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Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 37 Summary

In Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 37, Alparslan disguises himself with his soldiers and goes to Besasiri’s house. Emir thinks the Turks who come to his mansion are the committee sent by the Caliph. Alparslan says he wants to take the stone as soon as possible, but Emir stops him. When the Emir sees the order written by the Caliph, he asks his guests to stay in his mansion. Emir says that Alparslan is a dangerous person and succeeds in convincing his guests. One of the members of the committee from Egypt wakes up in the forest and slowly begins to seek help. Suleiman gets worried when he hears Emir’s plan. Alparslan tells him that he is planning to take the stone secretly that night. Seferiye kills the commanders who came to Vaspurakan one by one and tells everyone that they were planning a rebellion. Oke claims that Seferiye is lying and orders her arrest.

Batur and Erbaskan ask Oke to stay calm. Seferiye tells that she will send the soldiers from Bukhara back as soon as possible. A beggar approaches Yinal and asks him to go somewhere. Yinal realizes that this man is a spy and goes where he says. The priest stops Yinal and tells him that the Lord knows everything. Yinal realizes that the priest is a spy working for the Turks and goes to talk to the Lord to save his life. Emir then goes to see a seer working in his mansion. The seer asks Emir to be very careful. Grigor realizes Yinal’s betrayal and gets very angry. Alexander says they have to kill Yinal. Meanwhile, Yinal comes and confesses everything. Alexander can’t take it anymore and stabs Yinal in the shoulder. Lord calms everyone down and says he believes in Yinal this time.

Emir takes Alparslan to see the stone. The injured man continues to seek help in the forest. Alparslan goes to see the stone with his friends and kisses it. While Alparslan is leaving the room, the seer comes and asks him who he is. Alparslan says he will get the key to the door from Besasiri during the meal. A group of merchants find the injured man in the forest and take him to the hospital in Baghdad. The seer gives a piece of paper to Emir and asks him to put it on his heart. Oke can’t take it anymore and says they have to kill the soldiers coming from Bukhara. After thinking for a while, Erbaskan believes that Oke is right and immediately sets out to kill the soldiers. Yusuf gets very angry because of what his daughter has done and slaps him. Seferiye tells that her father has crossed the border this time and sets out to send the soldiers back in the forest.

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The man in the hospital keeps saying Emir’s name. Emir learns about this situation and starts to think that this man is Alparslan. Emir starts to move towards the hospital with his soldiers. When Oke is about to attack the soldiers, Seferiye comes and stops everyone. Seferiye tells that she is Alparslan’s wife and gives orders to everyone. Alparslan’s soldiers sneak into the hospital and kidnap the wounded man. Emir learns that Turks entered the hospital and starts looking for them. Lord reads the message Yusuf sent and decides to go to Vaspurakan. Oke continues to say that Seferiye is a traitor. Meanwhile, Grigor comes to town. Seferiye tells that she will speak to the Lord alone and takes everyone out. Grigor is surprised to see Seferiye on the throne.

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The lord begins to tell everything and says that he supported Yusuf in the previous war. Seferiye gets very angry with him and says she will kill the Lord next time. Alparslan starts to talk while having dinner with Emir that night. Emir accepts Alparslan’s offer and starts fighting with him. Suleiman secretly takes the key to the room and enters with Alpagut. Suleiman manages to open the chest, albeit with difficulty, and takes the stone. When Alparslan sees Suleiman, he realizes that the plan worked and says he does not want to fight with Emir any more. While the guards are wandering through the forest, they see dead bodies. The next morning, the Lord goes to the palace and says he wants to talk to the Sultan. Emir opens the door of the room, but once again changes his plan. Emir says that he will go to Egypt with Alparslan to win the praise of Caliph.

Lord tells that he knows that Yinal is working with Alparslan and will release him soon. The Sultan does not like what the Lord said and says he will never surrender Vaspurakan. Lord says he will not kill Yinal but will start supporting him. Before leaving the mansion, Emir learns about the dead men that the guards found in the forest, but he does not care about this situation. Alparslan learns that Emir also wants to come to Egypt and immediately tries to change his decision. Emir says once again that he wants to go to Egypt and sets out with Alparslan. Lord returns to Ani and says he will support Yinal now. Caghri returns to Vaspurakan. Oke begins to tell everything that happened in the city, but Caghri stops her and says that he already knows everything thanks to the message Seferiye sent. Shortly after Emir leaves Baghdad, he receives a message.

After reading this message, Emir thinks for a while and starts to suspect Alparslan. Emir realizes that these men are lying and makes a secret plan to kill them. Alparslan realizes that something is wrong and asks his friends to be careful. As soon as Yinal leaves the castle, he goes to the palace and starts talking to the Sultan. Tughrul first talks about what the Lord has done and then says that he trusts Yinal a lot. Alparslan realizes Emir’s trap and starts to run away. Tughrul tells Yinal his plan and asks him to include the rebellious Turks in the army. Alparslan goes to the edge of a cliff and asks Emir to stop. Alparslan then throws the stone to the ground and smashes it. While Emir is trying to understand what is going on, Alparslan shoots him with an arrow. Alparslan later meets the Vizier in a secret place in the forest and gives him the sacred stone.

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Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 37 English Subtitles

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 37 Urdu Subtitles


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