Payitaht Abdulhamid Season 4 Episode 116 (116 Bolum) with English Subtitles Free

Payitaht Abdulhamid Season 4 Episode 116 (116 Bolum) with English Subtitles Free

Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 115 Review

In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 115, Sultan Abdulhamid and Pashas go to the mosque to attend the funeral, but someone stops Hunkar’s car. Tahsin Pasha gets out of the car to check this situation. Meanwhile, preparation is made for the funeral of Mahmud Pasha in the palace. After this incident, Hunkar goes straight to the cemetery instead of a mosque and prays for Mahmud. Later, Hunkar and Ahmed Pasha get in the car. Tahsin Pasha goes to journalists and tells them the facts about the assassination in the palace. Goldschmidt goes to Hechler and tells that there is no explosion in the mosque. Hechler gets angry with this situation and tries to understand why Sultan Abdulhamid did not go to the mosque. Goldschmidt says that they took the dynamites from the mosque. When Hunkar was returning to the palace, it turns out that it was Mahmud Pasha who stopped them. Mahmud Pasha tells Hunkar why he ran away and the facts about Frida. Mahmud Pasha says that Hechler, Frida, Karasu, and Sabahaddin are in this business and asks permission from Hunkar to continue this war. Hechler plans to kill those around Hunkar to take revenge on Sultan Abdulhamid. When  Bidar and Naime are talking about Ali Nureddin, Dilruba listens to them secretly.

In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 115, Halil Halid informs Hunkar about dynamites and Hunkar understands that Mahmud Pasha was telling the truth. Later, Hunkar asks Ahmed Pasha to train the soldiers who will go to Aqaba and teach them irregular war tactics. Tatar is angry that he cannot find dynamites. Halil Halid comes and tells them to find Namik. Mahmud Pasha comes to the British embassy and talks to Hechler. Hechler says that the Russian and Austrian emperors will hold a meeting and wait for the decisions that will come from this meeting. Doctor Andre continues to experiment with the abducted people. Zishan speaks her husband’s name and this bothers Madame. Hunkar thinks about Ismail Pasha not coming to the funeral at the last minute and suspects him. Hechler and Goldschmidt talk about the decisions that will come out of the meeting. Madame asks Marco about Zishan. Meanwhile, Dilruba comes to the Society and tells who Ali Nureddin is. This new information makes Madame very angry. Halil Halid and agents find Namik. Halil Halid asks for dynamites, but Namik says he does not know. Soghutlu gives a fake poison to Namik and deceives him.

In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 115, Ahmed Pasha teaches his soldiers new things about intelligence and war tactics. While Mahmud Pasha and Frida are sitting in the embassy, ​​a meal made of swan meat ordered by Mahmud comes. This angers an embassy employee. Mahmud Pasha cannot understand why this is wrong, and Hechler comes to speak to Mahmud. Hechler states that eating swan meat is prohibited under British law and states that Pasha should be punished. Mahmud Pasha accepts this absurd situation and goes to the prison of the embassy. Namik goes to Goldschmidt’s photographer shop and Tatar sees this. Goldschmidt asks Namik to bring his men together because there will be explosions in three separate places. Tatar Bey continues to follow Namik. Namik realizes this situation and an armed conflict starts. Namik catches Asaf and threatens agents. Namik requests the antidote from Soghutlu, but what Soghutlu gives him is real poison. Namik soon falls to the ground and dies. Naime goes to her sister’s room and reads the letter she wrote to her husband. Then Naime goes to her sister and talks about the gift that Ali Nureddin sent. Madame asks doctor Andre to find an antibody against the virus. After the guests leave the palace, Zekiye Sultan asks Naime what she meant. Bidar Sultan calls to calm her, but Zekiye continues to ask her questions. Naime says she knows why her older sister went to that house and talks about her marriage. While Hunkar is drinking coffee with Zuluflu Pasha, Ismail Hakki comes and brings an album. This album is about dynasty members. Hunkar talks about his grandfathers and presents this album to Zuluflu Pasha.

In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 115, Mahmud Pasha starts looking for the hole in prison that Ahmed Pasha mentioned. Shehzade Abdulkhadir gives a gift to Meziyet and talks to her. Bidar Sultan goes to Zekiye’s room and apologizes to her for Naime. Zekiye Sultan says that Bidar Sultan is very involved in her children’s lives and protects them more than necessary. British, Austrian and Russian ambassadors come to the palace to speak to Hunkar. Russian ambassador talks about problems in Rumelia. Hechler says that Christian people are not sufficiently represented and that they do not have economic freedom. Hechler then asks the Ottoman Constitution to come into force again. Hunkar gets very angry and says that Hechler has crossed the line. Bidar Sultan enters Abdulkhadir’s room and talks to him. Abdulkhadir asks his mother how to make the right decision and talks about Meziyet. Hunkar calls Pashas and talks to them about the Ottoman Constitution. Hunkar explains why the previously opened parliament did not work well and bad events due to deputies.

In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 115, Hunkar says opening a new parliament will harm the country. Hechler goes to prison and talks to Mahmud Pasha. Hechler tells Mahmud the decisions of the meeting held in Murzsteg and tells that a new assembly will be opened. Mahmud Pasha says this is impossible. Hechler says that the soldiers who will go to Aqaba will be used to leave the Ottoman in a difficult situation and to give the British the right to intervene. Later, Hechler prepares a text for newspapers to make false news. Naime apologizes to her sister but Zekiye Sultan does not believe her. Zekiye tells her that she has endured everything because of her daughter. Marco says that Zishan is dead and Madame orders him to take her body to her home. Halil Halid goes to Goldschmidt’s shop and says he wants to talk to him. Goldschmidt says he will take a picture of Halil Halid, but the poison arrow coming out of the camera knocks Halil.

In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 115, Ahmed Pasha tells the soldiers that they will go to Aqaba and unite civilians there against the British. Hechler and Zuluflu Pasha plan to open the assembly. According to this plan, Zuluflu Pasha will frighten the soldiers who will go to Aqaba and send the soldiers to Thessaloniki. The soldiers will rob the British bank in Thessaloniki and the British will arrest these soldiers. Thanks to this event, the British will gain the right to intervene in the Ottoman Empire. Meziyet leaves the palace and sets out. Shehzade Abdulkhadir takes his horse and catches Meziyet. Abdulkahdir says that he will take Meziyet back to the palace and wants to be with her. Due to the news in the newspaper, unrest begins between the soldiers. Mahmud Pasha escapes using the hole in the prison wall and meets with Ahmed Pasha. Mahmud tells the plan of Hechler to Ahmed Pasha. Zuluflu Pasha meets with a group of soldiers at the port and tells them to go to Thessaloniki to save themselves. Goldschmidt catches Halil Halid and talks to Namik’s men. Tatar and agents enter the photography store but cannot find anyone there. Nadir opens a secret door, and agents continue to move there. Ahmed Pasha and Selim rush to the port, but the soldiers have already boarded the ship to Thessaloniki. Goldschmidt says he will blow up places of worship using dynamites.

In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 115, Ahmed Pasha comes to the palace and says that the soldiers have gone to Thessaloniki. Hunkar understands why this plan was made and asks the security of the bank in Thessaloniki to be secretly increased. Zuluflu Pasha speaks to the soldiers again because the soldiers did not go to Thessaloniki. The guard sent by Naime says that Zishan is dead and brings the note that the woman found at her home. Madame Blavatsky says that everyone who touches Zishan’s body will be sick and orders the newspapers to write that Zekiye is responsible for this murder. Zuluflu Pasha and Hechler meet again, but thanks to Hechler cunning, he kills the agent following Zuluflu. Zuluflu Pasha says that he did not send the soldiers with persecution to Thessaloniki because Ahmed Pasha already knew everything. Sabahaddin and Karasu come back to Payitaht and Frida tell them everything that is going on. Sabahaddin says that his father did not betray and that he was playing with the British. Hechler orders the soldiers to arrest Pashas, including Zuluflu Ismail Pasha. Halil Halid unties his hands and learns where the dynamite goes. Goldschmidt orders explosions and there are three explosions in Pera. Tahsin Pash tells Hunkar that the explosions in churches and Pashas were arrested. Hechler gives Hunkar a document showing that the explosions in the churches were made by the order of Pashas and asked him to open the assembly immediately.

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Season 4 Episode 115 with English Subtitles Free of cost

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