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Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 52 Summary

In Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 52, Seferiye gives his armor to Alparslan and prepares him to ascend the throne. Alparslan leaves his room and starts walking toward the throne. Everyone in the palace greets Alparslan. Alparslan finally sits on the throne and talks about his lost soldiers. Alparslan tells Yasin’s mission and asks him to be the new Hacip. Alparslan calls Qavurt and says he will be the commander of the army. Qavurt thanks Alparslan and accepts his new assignment. Batur becomes the new police chief of the city. Alparslan calls some of his friends and tells them where to attack. Finally, Alparslan declares Hassan to be the new vizier. The new Sultan says he will conquer Ani to avenge these soldiers.

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The ambassador of the Byzantine Emperor comes to the palace and says he wants to talk to the Sultan. Leon wants the bodies to stand in the middle of the city to teach his soldiers a lesson. Leon receives the message from the new Emperor Doukas. While explaining the attack plan, Alparslan learns that the ambassador has come and lets him in. Hassan begins to read the Emperor’s message and realizes that he wants peace between the two states. Alparslan learns that his old enemy is the new emperor, but realizes that his peace offer is a trap. Leon learns that the Emperor wants to make peace with the Turks and gets very angry. Leon says he is tired of waiting and will never stop attacking the Turks. Alparslan says he will talk to the vassals and convince them before attacking Ani. Qavurt does not accept this offer and says they should attack. Alparslan invites the Byzantine vassals and the Georgian King to Gence.

Mansur says he wants to take revenge on Alparslan. Suleiman Shah tries to calm his brother but fails. Mansur realizes that the spies are approaching and flees the city. Leon learns that Alparslan will talk to the Byzantine vassals and immediately changes his plan. Leon says he will hold a meeting with the Lords. Alparslan goes to the market with his soldiers and begins to listen to the problems of the merchants. A merchant says there are too many thieves in the city and asks the Sultan for help. Batur talks to a soldier and later realizes that someone has stolen his food. Alparslan realizes that the prices in the market are very high and says that he will determine the sales prices from now on. A Christian merchant starts talking to the Sultan and says he worked for Tughrul before. Alparslan thinks this man is working with bandits.

Seferiye buys a bracelet, but the merchant tries to stop her. Seferiye does not change her decision and buys this bracelet. Alparslan learns that Mansur has escaped and immediately sends his soldiers. Leon starts talking to the Lords and asks them not to go to Alparslan’s meeting. King Bagrat says that Alparslan is a reliable man and wants to talk to him. Leon warns his friends who came to the meeting once again and asks them to stay away from the Turks. Alparslan gets angry with Suleiman Shah because of what Mansur has done and asks him to always be honest. Qavurt learns that Mansur has gone to Fesa and says that he will start a rebellion. Alparslan sends an envoy to take Mansur back. Alparslan then sets out to talk to the vassals. Leon secretly summons the Lotus knights to surprise Alparslan.

Akinay examines the bracelet Seferiye bought and sees some symbols. Seferiye looks at these symbols and tells that they must go to the Christian cemetery. Alparslan goes to the meeting place and begins to wait for the vassals. Mansur starts talking to Emir and asks him for help. Byzantine soldiers go to the meeting place and begin to listen to Alparslan. Alparslan asks the vassals to pledge allegiance to the Turks and says he will always protect them. Some Lords reject this offer, but the Georgian King asks for some time to think. While Alparslan is explaining the details of his offer, some Turkish soldiers begin to attack and the Byzantines are wounded. While Alparslan is trying to understand what’s going on, a war begins between the two armies. Alparslan asks his soldiers to catch the traitors. The King and some Lords manage to escape from the forest. Knights hide in hidden pits in the forest.

Alparslan’s soldiers look everywhere in the forest but cannot find the traitors. The king immediately goes to talk to Leon and says he will take his revenge on the Turks. Alparslan sends his soldiers back to the forest. Erbaskan says he suspects Qavurt. Qavurt denies all charges and says he is innocent. Alparslan calms everyone down and returns to the palace. Leon sees his injured friends and says he will support them against Alparslan. Alparslan’s envoy goes to Fesa and asks Emir to deliver Mansur. Mansur says he will take revenge on Alparslan soon, but Emir calms everyone down. Emir secretly talks to the ambassador and says that if he takes the city of Siraz from the Sultan, he will deliver Mansur. Alparslan says that Emir should come to the palace. Seferiye asks her husband’s permission to go to the cemetery. Qavurt leaves the palace early in the morning and begins to track in the forest. Bagrat prepares his army and tells Alparslan that he will attack as soon as possible.

The knights think that the Turks have returned to the palace and take action to cross the border. Qavurt captures the knights, but Leon attacks him soon after. Alparslan saves Qavurt from being injured and prepares his army to fight Bagrat. Seferiye finds the code in the cemetery and realizes that she has to go to the chapel. Alparslan gives Siraz to Emir to get Mansur back. Seferiye once again gets permission from Alparslan and goes to the chapel. Kaiser learns the latest situation in the area and tells Leon that he will send more soldiers. Qavurt learns that he has lost the city of Siraz and plans to dethrone Alparslan together with Mansur. Seferiye gives the document she found in the chapel to the Sultan. The Sultan goes to the battlefield and starts talking to Bagrat. Bagrat finds out about Leon’s actions and says he will make him regret it. Alparslan once again asks the King and the Lords to pledge allegiance to the Turks.

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