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Barbaros Hayreddin Episode Summary

In Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 6, Hayreddin goes to Luna’s house to thank her after the council’s meeting. The Doge arrives with his soldiers and orders the house to be searched. As the soldiers leave the room, Doge asks Luna to tell him everything. Luna says she is innocent. Doge once again warns Luna and asks what is going on. Hayreddin can’t take it anymore and confesses that he sneaked into the council. Doge realizes that Hayreddin is Barbarossa and that he is working for Suleiman. Doge realizes that Suleiman supports Venice and leaves the house with his soldiers. Kemankes talks to his mother once again and says he still wants to marry Seyyare. Halime says she will not allow this marriage no matter what. Nazife asks Seyyare to talk to Kemankes once again. She says she will not do it.

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Yahya learns that Kemankes wants to marry Seyyare. Seyyare agrees to help Ferucci and says she will go to Pasha’s office with him. Murat goes to the market to meet Orsini. Kemankes agrees to talk to Seyyare. Ferucci says he wants to talk to the Sultan and tells him about the latest situation in Florence. Kemankes says it is not easy to talk to Sultan, but he will do his best. After Ferucci leaves the office, Kemankes starts talking to Seyyare again and tells her his true intentions. Kemankes asks Seyyare to think about marriage once more and she accepts it. To persuade Sahsuvar, Hatice makes a belt using precious stones. Sahsuvar does not like this belt very much but allows Hatice to open a jewelry shop.

Sultan learns about Ferucci’s situation and says he will help him. Sultan says that Francois should send an army and that Hayreddin should help the people in the city. Cigalazade immediately goes to Venice and tells Hayreddin about the Sultan’s orders. Hayreddin takes action to meet Ferucci. The Prince says that he will easily occupy Florence with cannons from Sienna and orders his soldiers to send the plague carrying rats to the city. When the people of Florence go to the monastery to hide, they see rats and great chaos begins in the city. Papa asks Alessandro to be careful and warns him harshly. Charles tells the Pope that the new cannons will soon depart from Sienna. Charles says that Ferucci asked Suleiman for help, but it will take a long time for that help to come. The Pope says he is very worried about the spy in the palace.

Hayreddin secretly approaches the Prince’s tent and learns of his plan. Hayreddin tells his friends that the Prince will attack the city soon, but the guards in the forest notice them. Ferucci goes to the forest to help Hayreddin and takes him to the secret tunnel. Doria asks an artist to paint a self-portrait. Meanwhile, Chiev arrives and asks Doria to find the spy in the palace. Doria says he suspects Batista, but cannot convince Chiev. Batista takes a rose from the palace garden and gives it to the Queen. The Major and his soldiers sneak into Batista’s room. Batista sees the soldiers and asks what is going on. The Major says they will put iron bars on the windows of the room. Batista realizes that Doria is starting to get suspicious and says he will solve this spy problem immediately. When Ferucci enters Florence, he notices dead people in the city. Dervish realizes that these people died from the plague and warns his friends.

Ferucci realizes that the people in the monastery are in a difficult situation and immediately goes to the headquarters. Ferucci tells them that Suleiman’s soldiers came to help the city. Batista goes to the palace and starts a fight with the bird master. Doria goes to the roof of the palace to stop this fight. Batista says he just wants to get some air, while Doria finds the hidden message next to the pigeons. After reading this message, Doria says that Juan and the lieutenant were working for Barbarossa. Dervish tells the people in the headquarters that he will make medicine to stop the plague. Hayreddin makes a plan to stop the cannons coming from Sienna. The Prince’s spy sneaks out of the city and tells Hayreddin’s plan. Ferucci agrees to send the shroud of Jesus to Sienna. Hayreddin comes out using the secret tunnel, but the Prince’s soldiers immediately attack him.

Yahya warns Valeria and asks her not to talk to strangers. Nazife asks Seyyare to talk to Halime. Hayreddin goes to Sienna and says he works for Suleiman. Duke sees the gift brought by Hayreddin and says he will keep the cannons in the city for a while. Dervish makes a cure for the plague but is unsuccessful. The Duke takes Hayreddin to talk to Christopher, who works for the Pope. The Pope learns that Doria has found the spy in the palace and is very happy. Christopher recognizes Hayreddin and orders his arrest. Aydin suddenly gets a fever and faints. Duke says that Hayreddin has the plague and sends him to a room. Marcella learns what Hayreddin is doing from a merchant who comes to the tavern and immediately goes to talk to Luna. The Duke locks Hayreddin in a room to save his life and apologizes to Christopher.

Christopher wants to examine the cannons in town. The duke talks to Hayreddin again and asks him for help. Hayreddin tries to drop Aydin’s fever and sends a message to Dervish. A merchant comes to the warehouse and makes a complaint about Murat. Nazife starts arguing with Murat. Dervish prepares an effective poison to kill the rats in the city and goes to Sienna after reading Hayreddin’s message. The prince learns that the rats in the city are dead and says he wants to attack as soon as possible. Dervish prepares some medicines to help Aydin. Luna thinks Hayreddin is not dead and sets out to Sienna to help him. Christopher sees that some of the cannons are cracked and asks the Duke to make ten new cannons in five days. Hayreddin sets out with Luna to find the book Dervish wants, but someone attacks them with explosives.

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