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In Barbaroslar Episode 31, Oruj stops Don Diego at the port and asks him to surrender. Don Diego says he will never surrender to the Turks and attacks them. A great war begins in the port. Pedro sees that the soldiers are taking Meryem to another place and begins to follow her. Oruj asks Khizir to save the women and continues to fight in the port. Oruj’s sailors rescue the women. Pedro catches Meryem a short time later and says he will take her somewhere else. Isabel begins to follow Meryem and asks the other women to go to a safe place. Don Diego continues to shoot at the Turks. Oruj decides to retreat so that no more sailors die.

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Khizir learns that Pedro has kidnapped Meryem and sets out to save her. Don Diego says he knows where Pedro is taking Meryem and sets out to help his brother. Pedro tries to take Meryem to the mountain cabin. Esma says she wants to help Isabel, but the sailors say they will take them to Algeria. After Oruj finishes the war in the port, he starts looking for Meryem. Isabel stops Perdo on the mountain road. Meryem shoots Pedro in the shoulder. While Isabel is fighting the pirates, Rosa shoots her. Don Diego also shoots at Meryem and severely injures her. Don Diego then takes him to a doctor to save his brother’s life. Oruj finds Isabel and Meryem. Khizir says they have to take the women to a doctor immediately and sets off for Algeria. Selim learns that Oruj took the slaves and gets very angry.

Selim says he will send Oruj from Algeria as soon as possible. The doctor says he will treat Pedro’s wound and calms Don Diego. Selim stops Oruj and demands the slaves back from him. Oruj says the women are seriously injured and asks Selim to get away. After what Piri said, Selim returns to his home. Esma and Huma feel guilty for not going to help the women. The doctors say that the condition of the women is very serious and they start to operate on them. Don Diego is happy to kill women, but Rosa says they have to do something new to make the King happy. The doctor says Pedro’s health will improve soon. Khizir continues to wait anxiously for the doctors. Doctors in Algeria say that they do everything, but the women never wake up.

Oruj and Khizir go to talk to the women for the last time. Esma and Huma are very sorry for what happened to the women. Some sailors want to attack Don Diego again, but Piri calms them down. Dervish comes to Algeria with the ship he took from Kemal and learns that the situation of women is very bad. Meryem briefly opens her eyes and speaks to her father. Meryem says she wants to hear Khizir’s voice before she dies, and she dies shortly after. Dervish and Khizir start to cry. Isabel also opens her eyes and takes one last look at Oruj’s face. Isabel also dies from her injuries. Dervish tells everyone that the women are dead. Don Diego gets angry with Pedro for what he has done and tells him that Meryem is dead. Kemal learns that Shehzade Selim is going from Trabzon to Payitaht and realizes that he can do something against Sultan Bayezid.

Kemal says he will help Oruj as soon as possible and begins to prepare to attack Algeria. Selim learns that the women are dead and goes to Oruj’s house to ask for his slaves again. Oruj says he will bury Meryem and Isabel in Kelemez. Oruj tells Selim that he will not give slaves and starts arguing with him. Piri calms everyone down and says the funeral is more important. Selim asks his men to attack Oruj’s ship. While Murat is going to check the ships in the port, the ship with the slaves blows up. Ilyas says that Don Diego did it, but Khizir says Selim is responsible for the explosion. While Selim tries to collect taxes from the merchants in the market, Khizir stops him. Oruj says he knows that Selim killed the slaves and will take revenge on him after the funeral.

Selim denies all accusations and says he is innocent. A merchant thanks Oruj for what he has done and asks for his help. Dervish says it is a sign and says women should be buried in Algeria. Oruj accepts this offer and gives Piri a task to bring the fleet from Kelemez. While waiting for news from Oruj, Kemal learns that the Knights of Rhodes have begun to attack the Anatolian coasts. Selim learns that the people are starting to support Oruj and goes to talk to Don Diego to stop him once and for all. Don Diego writes a letter to the King and tells him that he stopped the Barbarossa brothers in port. Piri tells his uncle what happened in Algeria. Kemal says that Shehzade will make a move against the Sultan and he will go to stop the knights. After talking with his uncle, Piri remembers what Sultan Mehmet said.

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Don Diego says that Piri will come to Algeria with a fleet and asks Selim to stop them. Selim agrees to attack Piri with Pedro. Dervish talks to Khizir that night and tells him about the latest events in the Ottoman Empire. After Don Diego and his soldiers are in disguise, he takes action to attack Oruj’s house. Piri sees the Spanish ships approaching and prepares to attack them. Pedro’s ships begin to fire but fail. Piri sees that some flagless ships are approaching, but cannot understand who they are. Pedro thinks that Selim’s men are coming to help, but Oruj starts shooting at the Spanish ships. Don Diego attacks the house but finds no one there. Pedro returns to Jijel to save his life, but Oruj kills him. Rosa flees the city and tells Don Diego that Pedro is dead. Khizir catches Don Diego at the entrance of the city.

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