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Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 50 Summary

In Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 50, The Lord attacks Seferiye in the forest and stabs her in the stomach. Lord then notices Alparslan coming and attacks him. Alparslan starts to fight to save his wife and mother. Alparslan first cuts off Grigor’s hand and then kills him. Selcan tries to help Seferiye. Alparslan sees Suleiman’s soldiers coming and asks Selcan to take Seferiye to the hospital immediately. Suleiman warns Kutalmis for the last time and asks him to leave the palace. Kutalmis thinks Suleiman is lying and asks his soldiers to check the barrels. Alparslan destroys Suleiman’s soldiers in a short time and goes to check on his wife. Selcan says that Seferiye’s wound is very heavy and that’s why they have to go to the palace.

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Batur objects to Selcan and says it is dangerous to go to the palace. Selcan says the doctors in the palace are very good and convinces Batur to go to the palace. Suleiman says he will blow up the palace. Kutalmis sees the barrels full of naphtha and stops attacking. Suleiman then returns to the palace and says he has to find a way to stop Alparslan. Meanwhile, Selcan comes to the palace and asks for permission to enter. The vizier does not want to let Seferiye into the palace, but Suleiman stops him. Suleiman allows the palace doctors to heal Seferiye. Leon says they can use Seferiye against Alparslan. Kutalmis returns to Gerdkuh with his soldiers and kills the treacherous soldiers there. Suleiman starts talking to his mother and apologizes to her for what happened in Vaspurakan. Selcan says that she came to the palace without Alparslan’s knowledge.

The palace doctor says that Seferiye will recover soon, but they could not save the baby. Alparslan realizes that something is wrong. Batur tells Alparslan that Seferiye went to the palace. Seferiye wakes up shortly after and learns that she has lost her baby. Kutalmis says he will bring all his soldiers to Gerdkuh and will take over the palace after the preparations are over. Leon realizes that Suleiman is powerless and says he wants to make a peace deal. The vizier immediately objects to Leon and says that the state is not afraid of attacking Byzantine. Leon asks Suleiman for Gence to keep the peace. Suleiman says it is too risky to give Gence openly to Byzantium. Leon begins to explain his plan and convinces Suleiman. While Alparslan is going to the palace with his soldiers, Selcan comes and stops her son. Selcan says that Seferiye is in good condition, but the baby has died.

Flora learns that her father has passed away and is very upset. Suleiman gets angry at the Vizier for disobeying his orders. The vizier secretly talks to Selcan and tells her about Suleiman’s plan. Selcan then tells Alparslan that Suleiman will give Gence to Leon. Leon returns to Ani and asks Erbaskan to capture Gence. Erbaskan agrees to capture Gence first and then give it to Leon. Alparslan immediately goes to Gerdkuh and starts talking to Kutalmis. While Kutalmis is trying to understand what’s going on, Alparslan begins to tell Suleiman’s secret plan. Suleiman is impressed by what the Vizir said and says that Seferiye will stay in the palace. Kutalmis agrees to help Alparslan in order not to lose Gence. Alparslan explains the attack plan and starts preparing for a big attack with Kutalmis.

Erbaskan goes to Gence alone and takes control of the city by showing Suleiman’s order. The soldiers in the city begin to prepare to attack the infidels after what Erbaskan said. Leon sets out with a small number of soldiers to capture Gence. Selcan tries to leave the palace with Seferiye, but the guards stop them. The vizier asks Selcan to return immediately. Suleiman can’t take it anymore and allows Seferiye to leave the palace. Erbaskan goes to the forest with the soldiers in the city. Leon sees the soldiers in the city leaving and begins to attack. Alparslan comes out of the city and attacks Leon. First Kutalmis, then Erbaskan joins this attack. Leon realizes that Erbaskan has betrayed him and attacks him. Leon realizes that the Turks are outnumbered and returns to Ani to save his life. While Suleiman thinks that Alparslan will attack soon, the Vizier arrives.

The vizier says that the people working in the palace are gossiping about the Sultan. After Alparslan saves Gence, he talks to Kutalmis and says he will fight him in three days. Suleiman loses himself and attacks the palace staff. The vizier tries to stop the Sultan but fails. Suleiman punishes a lot of innocent people. Vizier says that Alparslan saved Gence with Kutalmis. Suleiman thinks his secret plan will be exposed and starts to panic. Kutalmis looks at the stars and thinks it’s not a good time to fight Alparslan. After talking to Seferiye, Alparslan reads the message sent by his brother Qavurd. Alparslan then begins to explain how to attack Kutalmis. Flora sneaks out of the castle and goes to the palace. Flora warns Suleiman once again and asks him to leave everything.

Alparslan sets out with his soldiers the next day. Atabey understands that Alparslan is worried. Alparslan says he does not want to attack other Turks. Kutalmis makes some preparations to defend Gerdkuh and says they should wait for a more suitable time to attack. Kutamis then goes to a place near the city and begins to wait for Alparslan. A soldier comes to Vaspurakan and says that Tulpar will betray Alparslan. Suleiman is very pleased that Alparslan attacked Kutalmis. The vizier says that this will weaken Sultan’s enemies. To stop Kutalmis and Qavurd, Suleiman orders their sons to be secretly arrested. The vizier says that he does not like this plan, but that he will still fulfill his duty. Alparslan and his army are stuck in a swamp near Gerdkuh. Leon takes action to attack Alparslan but sees that he has escaped from the swamp. Alparslan then goes to the battlefield with his army and begins to wait for Kutalmis.

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