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Barbaros Hayreddin Episode Summary

In Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 4, Hayreddin angrily goes to Luna’s mansion and starts to get angry with her. While Luna tries to understand what happened, Hayreddin says that all the information about the ambassador is wrong. Luna says she got this information from an organization in Venice and she is innocent. Hayreddin calms down and starts listening to Luna. Luna tells Hayreddin that she did not lie and that she will fix this mistake as soon as possible. Hayreddin tells his friends about the information he learned. Salih comes to Venice with Kandiyeli. After talking with the captain, Pedro sets out to go to the market. Aydin says they cannot release the prisoners and asks Hayreddin to find a solution. Dervish thinks for a while and says he has a plan.

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Dervish says that Salih will go to the palace instead of the ambassador. King of France sends a letter to Charles. Isabella says that Charles will answer this letter as soon as possible. Salih dresses as a Venetian ambassador but says he does not want to go to the palace. Hayreddin says that Salih will successfully complete this task and that Kandiyeli will even go to the palace. Luna comes to talk to Hayreddin and says she will make up for her mistake. A wounded soldier goes to the castle and says he wants to talk to the captain. Luna says Salih can send messages with pigeons. Pedro goes to the tavern with his bodyguards. Hayreddin says he wants to fight with the guards to get them out of the tavern. After what Aydin says, the guards come out. Hayreddin starts fighting with the soldiers. Luna takes Pedro out of the back door of the tavern and asks him to help.

Pedro does not accept Luna’s offer and says he will not risk his life. Luna gives her necklace to Perdo and asks him to think again. Doria asks Maurus to gather information about Hayreddin’s family. Maurus says he doesn’t want to spy. Doria threatens Maurus and warns him for the last time. Kemankes’ assistant comes to the port and asks Seyyare to come to the meeting. Seyyare agrees to talk to Pasha. Nazife says that Pasha likes Seyyare. Seyyare says that she does not think of getting married again. Kemankes begins to prepare before Seyyare arrives. Halime warns her son and asks him to stay away from Seyyare. Kemankes says he loves Seyyare. Halime says she will not let her son make mistakes and starts to make a plan about Sukufe. Hatice goes to talk to the guild leader to open a jewelry shop and shows him her previous work.

When the guild leader is about to give his approval, Sahsuvar comes and says that no one can open a shop easily. Hatice tells that she worked as a jeweler for a long time, and Sahsuvar asks Hatice for a document to prove that she is a jeweler. Hatice says she doesn’t have a document but she will solve this problem. Valeria secretly goes to talk to Orsini. Orsini says he will help Valeria soon, but first, he asks her to sign a bill of exchange. Valeria immediately signs to return to Spain and returns to the mansion. Salih and Kandiyeli finally go to the palace. Luna confesses that she loves Hayreddin and says she will continue to help him. Salih starts pretending to be Batista and talks to the Lord. Lord says Batista will talk to Charles soon. Charles accepts Francois’ offer of a duel and invites him to the island of Sardinia.

Charles lets Batista come and asks him to find out more about the Turks. Salih goes to his room to rest and immediately writes a message to Hayreddin to inform him about the duel. Kemankes calls Murat and asks him to stick to the agreement he made with Seyyare. Murat says he will do the work at the port and returns. Kemankes wants to eat with Seyyare, but in the meantime, Halime and Sukufe come. Seyyare is very disturbed by what Sukufe says about Hayreddin and returns to her home. Hayreddin says that he thinks about Oruj from time to time and is in despair. Dervish calms Hayreddin and says everything will be alright soon. Marcella brings Salih’s message. Hayreddin learns that there is a duel in Sardinia and says that he has to convey this information to the Sultan.

The next morning, Murat takes care of business at the port. Hatice talks to the guild leader again and tells him that she will prove to be a good jeweler. Valeria sees the sign on the wall of the mansion and prepares to sneak out that night. The captain goes to talk to the wounded soldier and learns that the real ambassador has been kidnapped. The captain immediately takes action and says he wants to inform the palace. Pedro says he will send a message to the palace with a pigeon, but he does not do this. Charles says that Batista will go to Sardinia for the duel and that he will even be the referee. Batista agrees to do this task and immediately writes another message to Hayreddin. Charles talks to the Lord and says he will kill Francois thanks to a sniper. Hayreddin returns to Istanbul and learns that Valeria has escaped. Hayreddin asks Yahya to talk to Valeria.

Yahya finds Valeria at the port and tells her that her father has been executed. Valeria begins to cry. After speaking with his family for a short time, Hayreddin secretly sets out to go to the palace. Murat learns that Hayreddin is going to the palace and immediately informs Doria. Marcella tells the second message Salih sent to Aydin. Doria immediately makes an attack plan and begins to follow Hayreddin. Hayreddin realizes that he is being followed and starts attacking the bandits. Sultan’s left-handed soldiers come and save Hayreddin. Hayreddin then goes to the palace and tells the Sultan about the duel that will take place on the island of Sardinia. Sultan asks Hayreddin to stop Francois. Aydin takes a uniform from Luna and immediately goes to the castle. Hayreddin goes to Sardinia and tries to stop Francois. Francois duels Charles and injures him. Charles takes Francois’ son hostage and saves his life.

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