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In Barbaroslar Episode 25, Khizir tries to catch Gabriel, but he says he will not surrender. Gabriel attacks Khizir but fails. While Pierro is waiting for Gabriel to arrive, he realizes that something is wrong. Khizir goes to the hill with Gabriel and asks Pierro to release Oruj. Gabriel stops Pierro and tells him that Pasha is still attacking the island. Khizir tries to persuade Gabriel about the exchange but fails. Khizir says he will go to the ship and will try to stop Pasha’s attack. Pasha learns that Khizir was unable to save Oruj, but does not stop the attack. Khizir says he has captured Gabriel and will save Oruj soon. Meanwhile, the fleet Gabriel summoned from Modon arrives and begins to attack Pasha’s ships. Khizir says that the oncoming fleet is too big and they have to go back to Kelemez.

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At Pablo’s orders, the Venetian fleet begins to attack. Pasha sees that the Turkish ships are heavily damaged and accepts Khizir’s offer. Khizir orders all archers to shoot flaming arrows at the Venetian ships and uses this opportunity to return to Kelemez. Pierro sees that Pablo has failed and sends Oruj back to the dungeon. Firuze learns what Sahin has done and gets angry with Ilyas. Ilyas goes to Sahin and asks him why he arrested Sahbaz. Sahin says he did everything on Khizir’s will and says Ilyas can’t do anything about it. Khizir brings Gabriel to Kelemez. Gabriel starts shouting to provoke the people, so Isabel attacks him. Ilyas gets angry with Khizir because of the arrest of Sahbaz. Khizir tells that Sahbaz is working with Gabriel and that Ilyas is now unreliable. When Gabriel says that he does not know Sabhaz, Ilyas says he will release Sahbaz.

Pasha learns that Shehzade is coming to Kelemez soon and he panics a lot. Pasha says he will kill Gabriel to calm Shehzade. While Khizir is trying to take Oruj from Gabriel, Pasha comes and says he wants to kill him. Khizir says he will not give Gabriel to anyone without taking Oruj. Pasha says Shehzade is coming and has to kill Gabriel to cover up his mistakes. Khizir asks Pasha for a day to save Oruj and immediately starts making a plan. Pierro says he will not even allow Oruj to pray anymore. Khizir tells his family that Oruj is in good condition and he will be free soon. Pasha learns what Sahin has done to Sahbaz and asks Ilyas to dismiss him. Piri and Khizir torture Gabriel all day at teh dungeon but can’t learn anything from him. Pierro goes to Kelemez and starts talking to Khizir about Gabriel.

Khizir tries to persuade Pierro to trade. Pierro then goes to the dungeon and talks to Gabriel. Gabriel orders Oruj not to be surrendered no matter what and asks Pierro to send the relics to Modon. Pablo forces Oruj to build a church on the island, but Pierro stops him. Oruj learns that Pierro will send the sacred items to Modon and says he wants to write a letter to Khizir. Oruj writes a letter to Khizir and asks him to hand over Levitha. Pierro is very happy about this and sends this message immediately. Antuan asks Oruj why he did such a thing. Oruj says he wrote a secret message in the letter. Khizir reads this letter that night and tries to understand the secret message with Meryem. Ilyas dismisses Sahin and tells him that Sahbaz is now the chief of police.

Khizir then sets out for Levitha to seize the sacred items. Khizir and the sailors pray to Allah together that night. Pasha talks to Gabriel that night and asks him to work for the Ottomans. Gabriel bites Pasha’s hand and says he will never work for the Turks. The next morning Pierro loads all the holy items into a carriage. Khizir waits for an opportune moment to attack and detonates the barrels of gunpowder in the square. The Turks use this opportunity and begin to attack. Khizir and his friends soon receive the relics. Pasha tells Khizir that his time is up and goes to the dungeon to get Gabriel. Sahbaz secretly kills the soldiers guarding the dungeon and kidnaps Gabriel. Ilyas tries to stop Gabriel, but Sahsenem shoots him in the leg.

Sahbaz asks Gabriel to get on the ship in the bay and returns to the city. Sahbaz pretends nothing happened and tells Pasha that Khizir has kidnapped Gabriel. Pasha believes what Sahbaz says and asks his soldiers to catch Khizir. Gabriel goes to his ship but sees Turkish sailors there. Khizir catches Gabriel again and goes with him to Kelemez. Pasha starts blaming Khizir. Khizir says he didn’t kidnap Gabriel and he is innocent. Meanwhile, a ship comes to the island. A man getting off this ship says that he is Shehzade’s deputy and starts talking to Pasha. Pasha says he tried to kill Gabriel, but Khizir did not allow this execution. Hamza says he knows what happened to Shehzade’s ships and gets angry with Pasha. Hamza then starts talking to Khizir.

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Khizir says he has something to persuade Gabriel to trade and asks Hamza for some more time. Hamza says Oruj is a very valuable captain and gives Khizir time to save him. Khizir shows Gabriel the relics he has seized. Gabriel is very surprised and upset. Khizir asks Gabriel to deliver Oruj and Antuan as soon as possible. Gabriel agrees to give Oruj to save both his life and the sacred items. While Hamza is talking to Dervish, Khizir comes and says Gabriel accepted the trade. Hamza says they have to get Levitha back after this exchange. Khizir talks to Meryem and says that he wants to marry her after capturing Levitha. Pierro takes Oruj and Antuan to the exchange place. Khizir delivers the sacred items with Gabriel, but in the meantime, Sahbaz’s men attack and injure Oruj. Khizir and other sailors get rounded at the exchange place.

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