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Barbaros Hayreddin Episode Summary

In Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 13, Barbaros shoots people who leave Ayaz’s mansion with his arrows. Barbaros then approaches these people. Aydın recognizes Luna and Luzatto. Seydi says these people are the attackers on the ship. Barbaros orders the wounded to be taken to the hospital immediately and goes to talk to Ayaz. Sahsuvar thinks that Ayaz will be executed soon and is happy. Kemankes realizes that he will soon become the new grand vizier and continues to implement his plan. Kemankes asks who Sahsuvar works with, but does not get an answer from her. Sahsuvar asks Kemankes not to ask any more questions. The soldiers guarding Pasha’s mansion stop Hayreddin and say that they will not let him in. Hayreddin tries to persuade the soldiers, but he cannot get permission from them.

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Dervish starts talking to the soldiers and prays. The soldiers hear this prayer and realize that Dervish is a reliable person. Dervish enters the mansion with Barbaros a short time later. Ayaz realizes who Dervish is and starts talking. Hayreddin asks about the cannons stolen from the army. Ayaz says that Kemankes was arrested by court order and starts talking about the cannons. Ayaz says that a ship will come to the port soon and that some people have kidnapped Seyyare. Hayreddin says that the cannons are on a foreign ship and that he has to save his sister. Dervish asks Ayaz to tell him everything. Ayaz repeatedly says that he is innocent. Kandiyeli starts looking for a ship bound for Payitaht and learns that Doria will sail soon. Batista takes Medici to a secret part of the palace and says he will find evidence that he is the Pope’s son.

Medici offers Batista money to be released, but cannot persuade him. Doria and Christopher board the ship for Payitaht. Kandiyeli asks a soldier for help to get on this ship, but he cannot change his decision. Kandiyeli kills this soldier and uses his uniform to board the ship. Batista arrives as the Pope tells Charles that he cannot find the Medici. Batista says that the spies have secretly abducted the Medici and gives a piece of paper to the King. Charles reads the message and says that the Pope must confess his secret. Hayreddin goes to his house and tells his family what happened to Seyyare. Aydin talks to Marcella and asks her to confess everything. Hayreddin goes to the hospital the next morning and asks Luna to tell the truth. Luna says she is innocent and tells what happened to Seyyare. Barbaros believes Luna is innocent and thinks that another man has kidnapped her sister.

Sukufe sees that Seyyare is in the cellar of the mansion and immediately goes to talk to Sahsuvar. Luna immediately takes action and goes to the inn to meet with Sahsuvar. Hayreddin says he will find both Seyyare and the stolen cannons and gives orders to his friends. Batista says there is fresh news about Medici. The Pope says he has no secret to confess. Barbaros goes to the palace and tells what happened to Ayaz. Hunkar agrees to implement Hayreddin’s plan and orders Kemankes to be released. Sahsuvar learns that Luna has kidnapped Seyyare and gets very angry with her. Luna tells what Barbarossa did. Hayreddin then talks to Ayaz and tells him to let the ship approach the port.

Sahsuvar realizes that Barbaros will follow the ship that will come to the port. Luna says that thanks to this plan, Hayreddin will arrest Ayaz and Kemankes will be the new grand vizier. Batista goes to talk to the Medici and says he will kill him on the orders of the Pope. Medici tries to persuade Batista again. After a while, Aydin and the sailors see a ship approaching Payitaht. Aydin sees that Doria is on this ship and immediately goes to inform Hayreddin. Luna talks to her knights and asks them to stall Barbarossa. Luzatto does not like this plan and realizes that the knights are not happy. Hayreddin goes to the dungeon and releases Kemankes. Kemankes says he will help Hayreddin and starts looking for Seyyare with him. Dervish goes to talk to Yahya and tells him what happened to Barbaros. Dervish asks Yahya’s help to find the spies in the city and to help Hayreddin.

Yahya says he will help Hayreddin with his students and goes out with Dervish. Luzatto secretly talks to the knights and asks them to kill Barbarossa. While Hayreddin is waiting at the port, Aydin comes and says that Doria is coming to Payitaht. Barbarossa says Doria came for the cannons and asks Kemankes to stop the ship at the port. Yahya and Dervish gather information about some suspicious men in the market. Kemankes allows Doria to enter the city but demands that his men be checked. Dervish catches a spy and questions him. Yahya convinces this man and learns the location of the other spies. Hayreddin continues to follow Doria and Christopher secretly. Aydin enters Doria’s ship and captures all the soldiers. Luna’s knights catch Hayreddin in an alley.

Hayreddin and Kemankes start fighting to save their lives. Yareli and Seydi come to help Barbaros. Luna finds Doria and asks him to go to Ayaz’s house. Doria does not like this plan very much but says he will go to the mansion anyway. Luna realizes that Barbaros is going to die and takes action to stop the knights. After the knights escape, Hayreddin goes to Ayaz’s mansion. Doria and Christopher enter the house after giving their swords to the guards. While Kemankes says they need permission from Hunkar, Hayreddin hears Seyyare’s screams and immediately enters the house. Doria sneaks out of the house with Christopher and returns to her ship. Hayreddin saves Seyyare and arrests Ayaz. Luna learns that Ayaz has been arrested and asks Doria to attack the palace with stolen cannons. When Hayreddin sees the swords at the entrance, he realizes that something is wrong and talks to the Sultan. Hunkar says he knows everything thanks to Kemankes and secretly lets Doria take the cannons to the palace.

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