Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 98 Finale (Season 3 Episode 34) English & Urdu Subtitles Free

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 98 Finale (Season 3 Episode 34) English & Urdu Subtitles Free

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Kurulus Osman Episode 98 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 98, Osman goes to the Mongolian base in the forest with Cebe. Osman starts to ask questions to Romanos, but he cannot make him talk. Romanos tells Osman that he will not say anything. Osman puts his sword into the fire and begins to torture Romanos with a hot iron. Romanos gets rid of his ropes and starts attacking Osman. Osman’s soldiers emerge from their hiding place and stop the Mongols in a short time. Osman catches Cebe and asks him who the traitor in the tribe is. Barkin blames Osman for the death of his wife and takes action to take revenge on him. Barkin first apologizes to the women of the tribe and then goes to his tent. Malhun blames herself for Selvi’s death, but Bala calms her down. Romanos manages to escape during the fight.

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Aktemur begins to follow Romanos, but Byzantine spies stop him. Romanos sets off for Yenisehir with the spy of Arius. Osman sees the gold earned by Cebe and says he will kill him. Cebe begins to tell everything to save his life. As soon as Mustafa wakes up, he tries to attack Turgut but fails. Turgut says that Mustafa is too blind to see the truth. Bala tells Aygul what Selvi told before she died and tells her that she suspects Barkin. Osman gives up killing Cebe and brings him to the tribe. Barkin says he wants to kill Cebe, but Osman stops him. Osman says that he will hold a meeting with the Beys first and invites Barkin to this meeting. Davut and Kumral see Romanos coming to Yenisehir. Abdal immediately takes action to inform Osman. Romanos gives a speech to the soldiers in the city.

While Osman is talking to Beys, Ali’s envoy comes. The ambassador asks Osman to hand over Mustafa and Turgut. Osman agrees to hand over Turgut in front of everyone. The Beys support Osman’s decision and tell him that he did the right thing. Osman says that he will attack Yeniseir after this is done. The Alps say that the ambassador should stay with the tribe for a while and take him to a tent. The ambassador is disturbed by this situation, but he cannot do anything. Bala begins to tell Malhun about Selvi’s confessions and says that Barkin may be a traitor. Malhun is very surprised by this situation and tries to understand how Selvi could have done such a thing. A short time later, Osman comes to talk to his wives. Bala tells Osman that Barkin is a traitor. Osman believes Selvi’s confessions and says he will find evidence to prove Barkin’s crime.

Cerkutay begins to secretly follow Barkin. Barkin holds a funeral for Selvi and says he will avenge his wife no matter what. Barkin then sends a message to Romanos and tells him where Osman is. Osman presents the sword prepared by his sons to his daughter and asks her to be very careful. Osman goes to talk to Cebe that night. Cebe tells once again everything he knows and asks Osman to spare his life. Osman says it is too late to forgive Cebe. Later, Barkin comes and asks Osman for permission to kill Cebe. Barkin executes Cebe that night. Aktemur goes to talk to Ali as Osman’s ambassador. Ali attacks the ambassadors but refuses to kill them. Aktemur tells Ali that Mustafa is still alive and Osman will deliver Turgut.

Ali accepts Osman’s offer and begins to wait to go to the meeting place with the ambassadors. Husamettin tells the location of Osman to Romanos and asks him to kill him this time. Cerkutay realizes that Husamettin is talking to Romanos and immediately takes action to inform Osman. Bala and the women of the tribe begin to prepare for the attack. Aladdin is very worried about his mother and aunt. Malhun calms the children and asks them to pray. Turgut meets Osman in the forest with Mustafa and begins to wait for Ali to come. Mustafa says he will kill Turgut and Osman. As Romanos prepares to attack Osman, one of the spies recognizes Davut. Davut and Abdal realize that they need to escape from the city. Osman asks Ali to calm down and says he will tell him all the truth.

Osman first tells what Cebe did and then starts talking about Romanos. Osman says there is a traitor in the tribe. Ali is very surprised by this situation, but continues to listen to Osman. Osman says that the traitor in the tribe is Barkin. Barkin begins to say that Osman is lying. Husamettin realizes that his life is in danger and starts to run away. Boran starts chasing Husamettin and soon catches him. Osman shows Barkin’s tattoo and says Ahmed is a traitor too. Ali firmly believes that Ahmed is a traitor. Osman asks Husamettin to tell everything. Husamettin says that Barkin gave information to Nikola, Arius, and Romanos. Ali wants to kill Barkin, but Osman stops him.

Although it is difficult, Mustafa believes that Osman is right. Barkin realizes that he is going to die and begins to confess everything. Barkin says he did everything to gain more power and asks Osman to execute him. Osman executes Barkin in front of everyone. Aladdin and Orhan go to Sogut to talk to Sheikh. Sheikh talks to Aladdin and begins to tell him how he can love Allah more. Bala and the women of the tribe stop the nuns going to the city. Malhun says she will not harm the nuns and asks for their clothes. Ali thanks Osman for everything and says he will continue to support him. Romanos learns that there are Turkish spies in the city and takes action to catch them. Osman returns to the tribe and says it’s time to attack Yenisehir. Meanwhile, a Seljuk ambassador comes and asks Osman to obey the Sultan’s orders. Osman says he will attack Yenisehir and then establish his own state in Inegol with all the Turks.

Kurulus Osman Episode 98 (Season 3 Episode 34) with English, Urdu & Spanish Subtitles

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Kurulus Osman Episode 98 English Subtitles

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