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Kudus Fateh Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 23 Summary

Salahuddin Eyyubi Episode 23 begins in Gaza, where Saladin arrives with Karategin and his fellow Border Ghazis to kidnap Bloody Bernald and he falls into the trap of Bloody Bernard. But before that I take precautionary measures and he explodes there. Taking advantage, Saladin makes a plan with Carra Teigen to get Bloody Bernard out of the city and they both manage to get Bloody Bernard out of the city and surround him in the forest. He suddenly reaches Salahuddin and goes there and arrests Salahuddin, on which Salahuddin tells him that I am not the murderer of your son, your son has been killed by this Christian, why should I shed my brother’s blood. You are the enemy and he releases his ally Khooni Bernard, while Salahuddin is arrested and taken to Sultan Nur-ud-Din and when he takes Salahuddin in front of Sultan Noor-ud-Din, he tells them that I will kill your son in front of you, then you will feel my pain. And they say to him, “You have made the limit this time, so I will not leave you, you have arrested my queen first and now my son.” On hearing this Salahuddin immediately tells Sultan Nur-ud-Din that you obey him and do what he says, we do not want to shed the blood of Muslim brothers. They say: “Are you asking me to bow down before the enemy because of his slander, to which Salahuddin says, ‘I know everything, you obey him,’ and he tells Malik Daulat Sultan Nur-ud-Din that you will have to pledge allegiance to me and kill my son. Salahuddin is arrested along with his accomplices and taken with him to his tribe .
Viewers When the news reaches bloody Bernard that Malik Daulat has not yet killed Salahuddin and the war has not even started, he is very angry to hear this, he says that how can this happen. But when everything goes against his plan, he immediately goes to his tribe after malik daulat and asks him why he has not killed Salahuddin yet on which he tells about the wah agreement reached with Sultanuddin, he smiles and says that he did all this under a plan. Salahuddin has come here to destroy your war plan, now he will resist and destroy the Queen as well as your siege equipment .
And after a while everything turns into reality and Salahuddin immediately moves and escapes from the tribe according to his plan and all the soldiers and malik run towards the forest behind Daulat Salahuddin, while due to the absence of any soldier in the tribe, Kara Tegan malik burns the siege equipment of wealth. he escapes with it. While according to the plan, the bloody Bernard also goes after Salahuddin to capture him and starts ambushing him, but Salahuddin has already planned and Salahuddin’s soldiers attack him and Salahuddin has almost captured the bloody Bernald, but suddenly some unknown people enter there with swords. After his departure, when Salahuddin searches for the dead people, he finds out that all these people are traitors of the country and he is the one who has once again betrayed his state and saved the enemy from our hands. Sultan Nur-ud-Din gets very angry and says that at first I had forgiven him, but this time I will not leave him alive, when Sultan Nooruddin’s mother comes to know about this whole matter, she first forbids Sultan Nooruddin not to say anything to his brother and then again he Malik goes to Meudud and asks him about treason, at first he does not admit his mistake and when he finds out that Sultan Nuruddin has come to capture him, then he escapes from Isqalan .
Viewers then he takes refuge in Gaza with his syllaby ally Khooni Bernard, and by staying there, creates chaos in Sultan Nur-ud-Din’s army, but the audience Salahuddin is once again able to get him out of Gaza and captures them in the base of his soldiers. Malik Daulat’s son was killed not by Salahuddin but by the bloody Bernard to prevent this war between the two Muslim states .
And in the end of the audience, when Salahuddin Malik is arresting Meyudud and taking him away, the bloody Bernard tries to save him or kill him, but according to Salahuddin’s plan, he also falls into Salahuddin’s trap and this is where episode 23 ends.

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Kudus Fateh Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 24 Release Date

Kudus Fateh Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 24 release date is 14 May 2024.

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