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Kudus Fateh Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 27 Summary

Selahuddin Eyyubi Episode 27 begins with Caratigan where Bernard and Caratigan are fighting on the edge of the hill and Caratigan is fighting Bernard alone, during which time he is also injured, but suddenly Arslan Shah’s nephew hides and hits Caratigan’s chest with two arrows and falls down the Caratigan hill. After falling down, both Bernard and Saladin, along with their soldiers, start looking for the entrepreneur. Salahuddin sends some of his entrepreneurs down the hill to take Caratigan’s body. But when Salahuddin’s entrepreneurs reach there, they see that there is no caratigan’s body there. 

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While Bernard, on the other hand, captures Arsalan Shah’s nephew Timur and then he takes her with him and tortures her, protecting her from the eyes of Saladin and his soldiers to ask her why she killed Karatigan what is Arsalan Shah’s plan behind it.

On the other hand, taking advantage of the absence of Arsalan Shah, Gaza is recaptured according to the plan of Salahuddin and Taran Shah. When Arsalan Shah comes to know about this, he immediately goes to Gaza, but when he goes there, the doors are closed for him. He assures that he has done a lot to save them while Sultan Nur-ud-Din had just used them. And thus Sardar supports Arsalan Shah and says that together we will play Caratigan’s revenge Bernad. But Sultan Nur-ud-Din Zangi arrives in the Boro tribe and warns Arsalan Shah that Gaza has been captured, so it is better for you to leave immediately, on which the chieftains support these Arsalan Shah and speak in defense of him and say that you did not try to save us, to which Sultan Nuruddin calls him. We are the ones who conquered Gaza together with you, how can we leave you in their hands, we sent our soldiers to save you .

Bernard then meets Arsalan Shah and tells him that his nephew is in his possession, and then he tells Arsalan Shah that if you want this thing not to reach Salahuddin and Sultan Nur-ud-Din Zengi, then you will have to regain Gaza and I will rule it but both will benefit .

When Salahuddin gets the news that Karatigan’s body is not at this place, he also goes to the forest in search of the body, where he encounters different people who look different in every way. It may be that Caratigan is alive, but it is not known where he is. On which Omar Mulla Effendi tells him that Karatigan mountain brother and his people have taken him to the mountains. And who is that traitor ?

Viewers on the other hand we are shown Caratigan where his mountain brothers are treating him and finally Caratigan opens his eyes and we see that his life has been saved. I have to go back to my tribe so that I can take revenge on Arsalan Shah, but his people say that you are our chief, we once lost our chief but we do not want to be again. That’s why we won’t let you go anywhere. They are so mad, they don’t do it even if they say that their leader Caratigan, even Bernard and his men are chasing them for Caratigan, but they are so clever and smart that they are able to deceive Bernard too. seems to be. When they find out that both Salahuddin and Barnard are chasing them with their soldiers, they lead them to a cave where they have laid a trap for them. And as soon as Pranard and Salahuddin reach this cave with their soldiers, they do not find anyone there and a strange smoke spreads in the cave, which after sniffing and Salahuddin both faint with their soldiers . And this is where episode 27 ends.         

Kudus Fateh Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 28 Release Date

Kudus Fateh Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 28 release date is 11 June 2024.

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