border.

Kurulus Osman Episode 106 (Season 4 Episode 8) with English, Urdu & Spanish Subtitles

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