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Kurulus Osman Episode 97 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 97, Ali goes to Ahmed’s funeral and says that he will take his revenge on Osman. Mustafa says he wants to attack Osman, but his father calms him down. As Ali leaves the burial place, Byzantine soldiers begin to dig up Ahmed’s body. Osman learns that Ali is organizing a funeral for Ahmed and says he will go to check on him. Osman goes to the burial place with his soldiers and sees the Byzantine soldiers. Osman realizes that Ahmed is doing secret business and attacks the Byzantine soldiers. Later, Mongolian soldiers come and try to stop the Turks. Byzantine soldiers use this opportunity and begin to take Ahmed’s body. After Osman kills the Mongol soldiers, he takes back Ahmed’s body. Romanos goes to talk to Cebe and says he will continue to attack until Osman is destroyed.

Cebe says that it is impossible to defeat Osman in the tribe and begins to explain his plan to get him out. Osman talks to Aktemur and asks him to take Gunduz’s place. Aktemur thanks Osman very much and is very happy to be a Bey. Barkin talks to Selvi about Osman and asks her to gather information. Selvi says Osman did nothing wrong and tries to change Barkin’s decision. The Beys of the tribe come to talk to Osman. Osman realizes that the Beys are worried and tells them that Ali will soon realize his mistake. Some Beys say that the Sultan will intervene in this situation. Osman says that he will not hand over Turgut and that only the court will decide on this issue. Osman says that he will hold a meeting on this subject in the evening.

Osman says that the Mongols attacked Ali’s caravan and asks his soldiers to follow Cebe. Byzantine soldiers in Yenisehir ask Davut to prepare swords and horseshoes for the army. Abdal realizes that the Byzantine army is preparing for war and immediately sends a message to Osman. Ali writes a letter explaining that Osman is protecting the murderer Turgut and sends it to the Sultan. Mustafa says he wants to talk to Barkin. After what his son said, Ali gives him permission. Osman learns that Turgut will wake up soon. Meanwhile, Cebe brings the rebel soldiers he caught to the tribe and delivers them to Osman. Osman is very suspicious of this situation and orders the captives to be taken to the caged tent. Osman starts the meeting that night. Barkin says that the Emperor’s army is about to attack and asks Osman why he wants to attack Yenisehir. Osman says he has to act before the Emperor and asks Barkin to talk to his tribe about it.

Selvi learns that Bala is pregnant and brings gifts for her unborn child. Osman goes to the caged tent to question the captives but sees that they are dead. Osman questions the guards and realizes that they are innocent. Osman thinks about the dead rebel soldiers and realizes that Cebe is playing a game. Barkin returns to his tribe and starts talking to the Beys. The Beys say that Osman’s war decision was wrong and they should rest now. Osman goes to talk to Turgut and says that he will be judged in Inegol. Turgut begins to prepare for the journey. Osman tells that Ahmed was working for the enemies and is a spy in the tribe. Selvi tells Barkin that Turgut will go to Inegol soon. Barkin goes to meet Mustafa the next morning.

Barkin tells that Osman secretly is taking Turgut to Inegol and provokes Mustafa. Mustafa tells Barkin that he will give a reward for this information and goes to gather his soldiers. While Osman is making a sword for his daughter, his sons come and start talking to them. Barkin tells Osman that the Beys of the tribe do not want to join the war. Osman then starts talking to the Beys again. The Beys say that Turgut is wounded and that a new war will bring a lot of damage. A Seljuk envoy comes to the tribe and says he wants to talk to Osman. Osman accepts this ambassador to his tent. The messenger says that he came to pick up Turgut on the orders of the Sultan. Osman says that the court will be held in these lands and sends the ambassador back to Konya. Osman then continues to talk to his Beys and says that he will attack Yenisehir no matter what. Aisha falls ill as Malhun prepares to leave for Sogut.

Aygul takes Aisha to a doctor and learns that she is pregnant. Malhun sets out to go to Sogut with Selvi. Aktemur learns that his mother is pregnant and is delighted to have a sibling. Aisha can’t wait any longer and starts talking again. Ali stops the Turks from going to Inegol and says he came to get Turgut. Osman and Turgut come and stop Mustafa. Osman says that Ahmed is a traitor, but he cannot convince Mustafa. Mongolian soldiers attack the women going to Sogut and Selvi is seriously injured. While Malhun is helping Selvi, Cerkutay comes and helps the women. Osman orders Turgut and Mustafa to go to Inegol. Malhun takes Selvi to the tribe. Romanos goes to talk to Cebe once again and says he will kill Osman this time.

The doctors in the castle begin to treat Mustafa’s wound. Aisha treats Malhun’s wound. Malhun wonders how Selvi’s condition is and wants to see her. Osman stops his wife and asks her to rest a little more. Selvi slowly opens her eyes and starts talking to Bala. Selvi says that Barkin is actually a good person and informed him that Turgut will go to Inegol. Barkin rushes to the tribe and tries to talk to his wife. Selvi can’t take it anymore and loses her life. Barkin gets very angry and asks his assistant to tell Ali that Osman killed Mustafa. Cebe comes to the tribe and tells about a Byzantine soldier he had captured. Osman realizes that this man is Romanos and goes to the Mongolian camp in the forest to talk to him. Ali thinks his son is dead and sets out to attack Osman.

Kurulus Osman Episode 97 (Season 3 Episode 33) with English, Urdu & Spanish Subtitles

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