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In Kurulus Osman Episode 43, Osman gathers the Alps and tells them the story of a sparrow. Osman says that he will provide justice for every oppressed person, and at this time, Bala comes. Bala and the other Hatuns say they want to fight alongside Osman. Nikola and Helen plot to fight the Turks in the open field. Some soldiers in the castle attack Nikola, but this is a warning from Flatyos. Later, Alexander comes to the castle and tells that the emperor declared Nikola the commander of all lords. Osman searches for a way to eliminate Nikola as soon as possible and plans to bring the Turks together. Meanwhile, Osman learns that new troops from Constantinople will arrive at the castle tomorrow.

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In Kurulus Osman Episode 43, On the orders of Emperor Andronikos, Nikola holds a ceremony and wears his new crown. Gunduz and Savci begin to build a small school on the plain. Savci’s son tells his father that he wants to fight. The potter Idris wants to make peace with the blacksmith, but Davud asks why he didn’t vote for Osman at the meeting. Byzantine soldiers led by Alexander continue to slowly advance towards Inegol fortress. Osman watches the Byzantine soldiers from afar. Byzantine soldiers fall into the trap set by Osman. The Turks start attacking with flaming balls. Later, Osman and the Alps begin the real attack. Savci’s son also secretly participates in this attack and fights alongside his uncle Osman. In a short time, most of the Byzantine soldiers die, and Alexander begins to flee from war.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 43, Hazal tells Selcan that she is dealing with carpet weaving in order not to think about what Dundar has done. Meanwhile, Bala comes and says she wants to talk to the Hatuns. Bala tells them that the teachers will come to teach children how to read and write and asks for help from the Hatuns. Dundar goes to the newly opened shop and talks with the traders there. Merchants say that a caravan will arrive from Konya soon and want to sell the future goods in Byzantine cities. Dundar realizes that merchants want to form a partnership. Davud announces in Sogut square that the revenge of the killed Beys has been taken. Dundar accepts the merchant Melik’s partnership offer. Osman gives the gold he receives from the Byzantine soldiers to the families of the martyrs. Osman tells Hassan’s son Ali that he will replace his father and declares him as Bey. Nikola puts a clay mask on his face and begins to tell Flatyos what he will do in the future. Nikola says he will destroy the Turks with the new soldiers coming to the castle. A soldier comes to Nikola’s room and says that the Turks attacked the soldiers who were coming to the castle.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 43, Nikola is very angry that Osman killed the soldiers and says he will kill Osman. Osman then returns to his plain. Osman thanks Allah for their victory and orders the loot to be distributed. Alexander returns to the castle and tells about their loss. Nikola orders all lords under his command to come immediately. Gonca and Boran talk a lot, and Boran finally says that he loves Gonca. Gonca tells this news to Bala immediately. Bala is very happy with this news and says that they should get married as soon as possible. Osman secretly goes to Sogut and helps a poor man in the street. Osman distributes the loot he gained from the war to all the poor in Sogut. Dundar goes to Osman’s tent and asks where Osman is. Bala says she does not know where Osman is, and then Osman comes.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 43, The meal begins with the arrival of Osman. Cerkutay goes to the tent where the meals are cooked without seeing anyone and starts to eat from the cauldron. Aygul sees him eating and warns him. Everyone congratulates Osman. Savci says that he and Gunduz started to build a small school in the plain, and Osman is very happy with this news. Osman says how important the family is and says that Boran and Gonca want to marry. Osman wants the wedding to be held as soon as possible. Boran takes his kopuz and starts to sing. Cerkutay brings food to Bamsi and watches him pray. Cerkutay asks Bamsi about prayer. Bamsi begins to tell Cerkutay something about the prophet. Cerkutay is impressed by what Bamsi says and remembers the bad things he did.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 43, Bamsi calms Cerkutay and tells him the right way. Osman says he wants to expand the trade in Sogut. Dundar says he will fetch more goods using his connections. Merchants ask Osman to protect their caravans. Osman says the Alps will protect their caravans and asks his uncle Dundar to help the merchants. Dundar plans to earn Osman a lot of money to gain his trust. Soon Yavlak arrives and visits Dundar. Yavlak tells Hazal why he has formed an alliance with Osman. Osman draws a new flag that night and shows it to Bala. Osman says that this new flag will be a hope for the whole Islamic world. While Osman continues to paint the flag, he falls asleep and has a dream.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 43, In Osman’s dream, his father Ertugrul sees the new flag and talks about the will. Osman remembers his father’s will once again and decides that he should have a child. Osman wakes up after a short while and goes to talk to Bala. Osman tells Bala about his father’s will and says that he should get a new wife. Bala does not show that she is sorry and says that she supports Osman’s decision. After Osman leaves, Bala begins to cry. Osman thinks about what he has done to be a good leader and is upset. Osman then prays to Allah and asks for help. Later, Kumral comes to visit Osman and says he brought him a gift. Osman cannot understand the gift given by Kumral. Kumral Abdal explains what his gift means to Osman and gives him advice. Kumral asks Osman to bring together scholars, artists, and skilled warriors.

Kurulus Osman Episode 43 English & Urdu Subtitles

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