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Barbaros Hayreddin Episode Summary

In Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 10, After Hisam talks to Omer, he goes to the meeting place. Doria follows Hissam and prepares to attack Barbarossa. Barbarossa and Aydin begin to fight. Doria’s soldiers die one by one. When Hayreddin is about to kill Doria, new soldiers arrive. Seydi Ali and Yareli come to help Hayreddin. Although Doria is injured, he manages to escape, but Hisam dies. Hayreddin hugs his friends after the war and asks them to talk to Dervish. Charles goes to talk to Lomelino and begins to listen to the doctor. The doctor says it will take a long time for Lomelino to recover. Charles begins to ask Lomelino questions. Lomelino cannot speak but points his finger at the Pope. Pope says Lomelino wants to pray and immediately begins to pray for him.

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While Dervish is talking to Cemile, Spanish soldiers arrive. The soldiers say they will arrest everyone. Yareli and Seydi kill the soldiers. Dervish then goes to talk to Hayreddin. Hatice starts asking questions to Cafer. Cafer says he doesn’t know anything. Yahya says he will sew Cafer’s mouth up. Cafer starts talking because he is afraid and gives some information about Solomon. Yahya immediately goes to check the ship in the port with Murat. Seyyare says they have to escape from the dungeon. Nazife tries to calm her sister but fails. The guard comes to the cell and starts talking to the women. Seyyare says she is Hayreddin’s sister. The guard agrees to help the women and allows them to escape. Yahya goes to the port and learns the location of the ship. Solomon talks to the leader of the Genoese merchants and asks him for a diplomatic passport.

Bordino gives Solomon the passport and learns about Sahsuvar. Seyyare and Nazife secretly go to the mansion. Hatice is very happy to see her daughters, but she asks them to be very careful. Seyyare goes to talk to her daughter and helps her sleep. Kemankes goes to the palace to talk to the Sultan. The Sultan allows Pasha to come and tells him about the events near Sicily. The Sultan orders Kemankes to sail immediately with many ships. Kemankes says that some ships are still in the shipyard. The Sultan orders these ships to be repaired immediately. Kemankes tells Silahdar what happened to Hayreddin’s family. Silahdar says Hayreddin’s family will not do smuggling and asks Kemankes to solve this problem immediately. The sentry soldiers wandering the streets of Granada see Luna. Luna says she didn’t know there was a nighttime curfew and tries to escape.

One of the soldiers realizes that Luna is a friend of Barbarossa and demands that she be arrested. Hayreddin sees Luna and attacks the soldiers to save her. A doctor treats Doria’s wound and gives him an ointment. Alexander says he has sent more guards, but Doria gets angry. Charles learns that Hisam is dead and gets very angry. The Pope calms the King down and begins to say that he has another plan. Charles says it is very difficult to kill Musa now. The Pope says that a spy will kidnap Musa after the trial and bring him to the palace. Charles allows Christopher to go to Granada at the request of the Pope. Batista returns to the palace. The Queen tells the ambassador what happened to Lomelino. Batista immediately goes to his room and tries to talk to his friend. Lomelino says that the Pope and Alessandro attacked, albeit with difficulty.

Hayreddin says he wants to kidnap Musa from the castle and starts talking to his friends. Aydin says it is very difficult to enter the castle. Luna says they can use the priest’s ship in the port. Shortly after Yahya talks to the ship’s captain, he finds Solomon. As Solomon is about to say something, a man shoots him with an arrow. Murat chases this man and realizes that he is Orsini. While Yahya is trying to figure out what’s going on, Murat tells him that the murderer has escaped. The priest refuses to help Luna because he is afraid of Alexander. After watching the castle for a long time, Dervish realizes that it is very difficult to enter here and goes to talk to Hayreddin. Kemankes learns that the women escaped from the dungeon and immediately goes to the mansion. Although Kemankes knows that the women are at home, he does nothing and asks them to surrender as soon as possible.

Marcella brings the message Salih sent to Hayreddin. Christopher goes to Granada and tells Doria that he will kidnap Musa after the trial. Hayreddin learns about Charles’ new plan and takes action to kidnap Musa after the trial. Doria does not believe that Christopher will fulfill this task. Dervish shows Hayreddin the map he has prepared. Seyyare talks to Cafer and learns that Solomon took money from a rich woman. Seyyare realizes that this woman is Sahsuvar and asks her mother to talk to Kemankes. Sultan learns that Bordino gave Solomon a passport and gets angry with him. Alexander initiates the trial and asks Musa to apologize to all the Christians in the city. Musa says he is innocent and refuses to apologize. At the Pope’s request, Musa is released. After the court, Seydi gets on a carriage with Musa and tells him about Hayreddin’s plan.

Hayreddin puts on Musa’s robe and goes to his house. Christopher thinks Musa has entered the house and attacks him. Hayreddin’s plan works and Christopher dies. The priest tells the Pope what Barbarossa did in the port. Meanwhile, Hayreddin gets on a ship with Musa and leaves Granada. Kemankes goes to the warehouse and listens to what Seyyare has to say. Kemankes says he will make Cafer see Sahsuvar and goes to talk to Ayaz. Batista tells Charles that Lomelino was attacked by the Pope, but he cannot convince him. Ayaz talks to Sahsuvar and realizes that what Kemankes said is true. Kemankes goes to talk to Ayaz once again and says that the judge called that woman to the court next Friday. Doria’s soldiers capture Beybura’s ship and begin to attack. Hayreddin and Yareli go to the enemy ship using a boat.

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