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In Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 19, Janissary. Yes, my grand vizier. Follow Chievres. May he be killed before talking. Yes, pasha. Since you did not shoot him. How did he get shot? When I saw him in Ottoman clothing, I fired randomly. Because the range of the weapon was not lethal. So you fired to cause a stir. Yes. I saw it, there was blood coming out of Pargali Ibrahim’s mouth. How did it happen? Maybe someone else took a shot Reis? No, that was me shooting. There were no other gunfire sounds, Reis.

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someone attacked with a sword? There was no one around sheating swords. -Ayaz Pasha. – I did not want to come like this. However, it is an order of Sultan. Search them. What happened Ayaz Pasha? You want to take me or Seyid Ali? I will take both of you. Seyid Ali is under arrest. And you will have an audience with Sultan. Doria. No more being guests? What are you doing here? Hayreddin Reis, what is going on? I know as much as you do, pasha. Take them. 

Hayreddin Reis. Hayreddin Reis, they took you in a grand scheme. If there is any crime and punishment, it is mine. It is my own doing. And everyone here can be witness. I am ready to serve my punishment. Take them. Hayreddin Reis. If you can not solve this. . Seyid Ali will be beheaded. When will Sultan call me to his audience? Now, Hayreddin Reis. However. . If I take you now. . Then, no one can solve this. What I am trying to say is. . You do not have much time. 

Let’s go. -Charles. – Say, Isabella. When will the funeral of Pope be done? Why did you ask? I can not forgive myself. Doing my last duty in the funeral would ease my pain. Do not worry. When new Pope comes. . We will arrange a ceremony fit for him. May God forgive us. When we lead his armies. . And gain victories. . He will forgive us. Come Batista. A letter for the Emperor. From who? The new Pope. Maybe. . He declined your invitation. 

He will meet. . With Francis first. But. . Didn’t you trust him? Francis acted before us. What will you do? I will. . Tell him to lead my armies. Aunt. What, what do you want? Nothing, I want to apologize. Okay, you did and I accepted it. Now get out. Aunt please don’t. I didn’t do anything to you Sukufe. Everything you did, you did to yourself. I am aware of my mistake. I succumbed to my nafs. Forgive me. You are not only my aunt. You are like my mother. I know what your real problem is. 

If this didn’t work out. . You want to try a different way. No, aunt. I really love you. And I don’t want anything. I only desire you to love me like before. Look, my girl. If. . You try to mess with things that are above you. . You will get what comes to you. My advice to you. . Find a proper husband. . And getting out of this house. As long as I live in this house. . You won’t get in the business of. . Money or trade of this house. Do you think I don’t know about. . 

The things you and your father did behind my back? Now get out. Get out. Reis, will we really overlook what happened to Seyid Ali? We know he did nothing wrong. Whom did I left alone in this world? Who fell apart and I didn’t lend a hand? No, Reis I did not mean that however, let us go and do something. I will lose my mind here Reis. Who is the enemy. . Who will we draw swords to. . Does anyone know?  Tell us if so. So we can act accordingly. The enemy was beside us, Mad Jaffer.

We couldn’t even see that. I don’t know who schemed this but. . He took the man and put him even inside our place. Lord Chievres. . Seyid Ali told us he saw Chievres. If Seyid Ali didn’t see him. . He wouldn’t have fired. If we want to solve this scheme. . We must find Lord Chievres. Yareli, Kandiyeli. . Bring that rat to me from the hole he is hiding. -As you command Reis. – EyvAllah, Reis. Luzzatto, who is this man? I don’t know him. It seems you made someone angry. He was going to kill you. Pargali. Do you know him?

He is Ibrahim Pasha’s soldier. Come on. Here, move. Move, come on. Why would Pargali want to kill you? Let’s say I know some of his secrets. What secret? We made a deal with Pargali but it seems he changed his mind. He had Doria, I had to make a deal. But it seems he will never give Doria. What do you mean? Does Pargali have Doria? Yes. He tried to have me killed so that I do not talk.

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