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In Barbaroslar Episode 27, After Oruj releases Gabriel, he returns to Kelemez and immediately starts looking for Sahbaz. Gabriel starts whipping himself for losing Levitha. Gabriel says that Sahbaz will do more harm to the Turks by using his men in Kelemez. Oruj goes to the customs office but cannot find Sahbaz there. Sahbaz realizes that he has to leave Kelemez and asks his men in the city to attack everyone. Oruj and Piri try to stop Sahbaz, but the attackers won’t let them. Sahsenem learns that her brother is going to run away and decides to sneak into the forest to meet him. Oruj stops Sahbaz before he reaches the bay and attacks him. Sahin asks his brother to surrender, but cannot persuade him. Sahbaz says that he will never surrender and confesses that he killed his father in Alexandria.

A man shoots Oruj, but Antuan sacrifices himself to save his friend’s life. Oruj asks the sailors to take Antuan to the city immediately. Meryem says she will secretly enter the ship in the bay to catch Sahsenem. The doctor removes the bullet from Antuan’s body but says that he lost a lot of blood. Khizir learns that Meryem is going to the bay and sets out to stop Sahbaz. Meryem and Sahsenem start to fight, but after a short time, Sahbaz stops them. Khizir sees that Sahbaz’s ship has left the port and begins to follow them. Dervish asks Oruj to calm down and says he will help Antuan. Ilyas tries to buy a ship from the merchants in the port, but he cannot convince them because he does not have enough money. Sahsenem begins to torture Meryem and says that she will avenge her slap.

Meryem says Khizir will come no matter what. Oruj says Pasha has been protecting Sahbaz all this time and demands that he be punished. Oruj says he will not allow Pasha to harm the island anymore and asks Hamza for full control of the island. Hamza accepts this offer and asks Pasha to pledge allegiance to Oruj. Sahsenem hurts Meryem’s face and says she will be an ugly woman for the rest of her life. Sahbaz prepares the cannons on the ship and fires at Khizir’s ship but fails. Khizir’s ship then fires and injures the enemy ship. Sahbaz realizes that he has to go to the nearest island and says they will fix the ship there. Oruj learns that Khizir is following Sahbaz and says he will talk to Hamza about it.

The doctor says that Antuan’s life is in danger. Dervish puts his hands on Antuan’s chest. Meanwhile, Antuan begins to have a dream. Antuan sees his lover, whom he lost years ago, and starts talking to her. Antuan’s lover says that she became a Muslim before she died and asks him to help his friends. Antuan wakes up shortly after. Sahbaz goes to an island and continues to advance by setting traps. Oruj learns that Antuan is getting better and is very happy. Sahsenem sees Khizir approaching and says she will kill Meryem. Sahin asks Sahsenem to surrender and tells her that Sahin killed their father. Sahsenem says what Sahin did was right. Sahin shoots Sahsenem to save Meryem’s life. Sahbaz sees that his sister is dead and orders his soldiers to attack.

A few men help Sahbaz escape. Sahin is very sorry for killing his sister and says he will avenge her. Khizir saves Meryem and says she will be well soon. Pasha says Oruj will never be able to protect this island, but Hamza asks him to obey the government’s order. Later, Oruj comes and tells that Sahbaz went to Modon with Meryem. Hamza asks Oruj to bring evidence on this issue. Pierro ensures that Sahbaz’s wounds are treated and says he will take him to Modon. Esma learns that Ilyas could not buy a ship and asks him to talk to Oruj. Sahbaz agrees to cooperate with Doge and tells him that he will soon turn Kelemez into hell. Oruj learns that Khizir went to Modon and Sahin killed Sahsenem. Hamza says that Khizir’s departure to the island may cause a war.

Khizir goes to Modon castle and asks Gabriel to deliver Sahbaz. Gabriel says that Sahbaz is now a citizen of Venice and will never hand him over. Sahbaz and Sahin start to fight, but Doge stops them. The Doge offers Khizir a chest of gold to give up the job, but cannot persuade him. Antuan goes to a cellar that night and hears a man reading the Qur’an. Antuan later sees Dervish and tells him about his dream. Dervish says the right time has come for Antuan. Antuan converts to Islam that night and changes his name to Murat. Khizir tells Oruj what happened in Modon and says he couldn’t get Sahbaz back. Oruj orders sailors to prepare to attack Modon. Ilyas goes to Pasha’s house and asks him for help to buy a ship.

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Pasha says he will gladly help Ilyas. Hamza asks Oruj to stop the war preparations, but he cannot convince him. Sahbaz says that he will send a lot of pirates to Kelemez by using his man in Pasha’s place, and Doge likes this plan very much. Ilyas talks to Oruj to bring the ship he bought to the port and gets his approval. Oruj once again asks Ilyas to return, but he does not change his decision. Pasha’s assistant arranges a delivery job for Ilyas. Ilyas goes to an island for the delivery job and buys the Muslim slaves there with the money he earns. Ilyas then brings these slaves to Kelemez. Antuan tells Oruj that he has become Muslim now. Gabriel goes to Kelemez and asks Oruj not to attack. Gabriel says he will deliver Sahbaz to keep the peace deal alive and sends him to Oruj. Sahbaz takes a gun from a Venetian soldier and shoots Isabel. The slaves brought by Ilyas begin to attack the Turks.

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Watch or Download Barbaroslar Episode 27 English Subtitles, Barbaroslar Episode 27 Urdu Subtitles & Barbaroslar Capitulo 27 en Espanol Subtitles Free of Cost. Barbaroslar Episode 27 release date is 014-04-2022. Barbaroslar episode will be on-air on TRT1 Channel in Turkish. The live streaming of Barbaroslar episode in Turkish can be achieved by Clicking Here. Those who can understand Turkish will be able to watch Barbaroslar episode even later by Clicking Here but ATV Youtube channel uploads the episode later, so you have to wait for it.

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