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Barbaros Hayreddin Episode Summary

In Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 9, Muslims begin to pray in a mosque, but Spanish soldiers arrive. The judge orders Musa to be arrested for murder. Muslims object to the soldiers. The judge stops the Muslims and takes Musa to the dungeon. Doria learns that Musa has been arrested and is very happy. Doria says that Musa will stay in the castle dungeon until the court. Murat rushes to the mansion and begins to tell what happened in the warehouse. Yahya is very surprised to learn that there is gunpowder in the barrels. Hatice sets off immediately to talk to Kemankes. Seyyare says that the truth will come out soon, but Nazife does not believe her. Nazife cannot understand why Tuzcuzade did such a thing and starts blaming Kemankes. Seyyare stops her sister and says Pasha is innocent.

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Sultan calls Hayreddin to the palace and tells him that he will give him a new task. Dervish says he is very happy to see Sultan. The Sultan shows the map of Spain and begins to tell what happened in Granada. Sultan asks Hayreddin to save Musa immediately. Hayreddin accepts this task and says he will find a way to enter the city. The Sultan then gives Hayreddin a letter and asks him to give it to Musa’s wife. Doria orders pictures of Barbarossa to be hung all over the city. Judge Alexander says he put extra guards at the entrance of the city. Hatice tells Kemankes that her daughters are innocent. Pasha says they found gunpowder in the warehouse. Hatice says they have been trading for years and they have never done smuggling before. Kemankes says that he knows that women are innocent and will do his best in this regard. Yahya asks Murat questions about Tuzcuzade.

Hatice says Pasha will help but they have to be patient. Murat says they should inform Hayreddin. Hatice says she will not keep her son busy no matter what. Sahsuvar talks to Solomon and asks him to leave the city as soon as possible. Cigalazade tells Hayreddin what happened in Granada. Hayreddin says he has the plan to enter the city and needs Luna’s help. Charles calls Batista and tells him that he must go to Granada. Batista doesn’t quite understand this situation. The Pope says that Musa will be judged soon. Batista says that Musa will be executed after the trial. Pope stops Batista and says that Musa will be released after the trial. Charles gives the letter he wrote to the ambassador and asks him to give it to Musa. Pope says Hissam will kill Musa. Batista learns that Hisam is a close friend of Musa and prepares to leave.

Hayreddin begins to tell his friends about his plan to enter Granada. The soldiers at the entrance of the city stop Hayreddin’s carriage. Dervish says they escaped from the plague and asks permission to enter the city. Luna tries to persuade the soldiers but fails. Captain recognizes Hayreddin and begins to attack. One of the guards shoots at Dervish. Hayreddin immediately takes Dervish to a doctor to save his life. Aydin and Luna try to stall the soldiers. Doria soon catches Aydin and Luna. Omer says he will help Hayreddin and calls a doctor for Dervish. Before leaving the palace, Batista asks Kandiyeli to check the rooms. The Queen stops Batista and gives him her cross. Batista thanks the Queen and sets off.

Doria says he will catch Barbarossa by using Aydin and Luna. The doctor treats Dervish’s wound and says he will be well soon. Hayreddin finds a soldier’s uniform and says that he will use it to enter the city. Kemankes continues to think about who will set this trap. Hatice takes permission from Pasha and goes to the dungeon and talks to her daughters. Solomon goes to Orsini’s office and asks him for help in obtaining a diplomatic passport. Orsini says he will help his friend. Kemankes orders that Seyyare be brought to his office that night. Kemankes says he will find the real culprits soon, but he cannot convince Seyyare. Batista tries to talk to Cemile. Hayreddin sees his friend and starts talking to him. Batista tells Hayreddin about Charles’ plan. Hayreddin says he will save his friends first and then Musa.

Batista says he will speak to Musa at the request of the King. The captain believes what the ambassador said and says he will take him to the captives. Hayreddin then goes to Cemile’s house and says that he will save Musa soon. Batista goes to the dungeon and secretly gives Aydin a knife. Cemile reads the letter sent by Sultan and believes that her husband will be free soon. The next morning, Hayreddin goes out of the city and stops the soldiers carrying the prisoners. Batista kills the captain and frees his friends. A lumberjack sees everything from afar. Cemile goes to the dungeon to visit her husband and tells him about Hayreddin’s plan. Hayreddin asks Luna to go back to Venice and prepares to go back to the city. The judge talks to Seyyare and says the truth will come out in court. Ayaz learns what Seyyare has done and believes that she is secretly working with Kemankes.

Yahya visits Orsini with Valeria, but cannot learn anything from him. Murat goes to an inn and starts collecting information about Tuzcuzade. Batista convinces the soldiers at the entrance of the city and enters with Hayreddin. Charles speaks to his wife and warns her harshly. Batista sets off after talking to Dervish. While searching the rooms palace, Kandiyeli hears the Pope talking to Alessandro. To hide the truth, Alessandro hits Kandiyeli’s head and kills him. Yahya goes to the place Murat said and catches Cafer. Hisam sees a man entering Cemile’s house and immediately warns Doria. Doria realizes that this man is Barbarossa and attacks the house. Hayreddin runs away from home and makes a plan to catch Hisam. The woodcutter tells the judge what he saw outside the city. Chiev tells the King that someone attacked the clerk.

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