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Kurulus Osman Episode 123 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 123, When Nayman is about to lose the duel, he orders his army to attack. Just then, Gazan’s commander comes and stops everyone. Nayman asks who this man is. The commander shows the seal of Genghis Khan and stops the soldiers. Nayman asks his soldiers to attack but is unable to activate them. Bengi goes to the castle and congratulates Aktemur. Aktemur says he took the castle alone so as not to reveal his uncle’s plan. The Commander’s soldiers arrest Nayman shortly after. Osman starts talking to Gazan’s commander. Commander says that he learned everything thanks to the letter sent by the Sultan and that he will take Nayman to Tabriz. Osman says he will give his own soldiers to help Commander.

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Osman asks his soldiers to rest and goes to the forest to talk to Turgut. Valide wants to save Nayman after the war and makes a plan for it. Valide’s soldier begins to secretly follow Nayman. Kumral prepares medicine for Osman’s eye. Turgut comes to the forest and begins to tell how he got the seal from Talay. After listening to Turgut’s actions, Osman sends his soldiers to gather information about the nearby Byzantine castles. Nayman says he will kill the commander. Cerkutay and the soldiers set out to control the castles. Malhun returns to the mansion and tells that they have captured the castle. Meanwhile, a soldier comes and says that Osman has won the war. Malhun asks everyone in the mansion to prepare for that night’s meal. Osman goes to a place with his sons and shows them the mountain. Osman begins to talk about the Byzantine castles around the mountain. Orhan says they will conquer these castles soon.

Bayindir first sends a letter to Ismihan and then goes to talk to her. Ismihan says she read Bayindir’s letter and wants to kill him. Bayindir begins to apologize to Valide and apologizes many times. Valide says she will give Bayindir one last chance. Bayindir says that he will fulfill all of Ismihan’s wishes, but he is worried about Nayman. Osman then returns to the mansion and begins to listen to his soldiers. All the soldiers begin to tell Osman about the information they have learned. Osman examines the maps one by one and starts to think about the decision to attack. Konur begins to tell what he has learned. Osman says they will attack Kopruhisar and asks Konur to talk to a wall master. Konur immediately takes action to find new secret passages.

Ismihan goes to the castle and starts talking to Bengi. Bengi says Aktemur needs more power and asks Valide for help. Ismihan agrees to secretly help Aktemur and says that she is going to Osman’s dinner party. Bayindir begins to think about what Ismihan said and makes a plan to save his life. Sheikh prays before eating. Osman then starts to eat with all his family and guests. The commander decides to rest at an inn. Nayman constantly talks to the soldiers and says that Gazan is a great traitor. Commander tells that the real traitor is Nayman and he will be executed soon. After the meal is over, Valide gives gifts to everyone and congratulates Osman. Osman says it is difficult to beat Nayman without Valide’s help. Some Beys say that the previous decisions of Valide were wrong.

Valide continues to lie and says that they should be together from now on. One of the Beys says that he wants to pay taxes to Osman instead of the Seljuks. Other Beys also support this decision. Valide says that the Beys have crossed the line and warns them. Osman calms everyone down and says he will only get half of the tax. Ismihan accepts this offer and asks Osman to forgive Aktemur. Osman says there is no problem with Aktemur and asks Aladdin to write an official order about tax. That night, Osman’s soldiers start making special spears. Valide later learns which way the commander will go to Tabriz and sets out to save Nayman. Osman goes to the forest the next morning and tells how the Byzantine soldiers will defend their places.

Osman then tells them what they need to do to pass these big shields and asks his soldiers to practice a lot. Valide finds the way the commander will use it and sets a trap there. Osman then begins to practice swordsmanship with Turgut. Turgut then goes to establish a base for the Kopruhisar attack. Bayindir kills some of the Mongolian soldiers in the forest and continues to search for Nayman. Valide finally takes action and attacks the commander. Nayman asks why Valide did such a thing. Valide asks for the things she had before and says Osman must die. Bala says she wants to build a new soup kitchen in the city and gets permission from Osman. On the way to the mansion, some bandits attack Konur and take the secret inkwell. Konur hits the road again to get the map of new secret passages.

Nayman agrees to destroy Osman and says he will act together with Valide. Konur follows these bandits and attacks them. Malhun talks to the merchants in the city and learns about the latest issues. Nayman says he will send his soldiers to burn Osman’s mansion. Osman goes to the new base and checks his soldiers. Turgut says that Konur should be here already and begins to explain the attack plan. Osman divides his soldiers into groups and tells them how they will attack. Osman says that Konur will come soon and continues to wait for him. Osman asks Boran to sing that night. Meanwhile, Mongolian soldiers surround the base and begin to burn the tents. Nayman’s other soldiers secretly go to the mansion and set fire to the rooms there. Nayman surrounds the military base in a short time. Osman sends his soldiers around the military base to save everyone’s life. Orhan and Aladdin try to leave the mansion but they can’t open the door.

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