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Kurulus Osman Episode 114 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 114, Ismihan calls Alcicek and says she wants to help her. Alcicek says it’s too late for everything now, but Ismihan says it’s not hard to convince Aktemur. After a short time, Bengi comes and asks what is going on. Ismihan says that she has changed her mind about Alcicek and that she will marry Aktemur as soon as possible. Bengi objects to this decision. Ismihan says that thanks to Alcicek’s marriage, Bengi will control the Kayi tribe. Osman says that the conquests will continue and he will attack Kopruhisar as soon as possible. Osman asks Cerkutay to enter the city like a spy and to set up a secret headquarters from Konur. The soldiers leave the tent after listening to their mission. Osman then asks his sons to go to Mesut and bring him food. Shopivor provides a wide range of products from Women Clothes to Baby, Kids Toys, Shoes, , Home Improvements, Electronics, Kitchen and dinning and much more. Enjoy quality products, unbeatable prices, and fast delivery – all from the comfort of your home

Ismihan asks Avci to find Mesut and goes to the tribe to talk to Osman. Osman asks his soldiers to calm down and begins to listen to Ismihan. Ismihan says that she convinced the Sultan to forgive Osman. Avci begins to follow Osman’s sons. Kumral finds Orhan with Mesut. Orhan says that he came on Osman’s order and that he will take Mesut to another place. Ismihan says it was right for Osman to kill Kantakuzenos. Osman invites Ismihan to his tent and continues to listen to her. Ismihan says she gave Yenisehir back to Osman. Osman rejects Ismihan’s offer because he says he never lost Yenisehir. Orhan asks Kumral to wear Mesut’s clothes.

Avci thinks that Kumral is Mesut and begins to follow him. Orhan wounds Avci in the forest and saves Mesut’s life. Ismihan says that she called some great Beys in Anatolia to hold a meeting and invites Osman as well. Osman says he will attend this meeting. Bala and Malhun prepare Ulgen for a new mission. Ismihan meets Bengi in the forest after her work in the tribe is finished. Ismihan retells her plans about the tribe and convinces Bengi. Bengi believes she can control the tribe in the future and says she will talk to Aisha as soon as possible. Sheikh invites Osman and Turgut to the lodge. Sheikh says there should be no problem between close friends and starts to tell a story. Orhan comes to the lodge after a while and says that he has completed the task given by his father. A Mongolian envoy comes to talk to Ismihan and says that the commander Nayman has given new orders.

The ambassador says that the Turks will pay more taxes and they should pay compensation for Samagar’s death. Ismihan stops the ambassador and says that he must speak at the meeting the next day. Bayindir asks what Ismihan’s plan is. Ismihan says that she will show everyone that Osman is a rebellious man by using the Mongolian ambassador. Bengi talks to her husband that night and says that Alcicek should marry Aktemur. Oktem says that he is still angry with Aktemur and that he no longer trusts him. Bengi says that they will control the Kayi tribe thanks to this marriage and convinces her husband. The next day, while Ismihan is getting ready for the meeting, Bayindir comes and says that he will not attend the meeting to get some work done.

Bengi goes to the tribe and apologizes to Aisha. Aisha says she will talk to Aktemur. Before Osman goes to Sogut, he stops his soldiers and asks them to be very careful during the meeting. Aktemur confesses to his mother that he still loves Alcicek and says he will talk to her once again. Osman comes to the inn and goes to the meeting room. Ismihan asks Osman to be patient and continues to wait for the other Beys. Semseddin, Bey of the Isfendiyarids, comes to the meeting and gives his gifts to Ismihan. Karesi Bey also attends the meeting and presents Ismihan with the sword he used in a war before. Finally, Yakup comes to the meeting and says that he brought three hundred horses for Ismihan. Osman sits down with his friends and begins to listen to other Beys. Ismihan says that a great danger is approaching and says that Nayman wants heavy compensation for Samagar’s death. Karesi tries to object to this situation, but Ismihan calms everyone down.

Karesi offers to pay Nayman’s money, but Osman refuses. The Emperor summons Olof and mentions the death of Kantakuzenos. Olof says he will not stop until he gets the Muslims out of Anatolia. The Emperor gives Olof a large army and asks him to act as soon as possible. Yakup says that Osman does not have enough power and soldiers. Osman says that the Beys at the meeting are not in a position to make a decision about the border area. Ismihan calls the Mongolian ambassador and begins to listen to him. The ambassador repeats Nayman’s wishes. Osman cuts off the ambassador’s head and says he will defend his homeland no matter what. The Beys at the meeting say that they do not want to fight against the Mongols. Aktemur talks to Alcicek once again and says he still wants to marry her. Ismihan says that other Beys will never support Osman.

Aisha conveys what Bengi said about Alcicek to Osman. Osman calls Aktemur and asks him again about marriage. Osman then sets out for Marmaracik with his whole family. Cerkutay and Ulgen go to an inn. Olof goes to a place close to Inegol with his new army. Bayindir says he will support Olof and even gives him a chest of gold. Osman asks all his soldiers to be very careful and goes to talk to Oktem. Olof starts fires in all the villages near Inegol. The soldiers in the castle come out to put out the fires and Olof takes this opportunity to attack. Osman says Aktemur wants to marry Alcicek and asks Oktem’s permission. Oktem allows young people to get married. Olof captures Inegol and puts his flags everywhere. Osman learns that Inegol has fallen and starts blaming Ismihan.

Kurulus Osman Episode 114 (Season 4 Episode 16) with English, Urdu & Spanish Subtitles

Watch or Download Kurulus Osman Episode 114 English Subtitles (Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 16), Kurulus Osman Episode 114 Urdu Subtitles. Kurulus Osman Episode 114 release date is expected in 25th January 2023.

Kurulus Osman Episode 114 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 114 Urdu Subtitles


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