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Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 45 Summary

In Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 45, Kutalmis attacks Surmari and executes Alexander. Alparslan gets very angry and punches Kutalmis. Grigor immediately goes to the inn with his soldiers and sees that Alexander is dead. Suleiman begins to accuse Alparslan and says that he has disturbed the peace between the two states. Grigor says he will avenge Alparslan. Kutalmis silences everyone and confesses that he killed Alexander. Kutalmis asks the Lord to take his son’s body and leave the inn. Suleiman is angry with Alparslan and claims that he still wants the throne. Lord speaks to Alparslan for the last time and returns to Ani. Suleiman says he wants to talk to Flora, but Alparslan stops him. Alparslan asks Suleiman to talk to the other tribes and convince them not to join Kutalmis.

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Kutalmis says he needs money to summon more soldiers, so he will find Yinal’s treasure. Rasul says he doesn’t know where the treasure is. Kutalmis says he will secretly send a message to Erbaskan. Flora sees Alexander’s body and begins to cry. Lord tells that Suleiman is a liar and that he is using Flora. Alparslan goes to talk to one of the rebel Beys and asks him not to support Kutalmis. The rebels attack Alparslan and a war breaks out in the tribe. Alparslan catches Celal after the war and says he will kill him. Altuncan immediately comes to the tribe and says she will take her son to the palace. Suleiman warns another rebel Bey and asks him to end his relationship with Kutalmis. Gevher asks Erbaskan to do something and gain more power. Seferiye suspects Erbaskan and asks a soldier to follow him.

Erbaskan reads Kutalmis’s message and secretly goes to Surmari. Leon tells the Lord to never trust the Turks and goes to talk to the other soldiers. While Lord is trying to calm Flora, Oke comes and asks what is going on. Leon realizes that Oke is Turkish and says he will kill her. Kutalmis says he will give Erbaskan the power he deserves and asks him to find Yinal’s treasure. Erbaskan says he will think about this offer, but he does not know where the treasure is. Alparslan goes to Surmari and shows Kutalmis the heads of the men he killed. Erbaskan secretly goes to Ani and finds Oke. Oke learns what Kutalmis is doing and begins to explain her plan to Erbaskan. Oke says she will not give the treasure to the Lord but will make him attack Alparslan.

Erbaskan then goes to Vaspurakan and tells Kutalmis’s offer. Erbaskan continues to speak and tells everyone what Oke said. Alparslan learns where Yinal’s treasure is and says he will make the Lord attack Kutalmis. Seferiye tries to say that Erbaskan is a traitor, but Alparslan says he knows everything. Erbaskan goes back to Ani the next day and tells Oke about Alparslan’s plan. After saying goodbye to his wife, Alparslan sets out to search for the treasure. Leon and Grigor prepare with the soldiers to go where Oke told them. Gevher reads the letter left by Erbaskan and secretly sets out on her horse. Seferiye begins to follow Gevher. Alparslan goes to the place Erbaskan pointed and starts digging to find the treasure. The soldiers dig for a long time but find nothing. Hassan says Oke may have made a treacherous plan.

Erbaskan goes to the cave where the treasure is with Kutalmis. Kutalmis finds the treasure after breaking the wall. Leon goes to the place Oke said, but he sees the Turks there. A short time later, Byzantine soldiers attack the Turks. Seferiye sees Gevher talking to Kutalmis’ soldiers and immediately calls for support. Leon captures Alpagut. Grigor immediately takes action and kills Alpagut. Alparslan is very upset about his friend’s death and says he will avenge him. Altuncan takes her son to the palace. Enusirvan apologizes to Sultan and says he wants to kiss his hand. Altunca realizes that her son will kill the Sultan and stabs him in the back. While Gevher is talking to Oke, Seferiye starts attacking them. Seferiye reads the letter written by Erbaskan and realizes that he is a traitor. As soon as Gevher gets rid of the ropes in her hand, she knocks Seferiye out.

Kutalmis sets off to Surmari with the treasure. Erbaskan says he has to meet Gevher and goes to the hut in the forest with Rasul. Oke wants to kill Seferiye, but Gevher stops her. Akinay learns that her son has died and is very upset. Erbaskan and Rasul go to the cabin. Alparslan sees Seferiye’s soldier and immediately goes to see her. Rasul says they have to go to Surmari as soon as possible, but Gevher wants to stop Seferiye’s bleeding. Alparslan kills the soldiers around the hut and captures Erbaskan. Seferiye opens her eyes and says she is fine. Rasul takes Gevher hostage and hides in a secret place in the house. Alparslan takes Oke and Erbaskan to Vaspurakan. Akinay executes Oke. When Alparslan is about to kill Erbaskan, a messenger comes and shows Kutalmis’s message. Alparslan goes to Surmari with Erbaskan to save Gevher. Lord wants to take Surmari back, but Leon doesn’t agree with this plan.

Leon says he wants to attack Surmari and sets off with barrels full of explosives. Kutalmis sees the Byzantine soldiers approaching and prepares to defend the inn. Leon orders the catapult to be ready to fire and starts to move toward the inn. Alparslan sees Leon approaching Surmari and immediately attacks him. Kutalmis continues to watch the war from afar. Leon retreats after being wounded in the hand. Alparslan asks Kutalmis to give Gevher and surrender. Kutalmis says the exchange will be completed after he gets Erbaskan. Gevher talks to Erbaskan while leaving the inn. Erbaskan asks his wife to enter the inn. While Alparslan is trying to understand what’s going on, Erbaskan and Gevher run to the inn. Leon gives the order to attack, and the catapult begins to throw barrels of naphtha at the castle.

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