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Kurulus Osman Episode 106 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 107, Osman holds a meeting with his family in his mansion. Malhun says Ismihan is a dangerous woman. Osman says they will continue the preparations for the attack secretly and asks Malhun to bring gifts to the Sultan. Konur goes to Inegol and asks Turgut to send the catapults to Osman. Turgut says that what Osman has done lately is very wrong and he wants to think about sending the catapults for a while. Osman then sets out with Bala to go to the secret headquarters. The Sultan meets with Kantakuzenos in a secret place in the forest. Kantakuzenos says he has seized the Byzantine throne and asks what the Sultan’s plan is. Sultan says that they will stop Osman in a short time and Kantakuzenos will soon become emperor. Osman’s spy is caught trying to eavesdrop on the Sultan.

Bayindir meets with Olof and tells him that Osman will attack somewhere soon. Bayindir asks Olof to be patient and tells him that he will bring him important information soon. Olof says that the Sultan should give Marmaracik to the Vikings. The soldiers in the headquarters think about what Turgut said and start to worry. Sultan goes to Inegol and starts talking to Turgut. Turgut says he will not harm Osman. Sultan says Turgut is very valuable and asks him to work for the Seljuks. Osman realizes that the catapults did not come and says that Turgut made a big mistake. Bayindir realizes that Aktemur is getting closer to Alcicek and takes action to stop him. Bayindir talks to Bengi and says he wants to marry Alcicek. When Bengi hears this offer, she is very surprised and says she will convince Oktem. Kantakuzenos goes to talk to Olof and asks him to become a Christian.

Olof takes some time to consider this proposal. A short time later, Turgut comes to the headquarters with the catapults. The Sultan calls Marta to the mansion and says she knows she is a spy. Sultan continues talking and asks Marta to work for her. Marta accepts this offer to destroy the Turks. Malhun comes to the mansion with her gifts and starts talking to the Sultan. Turgut gives the catapults to Osman and says he made a mistake about Marmaracik. Osman once again says that the decision he made was right and that Turgut’s decision was wrong. Turgut can’t take it anymore and returns to Inegol. After what Alcicek said to Bayindir, she immediately calls Aktemur. Aktemur realizes that he has to act instantly and goes to talk to Osman with Alcicek.

Aktemur tells his uncle that Bayindir wants to marry Alcicek and asks him for help. Osman realizes Bayindir’s secret plan and says he will talk to Oktem about it as soon as possible. Bayindir learns the location of Osman’s secret headquarters and tells this to the Sultan immediately. Bayindir says he wants to marry Oktem’s daughter and asks the Sultan for help. Osman returns to the city and asks Malhun to get ready. Aisha gets angry when she finds out that her son is talking to Osman. Aktemur changes his mother’s decision, albeit hard. Bengi starts to argue with Oktem and asks him to give Alcicek to Bayindir. While Oktem is arguing with his wife, the Sultan comes to the castle. Hearing what Sultan said, Oktem starts to change his mind and allows Alcicek to marry Bayindir. A short time later, Osman comes to the castle and learns what happened. Osman says that Oktem’s decision was wrong and that he will fix this situation as soon as possible.

Alcicek plans to escape with Aktemur and asks him to go to the forest the next day. Bayindir’s spy tells Olof the location of Osman’s headquarters and asks him to make an attack. Olof accepts Sultan’s attack plan and begins to prepare his soldiers. Sultan makes a plan to disturb the peace of Osman’s family and says that she will invite them to dinner at the inn. Sultan then starts to eat with Sheikh. Sheikh asks Sultan to be careful and warns her. Alcicek secretly prepares to escape from the castle, but her mother sees her. Bengi sends a message to Bayindir and asks him to stop Aktemur. Osman makes a plan to attack the castle and tells it to his soldiers. Boran is prepared to damage the castle walls with catapults.

Olof watches the headquarters from afar and says that he will make a big attack that night. Alcicek goes to the forest and begins to wait for Aktemur. Osman says he will go to talk to Sultan, and when he returns, they will attack the castle immediately. Bala says she wants to stay at headquarters. Osman gives permission to his wife and thinks she will protect the headquarters. While Aktemur is going to the forest, Bayindir catches him and knocks him out. Alcicek starts to worry more and more. After a while, Bengi comes and asks her daughter to come back. Alcicek says she loves Aktemur very much. Bengi continues to speak and says Aktemur will never come. Alcicek believes her mother’s words and agrees to return to the castle. Osman goes to the inn with his family that night. The Sultan welcomes her guests and says that she has prepared a lot of gifts for them.

The Sultan says that the decisions made by the palace are always to protect the Turks living in the border region. Osman reads the letter that Andronikos sent to Aladdin. Sultan says once again that she is right and starts giving gifts. Aladdin and Orhan are very happy when they see the gifts. Kantakuzenos thinks he has taken the throne and says he will destroy all the Turks soon. Alcicek cries for a long time that night and tells her mother that she has agreed to marry Bayindir. As Bala prepares the soldiers for the big attack, Olof starts attacking with flaming arrows. Catapults start to burn. Sultan says she wants to establish peace in the border region. As Bala is about to kill Marta, Olof arrives and captures her. Turgut comes to the inn and says he will work with Ismihan now. Osman says once again that Turgut made a mistake. Meanwhile, a soldier of the Sultan comes and says that someone attacked the Turks near the castle. Osman gets very angry and says only he will give orders from now on.

Kurulus Osman Episode 107 (Season 4 Episode 9) with English, Urdu & Spanish Subtitles

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