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In Barbaroslar Episode 30, Gabriel begins to flee towards the forest to save his life, but Oruj follows him. Oruj soon stops Gabriel and tells him that he will now pay for what he has done. Oruj asks Gabriel to draw his sword and begins to duel with him. Khizir and Piri come to the forest to find Oruj. Oruj asks his friends not to get involved in this duel. Gabriel attacks Oruj with his father’s sword, but fails. Oruj executes Gabriel. Dervish wants food to be given to the people in the city. Kemal says that the people in Modon can worship freely. Kemal asks Oruj to rule not only Modon but the entire eastern Mediterranean. Don Diego learns that Pedro could not stop the Turks and gets angry with him. Don Diego realizes that Oruj will not pay the ransom and takes action to attack Kelmez.

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Huma tells her family that Modon now belongs to the Turks. Gulletopuk sees some fishing boats approaching Kelemez and orders them to stop. Don Diego approaches the island with some of his soldiers and suddenly starts shooting. While returning to Kelemez, Oruj sees some ships and asks the sailors to prepare for the attack. Khizir also sees Don Diego’s ships and begins to think about how to pass them. Don Diego starts attacking Kelemez and harms the people in the port. Khizir realizes that the ships will collide and jumps into the sea with the sailors. Oruj saves those who fell into the sea one by one and tries to reach Kelmez. Huma learns of the attack and tells them to stay in the castle. Isabel and Meryem say they have to go out. Don Diego first kills Niko and then seriously injures Gulletopuk.

Rosa starts attacking women. Don Diego takes Huma hostage and asks the other women to surrender. Huma asks the women to fight, but they surrender. Don Diego captures the women and returns to Jijel. Oruj and the sailors see the great destruction in Kelemez. Oruj later sees Niko dead and goes to talk to Gulletopuk. Gulletopuk can’t take it anymore and loses his life. Oruj learns that Don Diego has kidnapped the women and tells Khizir that Niko is dead. Don Diego thinks that he has destroyed Oruj’s honor and plans to present the women to the King of Spain. Khizir is very sad about Niko’s death and says he will avenge him no matter what. Don Diego’s ambassador comes to Kelemez and tells him that the women are now captives. The ambassador asks Oruj for ten thousand gold and Andalusian Muslims.

Oruj gets angry at what the ambassador said and kills him. Meryem regrets not staying in the castle during the war, but Huma calms her down. Oruj says he will never surrender the Muslims and plans to go to Algeria. Kemal comes to Kelemez and says he is sorry about this situation. Oruj says he will go to Algeria as soon as possible and asks Kemal to leave a guard to protect the island. Oruj says he knows Selim, Emir of Algeria, and sets out to sea with his sailors. Don Diego is very happy with the gifts he will give the King and orders a feast that evening. Rosa asks the captive women to join the feast. Pedro goes to the dungeon and asks the Turkish women to join the feast. Isabel and Meryem sternly reject this offer. As Pedro tries to force the women away, Meryem slaps him.

Perdo says he likes Meryem and takes them away. Oruj tells his friends that he will ask Selim for help. Don Diego asks the women to eat, but they refuse. Oruj does not sleep that night and builds a wooden ship for Isabel. Khizir talks to Oruj and says they will save women. Isabel says Oruj will come to Jijel soon and continues to wait for him patiently. Dervish talks to Kemal and tells him that he wants to save the women. Kemal asks him to stay on the island, but cannot persuade him. Oruj and the sailors arrive in Algiers the next morning. Selim meets his friend at the port and says he will be happy to help him. Oruj tells that Don Diego kidnapped women to Jijel. When Selim hears Don Diego’s name, he changes his mind and asks Oruj not to cause any trouble.

Don Diego learns that Oruj has come to Algeria with his sailors and realizes that he will not pay the ransom. Selim asks Oruj not to attack Don Diego. Oruj says he has to take his revenge and women. Selim is worried about the damage to the trade in Algeria and asks Oruj to find another way. Piri tells him that there is a pirate ship approaching Jijel and they should take this opportunity. Khizir wants to go ahead with Piri. Pedro goes to the dungeon once more and tells her that he loves Meryem. Meryem stabs Pedro in the shoulder. Oruj sees Selim selling Muslim slaves in Algeria and wants to buy them. Selim’s assistant says that everything is free in Algeria to earn money. Selim asks Oruj to leave Algeria as soon as possible and says he is free to sell slaves.

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Khizir learns that Don Diego will soon send the women to the King. Selim calls Don Diego to his house and asks Oruj to make a deal with him. Oruj refuses this offer and says he will kill Don Diego. Selim calms everyone down and asks Oruj to leave Algeria as soon as possible. Khizir learns where the women are staying and continues to wait for Oruj. Admiral likes Don Diego’s gifts very much and says he will take the women to Spain on his own ship. Don Diego gets angry with Pedro again and asks him to take the women to the port. Khizir sees the women going to the port and plans to attack them. Don Diego captures Khizir and Piri. Don Diego says that he will send Khizir to Spain. Carriages carrying the captives arrive at the port a short time later. Oruj and the sailors get out of these carriages and begin to attack Don Diego.

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