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In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 146, Mahmud goes to Hunkar’s room. Abdulhamid takes everyone out of the room and locks the door of the room. Hunkar says that he has forgiven Mahmud many times until today and yet he betrayed him. Mahmud tells Sultan that he has little time left and he remains silent. Hunkar says he will serve his state no matter what. Tahsin wants everyone in the palace to be taken out. Hunkar says he knows that Mahmud can actually walk and explains to him how he understood this. Meanwhile, Sabahaddin calls and tells Hunkar that time is running out. Abdulhamid realizes that the person on the phone is Sabahaddin and is saddened by his mistake. Ahmed asks to open the door of the room and take Hunkar out, but Tahsin stops him. First Esat and then the grand vizier leaves the palace. After them, Tevfik and Ahmed leave the palace with different excuses. Sabahaddin calls Hunkar one last time and fires the fuse.

Tahsin asks Riza to leave the palace. Esref, Soghutlu, and Ismail say they will not leave Hunkar alone. Ahmed Nuri follows the phone line and goes to one of the corridors under the palace. Ahmed Nuri finds the dynamite under the palace, but there is no explosion. Hunkar says he knows there will be no explosion and opens the door to the room. Abdulhamid sees his loyal friends waiting for him at the door and orders Mahmud to be arrested. Sabahaddin meets with everyone and tells them everything his father did. Hunkar learns that the dynamites are fake and the Pashas who left the palace. Abdulhamid thanks his friends and says that Tahir will bring Mikhail to the palace. Aliye secretly meets Naime and learns from her that Fatma will soon have an operation. Abdulhamid says that he will establish a new order for the state administration and transmits his new orders to Tahsin. Sabahaddin says that they cannot kidnap his father from the palace. Cassel plans to use the Armenian exiles to revolt.

Abdulhamid goes to the dungeon of the palace and says that no one should take Mahmud out without his order. Hunkar asks Mahmud questions but cannot get an answer from him. Aliye reunites with Stefano and says she wants to visit her sister. Esref Aziz asks Soghutlu to follow some of the Armenians who came to Payitaht. Esref then goes to the palace and tries to talk to Ahmed about Armenians coming from Edirne. Ahmed doesn’t answer his questions. Naime visits her father and apologizes for what she did to him. Abdulhamid decides to send her to Bursa so that she can think about what her daughter has done before. Tahsin goes to the other Pashas and transmits the new orders given by Hunkar to them. Tahsin then goes to Hunkar’s room and tells him that Tahir is going to the port soon. Abdulhamid shows Tahsin the names he chooses for the secret organization to be established

Abdulhamid asks Tahsin to visit Selim. Esref visits some Armenians from Edirne and asks them what they are doing. Esat and Ahmed visit Cassel. Cassel realizes that Abdulhamid is trying to break a new order and wants to use this situation. Ahmed says Tahir will pick up Mikhail from the port. Meanwhile, Kani announces that the time has come and sends a message with a mail pigeon. A soldier receives the message from the pigeon and resigns from his military service. This soldier then meets with some Pashas. These Pashas say that the Ottoman Empire is about to collapse and they will establish a new state by implementing Mahmud’s plan. Pashas say that if Mahmud is not released, some soldiers of the third army will attack the palace. One of the Pashas says that Cassel is the leader of the masons and will purge all masons from inside the state. Fatma goes to the hospital with Tevfik and tells him about her plan.

Lena learns that Tatavlali is the man who poisoned Ali Osman. Nerva learns that the men he will use to kill the Grand Vizier are captured by Esref. Tahir goes to the harbor with his soldiers and shoots Mikhail in the leg. Ahmed realizes that they cannot save Mikhail. Aliye runs away from the house where she is hiding secretly and goes to the hospital to visit Fatma. Meanwhile, Tevfik attacks Stefano’s hiding place, but Stefano’s cousin kills him. Tahsin tells Hunkar that Selim woke up but still cannot speak. Tahir brings Mikhail to the palace and asks Hunkar if he wants to question him. Abdulhamid goes to the palace dungeon and starts asking questions to Mikhail. Mikhail says he will not say anything. Meanwhile, Niyazi says he wants to talk to Hunkar on a very important issue. Karasu says that Mikhail will eventually tell the names of the masons to the Sultan. Kani sends the order Mahmud left behind to Cassel. Niyazi tells Hunkar that the intelligence he found in Thessaloniki showed that Cassel was a traitor.

Abdulhamid examines the documents brought by Niyazi and asks Tahir to capture Cassel. In a message sent by Mahmud, Cassel says that they must go to the French embassy within an hour. Nerva meets with Mika and says that Esref started killing Armenians. Mika then disguises himself as Ishak and goes to help Esref. Nerva plans to kill the Grand Vizier using explosives in his hands. Meanwhile, Esref and Ishak find the place where Nerva is hiding. Ishak sneaks in and warns Nerva. Nerva orders his men to attack. While Sabahaddin is trying to understand how his father was secretly sending a message, Ahmed says that Tahir is approaching with the soldiers. Cassel says everyone must escape and sends them from his office. Tahir enters Cassel’s office and tells him that he has been arrested. Cassel welcomes everything calmly and goes to the palace with Tahir. Nerva rescues himself by pretending to have taken Ishak hostage. Ishak then takes a gun from Nerva and says he will kill Esref. Aliye says she will take revenge on everyone and starts a fire in the palace. When Abdulhamid says he understands that Cassel is a traitor, Tahsin brings an urgent message and tells Hunkar that if Mahmud is not released, the soldiers in the third army will revolt.

Watch Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 146 English Subtitles

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 146 English Subtitles

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