Payitaht Abdulhamid Season 4 Episode 118 (118 Bolum) with English Subtitles Free

Payitaht Abdulhamid Season 4 Episode 118 (118 Bolum) with English Subtitles Free

Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 117 Review

In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 117, Sultan Abdulhamid talks about the reign and previous sultans. Tahsin Pasha asks Hunkar’s decision about Zuluflu Ismail Pasha. Hunkar says he will see his brother later and talk to him. Hechler is very angry and tries to find out how Abdulhamid got the documents from the British embassy. Hechler begins to get angry at Goldschmidt and blames him. Goldschmidt says he is calling Maccabees. Hechler tells that  Goldschmidt should kill Abdulhamid’s men and fire him out of the room. Goldschmidt and Diana argue over missing documents. Goldschmidt tells Diana what happened and tells that he wants to kill Abdulhamid. Diana gets angry at Goldschmidt but says she will help his plan. Goldschmidt takes action to kill Soghutlu. Bidar Sultan feels both sad and guilty because of Zekiye’s escape from the palace. Shehzade Abdulkhadir and Naime try to calm Bidar Sultan. Meanwhile, Zekiye Sultan was imprisoned in a house. Zekiye Sultan tries to talk to those who kidnapped her, but she cannot get an answer. Soghutlu is angry with his mistakes. Asaf tries to calm him down and tells him that he always has a chance to correct mistakes. Soghutlu listens to Asaf and hopes to make up for his mistake. Hunkar talks to Halil Halid and thanks him for what he did. Halil Halid says he has done his job and continues to listen to Hunkar. Hunkar says he plans to use a phone to listen to the British embassy. Halil Halid listens to his new role and takes action. Hunkar asks Ahmed Pasha to speak to Zuluflu Pasha and learn the truth from him. Ottoman Coat of Arms (Tughra) and its Representation Adopted by Sultan Abdulhamid 2 | Each Element

In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 117, Tatar reads the news in the newspaper and asks agents about this news. Soghutlu and Asaf cannot give a good answer. Tatar writes the name of a few men to send to Russia and gives the list to Asaf. Meanwhile, Halil Halid comes and tells them about the new task given by Hunkar. Agents think about how to listen to the embassy and realize that they have to lay a new phone line in Hechler’s room. Soghutlu goes to Diana to fix his mistake. Ahmed Pasha goes to talk to Zuluflu Pasha, but Zuluflu says that I will not say anything and only speak in court. Ahmed Pasha continues to ask questions. Zuluflu Pasha says that the Abdulhamid killed his son and saw everything. Ahmed Pasha leaves the room and talks to the guards. Hechler talks to Frida and Sabahaddin about the latest events. Hechler says he will save Zuluflu Pasha and is waiting for the big meeting. Hunkar and Mahmud Pasha walk in the garden of the palace. Mahmud Pasha says that he could not understand the betrayal of Zuluflu. Hunkar says that Zuluflu Pasha blamed him for his deceased child. Mahmud Pasha says he is very upset about these betrayals and can find a way to get Sabahaddin out of the British embassy. Mahmud Pasha says that he is responsible for Sabahaddin’s bad ideas. Hunkar listens to Mahmud Pasha and allows him to receive information from Sabahaddin. One of the guard soldiers enters Zuluflu’s room and starts beating him. After what Ahmed Pasha said, Hunkar goes to talk to Zuluflu. Ahmed Pasha stops the soldier. Hunkar goes to his brother and checks his condition.

In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 117, Hechler says that he is waiting for Zuluflu to go to the hospital. Sabahaddin does not understand this plan and thinks that they will kidnap Zuluflu. Hechler says he will go to the hospital and take photos, talk to doctors, and make the news. The doctor examines Zuluflu Pasha and tells them to take him to the hospital. Hunkar allows this. Soghutlu meets Diana and says he wants to walk around with her. Diana accepts this and they start walking together. Mahmud Pasha meets Frida secretly. Mahmud Pasha says that the British will use Frida and Sabahaddin and throw aside. Mahmud Pasha then tells, he has received amnesty for two and that he should speak to Sabahaddin. Goldschmidt stops Soghutlu and tells him that he will die. Soghutlu and Goldschmidt start fighting, but Diana intervenes. Asaf rushes to help Soghutlu, but Goldschmidt threatens him. Asaf takes the note that Soghutlu has thrown on the ground and goes to the headquarters. Hunkar goes to Harem and talks about Zekiye. Naime says she knows why Zekiye has escaped. Hunkar understands that the enemies reach his daughter’s room and put poison. Meanwhile, the news comes that Meziyet is very sick. Zekiye talks to the man who kidnapped her and tells him that she can give him a lot of money. Abdulkhadir goes to her room to see Meziyet. Abdulkhadir speaks to Meziyet and tells her that she has to recover soon. Asaf goes to the headquarters and tells Soghutlu’s plan to them. Goldschmidt locks Soghutlu into the dungeon at the embassy. Ahmed Pasha and Selim go to the hospital and talk to the doctor. The doctor asks what is going on and says that he has to write a report.

In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 117, Tahsin Pasha goes to Hunkar’s room and tells that the cure has been found. Bidar cannot understand how medicine is found so quickly. Hunkar says that after the events in Edirne, the doctors started working. Abdulkhadir tells Meziyet that medicine is available. Frida tells Sabahaddin what Mahmud Pasha said and says that Hechler is using everyone. Sabahaddin realizes that he should talk to his father. Hechler and Karasu talk about Abdulhamid. Meanwhile, photos of Zuluflu and the report about him come to Hechler. Hechler says he tortured him for his plans. Karasu says he spoke to a secret agency to destroy Abdulhamid. Sabahaddin sneaks out of the embassy and talks to his father. Mahmud Pasha tells that they should know Hechler’s plans and asks Sabahaddin to learn these plans. Sabahaddin says that he loves Frida and will do everything to be forgiven. Hunkar tells a recommendation of the Prophet to Tahsin Pasha and Ismail Hakki Bey. Tatar comes to the headquarters and says that forty people have landed from the new British ship arriving at the port. Halil Halid says they will go to the hangar where these men are hiding. Tahsin Pasha tells Hunkar what he learned from Sabahaddin and asks if he will be forgiven. Hunkar orders to stop the printing houses. Soghutlu secretly unlocks the dungeon door and starts investigating the rooms in the embassy. Halil Halid learns the men in the hangar that they have heavy weapons and plans to take them out.

In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 117, The men inside go out one by one, and the agents kill them. Ahmed Pasha says that no newspaper can publish news until the next order. Hechler learns Abdulhamid’s order and decides to use it in his favor. Meanwhile, Zekiye tries to make a deal with the man who kidnapped her. Hechler displays Zuluflu’s photos to the public on the streets of the Payitaht using projectors. Tahsin Pasha says that the public knows that Zuluflu Pasha has been tortured. Hunkar says that Mahmud Pasha should speak to Sabahaddin as soon as possible. Mahmud Pasha starts a barbecue somewhere near the British embassy. Sabahaddin smells that and realizes that his father is coming. While Mahmud Pasha is eating, Sabahaddin comes and he starts to eat too. Mahmud Pasha asks what is the plan of Hechler and who are the men whom Karasu speaks to. Sabahaddin tells Hechler’s plan about Zuluflu. Goldschmidt goes to a bookstore and talks to Abdulkhadir there. Abdulkhadir says that he has to go but later on he wants to talk to Goldschmidt. While thinking about what Halil Halid can do about Soghutlu, Soghutlu comes to the headquarters and tells what he learned from the embassy. Halil Halid makes a plan to take everyone out of the British embassy. The next day, Mahmud Pasha goes to the palace and tells Hunkar what he learned from Sabahaddin. Hunkar understands Hechler’s original plan and asks Ahmed Pasha to speak to Halil Halid. Zekiye sends a message to the palace and Naime reads this message. Naime does not tell anyone in this message.

In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 117, Abdulkhadir goes to the school where Goldschmidt works and talks to him. Ahmed Pasha and Halil Halid talk about their plan. Hunkar has dinner with his family. Bidar worries about Zekiye and asks questions. Naime lies and says she knows nothing. In the British embassy, ​​everyone is preparing for the ceremony. Gulcemal and Bidar Sultan say they will leave the palace, but Naime made up an excuse and stays in the palace. Halil Halid and Tatar enter the British embassy and begin to implement their plan. Halil Halid opens the door of the room and sees that Hechler is asleep. Meanwhile, Sabahaddin comes and asks what’s going on. Sabahaddin enters the room and awakens Hechler. After Hechler leaves the room, Halil Halid, and Tatar enter. Bidar Sultan and Gulcemal go to the hospital and ask questions about patients. Sinan tells Bidar about everything that has happened to him. Naime goes to Zekiye’s room and takes the jewels there. Sinan continues to talk to Bidar and says that Zishan was trying to help him. Bidar understands the facts. A Maccabee officer comes to speak to Goldschmidt and says that twelve soldiers are dead.

In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 117, Dilruba goes to the Society and says doctors have found the cure for the disease. Then Gulcemal comes and tells that Sinan knows nothing. Madame Blavatsky says she will blow up the lab. Naime secretly tries to leave the palace, but Shehzade Abdulkhadir sees her. Naime lies once again. Ahmed Pasha says that Halil Halid succeeded in listening to the embassy and that Sabahaddin helped them. Having heard this news, Mahmud Pasha is very happy. Halil Halid comes and gives Hunkar a report of what is spoken at the embassy. Hunkar realizes that the territory of Rumelia is in danger because of the Berlin treaty. Hunkar calls the Russian and British ambassadors to the palace. Gulcemal is very upset because of Madame’s plan and takes action to do something. Zekiye and Marco go to the meeting place. Naime comes to the meeting place and gives the jewels she brought from the palace to Marco. Naime saves Zekiye. Zekiye thanks to her sister over and over again. Naime recognizes the voice of the man who kidnapped Zekiye. Halil Halid and other agents prepare for Goldschmidt’s attack in a house. The Maccabees enter the house and the fight begins. As the fight continues inside the house, Goldschmidt attacks inside with toxic gas. Halil Halid and the agents cannot leave the house. Gulcemal tries to save people in the laboratory and releases them, but the building can explode at any time. Meanwhile, Bidar researches the laboratory. The building blows up as soon as Gulcemal leaves the laboratory. Bidar Sultan sees Gulcemal lying unconsciously on the floor. The ambassadors come to the palace and try to blame Hunkar for the torture of Zuluflu. Hunkar wants to cancel the meeting between Austria and Russia, but the envoys refuse. Thereupon, Tahsin Pasha reads what will happen in Rumelia. Hechler loses control and tells Hunkar that he cannot do this. Hunkar says he will do it.

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 118 English Subtitles

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