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Barbaros Hayreddin Episode Summary

In Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 8, Hayreddin wakes up after the explosion and immediately hides behind a big rock with Luna. Luna asks who these attackers are and she prepares her pistol. Hayreddin sees Christopher approaching with his soldiers and tells Luna about the attack plan. After the soldiers start shooting, Hayreddin attacks. Luna continues to shoot. Christopher sees his soldiers dead and attacks Barbarossa. When Hayreddin is about to kill Christopher, he sees other knights approaching and starts to run away with Luna. While waiting for the King to arrive, Batista sees a burnt piece of paper in the fireplace. Lord asks Batista what he is doing. Batista says he is waiting to talk to the King. Lord says that the King is not in the palace and does not know when he will return.

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The Pope goes to a chapel and says he wants the meeting to be here. Charles says he will arrange everything for the meeting. Doria says the Knights of Rhodes can’t help enough, but the Pope objects to him. Pope says he still believes in knights and will ask the master for help. Charles warns Doria harshly and says he will use the knights against Suleiman. Batista tries to read what is written on the piece of paper and tells that the King has a secret plan. Kandiyeli says that the knights can work for Charles. Murat goes to Orsini’s office and says he will no longer work for Doria. Murat says he will not work with Nazife. Orsini threatens Murat using the document in his hand and asks him to return to the warehouse. After talking to her daughter, Seyyare goes to talk to her mother.

Hatice says she is wondering where Valeria is. Seyyare calms her mother and says that Yahya will protect Valeria. Seyyare then goes to make coffee for her mother. Yahya talks to a lot of carpenters but cannot convince them to work for Hatice. While the cops are talking to Valeria, Yahya comes and says she is innocent. Yahya and Valeria then start walking toward the port. Valeria sees that Mehmet’s ship is approaching the port and says she has found a solution to the carpenter problem. Hatice looks at the coffee cup and starts talking about what Seyyare has been doing lately. After a short time, Nazife comes to the mansion and says that she fired Murat. Hatice learns that Kemankes made a marriage proposal to Seyyare and is very surprised. Yahya and Valeria come to the mansion. Yahya says that he convinced the carpenters working on Mehmet’s ship. Halime talks to Kemankes once again and asks him to give up on Seyyare.

Kemankes says he will wait for Seyyare no matter what and will never give up on her. Yahya then leaves the mansion and continues to watch Murat. Yahya remembers Orsini and begins to suspect Valeria. Batista talks to the Queen the next morning and tells her about the nightmare he had. The Queen calms Batista and tells him that she will go to a nearby chapel. Batista then moves to sneak into this chapel. Dervish tries to help Aydin and continues to wait for Hayreddin. Hayreddin and Luna stop briefly on the way. Luna learns that Hayreddin has a son and is very surprised. Hassan says he is sick and runs away from class. One of the teachers starts looking for Hassan. While walking around the school, Hassan hears a voice and starts talking to a girl. The teacher catches Hassan and takes him to the classroom.

Batista sneaks into the chapel and starts looking for a place to hide. The Queen comes to the chapel and says she wants to confess. Batista begins to pretend to be Father and listens to the Queen. The Queen says she likes another man even though she is married. Batista realizes that the Queen likes the ambassador and asks her to speak openly with this man. Halime goes to Pasha’s house and gives Sukufe a letter. Sukufe says she wants to marry Kemankes. Sahsuvar says that Kemankes should talk to Ayaz about marriage next Friday. Kemankes secretly sends a gift to Seyyare and meets his new clerk. Yahya asks Valeria about Orsini. Valeria thinks that Yahya does not trust her and is very upset. Nazife regrets what she said to Murat and goes to the port to apologize to him. Murat agrees to work for Nazife again.

Seyyare receives Kemankes’ gift and realizes that he is still waiting for an answer. Halime lies to Kemankes and forces him to talk to Ayaz. Luna goes to Duke Sforzi’s house and tells him that Hayreddin is the principal of the interpreter school. Luna says she wants to see Avicenna’s book and continues talking to the Duke. Dervish tries to reduce Aydin’s fever and prays to Allah. The duke brings the book and asks questions to Hayreddin. The Pope starts the meeting in the chapel and says that they need to form a large unit against the Turks. The Pope prays to God first and asks the master to help Charles. The Master accepts this offer. Charles gives the island of Malta to the master and says that he will not collect taxes from him. The Pope changes the name of the knights of Rhodes to the Knights Hospitaller and gives him a new coat of arms.

Luna says she wants to buy the book, but the Duke immediately rejects the offer. Barbarossa can’t wait any longer and takes the Duke hostage. Luna and Barbarossa try to escape from the castle, but the Duke’s soldiers soon catch up with them. Sahsuvar sees the carpenters working in Hatice’s shop and offers her money not to open this shop. Sahsuvar then talks to a man named Solomon and asks him to harm Hatice. The duke orders the execution of Luna and Hayreddin the next morning. Luna comes to the gallows and says she loves Hayreddin before she dies. Meanwhile, the Duke suddenly falls ill. Hayreddin says that he poisoned the Duke and that the antidote is in the forest. The Duke allows Hayreddin to go to the forest with the soldiers. After giving the antidote to the soldiers, Hayreddin prepares to return. The other soldiers of the duke arrive and knock out Barbaros with a poisoned arrow.

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