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Kurulus Osman Episode 126 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 126, Your Osman Bey. does not even deserve our hate! Look at what you’ve done! Look at what you’ve caused! Your anger blinded you in such a way that you work with our enemy. Do you know how many brave men Nayman killed? -Enough!  -Mother Sultan. There’s someone who wants to see you. Mother Sultan. . . We’ve identified all places where Osman might be hiding at in the city of Konya. Each are being watched. I’m waiting to hear from them. So don’t worry. I will bring him to you as soon as possible.

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Find them immediately, Bayindir. They will continue to breathe until then. Can I come in? Come in. Mother Sultan, my Bey. We found Osman. Mother Sultan Hadrath, allow me to. bring that last traitor to you. If you come empty handed, Bayindir. I am going to put you in prison with them. I am going to hang them all in Konya square. No one will be able to. think about rebelling. Be quick Bayindir. Every breath they take harms us. Cavundur’s Bayindir. Try to trick me. and I will make you experience the greatest of pains! Alps!  

Bring a stretcher! Kumral Abdal!  Kara Ebe! Cerkutay? What happened? Gurbuz Alp! Alps!  Find Kumral Abdal quickly! Kara Ebe!  Kara Ebe! Kara Ebe! Help!  My brother is dying! Slowly. His wound looks deep, carry him inside quickly. We need to cauterize the wound. Oh Allah protect him. You are okay brother. Inside!  Quickly! -You will be okay!  -Stop Cerkutay. Stop. My time has come. No!  No! No, no! Give me your blessing. No!  You are going to eat more food with me! Not now, brother. I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except Allah. and I also bear witness that Mohammad is His servant and messenger. Am I dead? Wait.

It’s time for the questioning. I am really dead, the questioning has begun. Tell me, Gurbuz. Who is your Lord? Oh Allah, help me. Great Allah. Brother Gurbuz. what’s your religion? My religion is Islam. I am sorry. You look familiar. And I don’t feel dead. Is this how dead people see others? This is just a disguise. Now, you are going to answer for the apples you stole from Cerkutay. Apples? Apples?  What apples? Cerkutay gave me his blessing. Did he not? Let me check. It’s written here. He did not. The apple is the cause?  Am I going to hell? Gurbuz Alp.

You should have thought about that before eating haram food. Cerkutay, just for an apple? You ruined me! May the apples you ate be halal for you, I will give you the whole tree if you want brother. Come on get up. Am I dead? Am I alive? You did not die. Cerkutay. I’ll kill you. You will. You will. Just lie down. Get some rest and get better. Take this and go to bed. Then you can kill me. This is good. Get some rest. Come on brother. Let’s get back to duty. In the name of Allah. I didn’t die. They’ll be here soon. Huseyin.

Did you do as I said? We did my Bey. Good. Allah forbid. . . I don’t want any mistakes. They’re here. My Bey. Everything’s ready as you said. But. . . So? Ismihan. She found a unit full of the best soldiers of Seljuk. This unit is waiting by the Sultan. They’re waiting for us. What about Sultan Mesut and Konur?  Are they okay? They’re okay for now. But my Bey. . . When I told them I had you. Ismihan said she will kill them in the city center. They’re waiting for us. Then when I go to Ismihan. it will be a tough fight. Are you afraid? No my Bey. Astagfirullah.

My only fear is to choose the wrong side. I’m willing to die for the right one. EyvAllah. Come on. Give the Alps the clothes. Tie up our hands. Here. In the name of Allah. Here. What a shame. You used to sit on the throne in this room. Now you’re waiting to die here. You used to rule this city. Now you’ll die here. Mesut. What about you? Osman’s Alp. . . Konur. . . You grew up in Great Seljuk. and commanded the Viziers of the city. Now you’ll die here. Who got you here? Osman Bey did. In a short time. he’ll join you. Osman Bey? We don’t fear death.

Maybe you’ll live longer than us. Once I kill you. I’ll have a lot of time to think. Don’t worry at all Mesut. What is it? Commanders? Are you disturbed? It’s not our place Mother Sultan. Whatever you order is the rule. Your word is our order. I thought so too. If not. there are a lot of executioners in Konya. Sultan. there’s word from Bayindir. Osman. He got himFinally. Send the town criers. A lot of blood will be spilled today. Take them away. I was defeated by my nafs. I became one of those who make mistakes.

Forgive this sinner servant of yours Allah. . . Ameen. Mother. Alcicek. . Daughter. . . Forgive me. I couldn’t protect you. You should forgive me. While I was making a mistake I made you follow me. Don’t be like me okay? Don’t fall for your greed girl. My flower. Sultan Alaeddin Han. and Mother Ismihan Sultan. I present to you, the leader of traitors. Osman Bey. Remove your hands! Remove them! At last!  All traitors. are present in front of me. waiting to die together. At last! My Sultan. Osman Bey. . . Did you betray me because I refused to give you soldiers? Sultan Alaeddin. there’s only one reason for all of this.

What is it? I’d like to hear that before you die. You worked with the enemy. to save yourself. An enemy that. killed many brave men. and took many innocent lives! My Sultan. you didn’t do anything about all the evil plans. Mother Sultan made. She took many innocent lives. spread a disease over my lands. poisoned my son. imprisoned my Hatun. betrayed the Turks. and betrayed Islam! But still. she is going to pay for what she has done. -If you’re done telling lies- -Mother. Is anything true about. what Osman Bey said? You should never listen to the rebels who’s after your throne. my Sultan. as they speak nothing but lies. and I’ve had enough! The traitors die today! Oh, well. . . Mother Sultan.

once Osman here dies. will you let me keep his sword? I don’t care about it, Bayindir. You really got used to giving away. things that aren’t yours, Ismihan Hatun. Just like the throne! Isn’t that right, Bayindir? It doesn’t belong to them, yet she tries to share it with others. Both the sword and the word. is Osman Bey’s! Oh, Allah! Alps! The throne is now Sultan Mesud’s! Alaeddin. surrender the throne without further bloodshed. There is no surrender without bloodshed, Mesud! You’re all going to die today! But you, Bayindir. Yours is the greatest of betrayals. Your death will not be easy. And of course. not realizing such a great betrayal. happening in front of my eyes would make me nothing but a fool. Osman.

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