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Kudus Fateh Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 26 Summary

Selahuddin Eyyubi Episode 26 begins with the Turkish chieftains, where we see that at bernard’s behest, the Fatimid commander is taking the chiefs to Egypt, but Salahuddin is also looking for him so that He can avenge the death of Sirya Khatam and also get the chieftains. Along with his soldiers, he defeats him but as soon as he starts killing him, Bernard arrives there with his soldiers but as soon as there is a chain, he kills Malham and Saraya avenges the woman’s death. And as soon as the chieftains begin to be freed, suddenly Malik Arslan’s nephew arrives there and escapes with his soldiers with the chieftains. And Bernard and Salahuddin both immediately follow them.
On the other hand, Karatigan, which is set out to be a barrier between Malik Arslan and the jirga of the chieftains, also falls into the hands of the crusaders and they also take him prisoner with the chieftains so that they can use it to fulfill their conditions from the Sultan .
Then when Malik Arslan finds his nephew injured, he gets very angry and blames Salahuddin for all his stupidity. And when the news reaches Sultan Nur-ud-Din that how Malik Arsalan has spoiled Salahuddin’s plan and lost the chieftains, Sultan Nur-ud-Din gets very angry and he immediately gets bored with him. The tribes arrive and go there and warn him that it is time till tomorrow to take your soldiers immediately and get out of here and if you do not leave, then I will throw you out with the power of my sword. He says that salahuddin is at fault in handing over your chiefs to the crusaders and Sultan Nur-ud-din has done all this. He makes these soldiers his allies by saying that we will take over Gaza .
And he does so, he occupies Gaza in the absence of The Governor of Gaza, Taran Shah, and begins his preparations to make a deal with Bernard despite sultan Nur-ud-Din’s refusal, on which Bernard is very happy. At the same time, Salahuddin knows that they will definitely lay a net for each other, so Salahuddin thinks that he will turn the nets of both of them on them, so he makes a plan in which he sends his brother Turan Shah to Malik Arslan by telling his plan and he goes there and goes there. Malik unites with Arsalan and shows that he has nothing to do with his state and his brother and they are his enemies, on which Malik Arslan is very happy and considers him his partner. As soon as his brother Turan Shah malik arrests his brother i.e. Salahuddin in front of Arsalan, seeing which Malik Arslan is very happy and says that you have arrested your own brother, it is very strange. It’s a part of the plan. And when he sends his border ghazis according to his plan to liberate the chieftains, before they leave, Karatigan makes a plan and liberates the chieftains, but there is a fight between them and the Selbi soldiers.
In Gaza, when Malik Arslan and Bernard learn that the prisoners have escaped, there is no agreement between them and they immediately leave to get the chieftains. But when Caratigan sees Bernard with his soldiers, he sends his chiefs in another direction while himself goes in another direction. But the poor Caratigan worm ends up on the edge of a deep ravine. And Bernard surrounds him with his soldiers, where he bravely confronts them all, and finally Bernard throws it into the deep ditch from such a height after injuring Caratigan in anger, but Salahuddin is secretly watching it and he is alone. and that’s where episode 26 ends.

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Kudus Fateh Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 27 Release Date

Kudus Fateh Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 27 release date is 04 June 2024.

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